Here Are 60 Unseen Snaps Of Kanye West!

Here Are 60 Unseen Snaps Of Kanye West!

This rapper/singer has been climbing the success ladder for a long time and he reached another step of notoriety when he married the famed television reality star, Kim Kardashian. However, with that sort of fame comes the consequences of never being left alone by the paparazzi. Honestly, it is a tornado at times and then there are those time when Kanye contributes to the storm by attacking one of the cameramen. When you see some of these photos, you are going to wonder if these guys had to sign some sort of disclaimer before getting the job of photographing Kanye. Something like: I understand that Kanye is prone to violent attacks against the person holding the camera and that I may not make it out of this independent contractor’s contract in one piece. I hold harmless anyone who has ever employed me. . . You know, something like that! However, we can understand that this is a frustrating thing to have to deal with on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at all that he has to go through:

This guy is going down:

He had no idea that Kanye could hit this hard. Well, now you know!

He’s not always aggressive toward the paparazzi:

So long as they respectfully keep their distance.

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