60 Unseen Snaps of Natalie Portman

60 Unseen Snaps of Natalie Portman

Come check out these pics of Natalie Portman you need to see!  This list will have a focus on paparazzi photos of Natalie as well as some of her best or most uncomfortable.  Natalie has quite the career and is passionate about social and political issues so let’s take a brief look at that before getting into the list.

Natalie starred in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace while she was still attending high school.  Furthermore, she has a bachelors degree in psychology from one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, Harvard University.  She has gone beyond acting and is also a successful film producer and director with a very rare dual Israeli and American citizenship.  Additionally, Natalie has also expressed interest in Paris, France and becoming a citizen of France as well.  Going back to her acting career a lot of her movies lean toward science fiction.  A recent example of this is the science fiction horror film Annihilation.  She also played key roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the various Thor movies.  As far as passion for social and political causes she is an avocate for animal rights and became vegan after reading a book titled Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals.  Also, she has gone on to create a documentary of the injustices of farming systems in the United States under the same title of the book that inspired her to become vegan.  Portman has become more vocal recently about her views on the Israeli government recently as well.  And in the United States she took place in the 2018 Women’s March in Los Angeles and spoke about “sexual terrorism” as well as brought attention to the #MeToo movement by sharing explicit mail written to her from a male fan.  And she condemned a local radio station that had created a countdown until she would have been legal to sleep with.  Finally, she is married Benjamin Millepied in 2009 and have had two children together.

With that, it’s time to take a look at the sixty snaps of Natalie Portman you might not have seen.

1. Look closely.

Beautiful stained glass, however if you look closely Natalie isn’t only on her phone but has her hand down the back of pants lol.

2. Paparazzi got a shot of Natalie at the store.

Natalie out grocery shopping and the paparazzi was there.

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