6 Strange Reasons Why You Should Go To See Your Dermatologist Today

6 Strange Reasons Why You Should Go To See Your Dermatologist Today

2. You have lumps and bumps ‘down there’

You might not want to acknowledge that there’s something going on below your waistline, but its something you’ve got to tackle no matter how embarrassing it might be to you! You may want to go straight to your urologist if you’re having problems with anything genital related, but some of the problems down there might be related to your skin and therefore much more suited to a dermatologists expertise. For example, you may be dealing with a skin infection or a fungal issue that your dermatologist will know a whole lot more about. If you’ve got lumps and bumps down there that are making you itch like crazy, just make an appointment to see your dermatologist. And don’t worry about showing your private areas to your dermatologist, trust me, they’ve seen it all before and much worse besides!

3. Your fingernails are looking poor

If your fingernails aren’t looking as healthy and shiny as you’d like them to, your dermatologist could help. Fingernails can have all kinds of problems, from being brittle to getting ridges and becoming discoloured, and these varying problems have causes that can be just as varied. You could be dealing with psoriasis or a vitamin deficiency or thyroid disorder that shows up in your nails. Although these conditions may not be causing you much of an issue now, they could be the sign of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed, so don’t just cover your nails in polish and choose to ignore what they’re trying to tell you! They’re a useful insight into what’s going on with your body, so if you’re noticing that they’re more brittle or prone to breaking than usual, show them to your dermatologist, and not just to show off your manicure!


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