50 Unfortunate People Who Are Having The Worst Day Ever

50 Unfortunate People Who Are Having The Worst Day Ever

11. Just Leave Me Alone

That poor lady, she just wants to be left alone while she’s eating her dinner! But, can you blame her?

I bet she’s more of a Johnny Cash fan!

12. Don’t Drink The Water 

By the looks of it, she’s already drinking some of the water… I hope she feels better soon!

13. Don’t Drop The Cat Litter 

Well, good luck cleaning that up!

14. Leave Them Some Space

Is it just me or is that a little bit ironic?

15. Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be

I’m pretty sure that photo was designed for flat walls…

16. Odd One Out

Now that’s hilarious! I wonder how long it took for him to notice!

17. The Upside Down

I think he should be banned from ordering pizza if he doesn’t know how to hold it correctly.

18. Horsing Around

I think we can all agree that this is the cutest picture we’ve seen today!

19. Baked iPhone

I’ve heard of iPhone shaped cakes, but I’ve never heard of an iPhone infused cake! That must be one expensive cake!

15. It’s Your Unlucky Day!

So close, yet so far! That must really suck!

16. Help Me, I’m Stuck In A Hole

I’ve got a question. If he’s stuck in a hole, why are they interviewing him and not helping him out?

17. It Just Slipped Through

I’m sure that pizza looked tasty before it did that. How did that even happen?

18. Don’t Eat And Drive 

Generally speaking, doing anything other than driving is a terrible idea!

19. Always Make A Good First Impression

I’m sure his classmates will never forget this!

20. Lots Of Little Pricks

How did that even happen? It looks painful as hell too!

21. Have You Ever Seen A Hippo Before?

Seriously, how could you make that mistake and no one notice?

22. What Did You Say? 

Is that from the popular Sci-fi show, Trek Wars?

23. Wardrobe Malfunction

I honestly didn’t expect to see that today!

24. Please Don’t Try This At Home

Not everything you see on Facebook is a good idea!

25. Just Wait For It

It’s only a matter of time till she notices it the spider on her arm, or it bites her! But which one will it be first?


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