5 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Inspire You To Be Good Today

5 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Inspire You To Be Good Today

‘Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give’ – Unknown

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The definition of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. As simple as this sounds, kindness is often lost on us. It could be that you lead a busy life in which you don’t feel you have much spare time to focus on such things. It could be that you think you’re being kind, when really you’re just being nice. Being kind isn’t the same as being nice. Being kind is about going out of your way to do something for another with no reasoning.

LCM is all about spreading kindness. We believe that making somebody else’s day better is one of the most rewarding things you can do. And that’s exactly what random acts of kindness are all about. Random acts of kindness (RAOK) have become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years and it even has it’s own day (February 17th)!

So in order to spread the love (or kindness, I should say) we’ve gathered five of our favourite random acts of kindness that will remind you that brilliant people are out there and we hope it will inspire you to go and do something kind today!

1. This man paid for a cancer sufferer’s meal 

Jerina Edwards received this note from a stranger at a Chinese restaurant in December 2016. Jerina was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and had subsequently lost her hair. The diner explained explained he had lost his wife to cancer and wanted to give Jerina something as he understood how tough it can be going through that. Edwards, from Oklahoma, wrote on Facebook: “More than anything, having cancer has shown me that there are a lot of good people in this world… Whoever you are – thank you.” We love this!

2. Strangers sent thousands of cards to this widowed lady on her 100th birthday

In May 2015, an appeal went out from BBC Sheffield to make Winnie Blagden’s 100th birthday a special one. Winnie, who had no children, lived alone in Sheffield and had little contact to the outside world apart from her carers. The BBC asked for help in sending cards to Winnie but they didn’t expect so many people to be so kind.  The message was shared on Facebook nearly 50,000 times and included offers of 100 roses, cabaret performances, a free lunch or dinner, a session with a professional photographer, customised slippers, a limousine ride and plenty of birthday cards. How wonderful!

3. George Michael’s legacy is all about kindness

After George Michael sadly passed away on Christmas day in 2016, heaps of stories started to surface about kind, caring and selfless acts he had done for others. These included working at a homeless shelter, giving a lady money for IVF treatment, and giving £5000 to a student nurse in debt. What makes what George Michael did so special, is that he didn’t request any appreciation or praise for his kindness and acted anonymously with modest and selfless cause.

4. The strangers that saved this little boy’s birthday party

Ashlee Buratti threw a birthday party for her six year old son Glenn, who has a mild form of autism and epilepsy. But when not one of his sixteen classmates turned up, Ashlee was devastated for her son. “To see the look on his face killed me inside,” she wrote, as he kept asking ‘when will my friends come?’ But her local Florida community came straight to his aid. Burrati was sent heaps of requests from parents asking whether they could come along with their children. And in the end, 40 people came with gifts for Glenn. Even the fire brigade and local sheriff got involved, inviting him to see the fire station and flying a helicopter over his home. “It was just amazing,” says Buratti. “The people who came out were so awesome.”

5. This restaurant opens it’s doors to stray dogs every evening

A restaurant on the Greek island of Lesbos opens it’s doors to give stray dogs a warm and safe place to sleep of an evening. “This is a coffee shop in Greece which opens their doors ever night to these poor dogs so they won’t freeze to death outside,” wrote David Simonian on Facebook. “Congratulations to the owner, he/she is a sweetheart.”

I hope these beautiful acts of kindness have inspired you to go and do something selfless today! Just remember, a simple act could make someone’s day so much better. Please like our Facebook post if you enjoyed this article and don’t forget to spread the kindness by sharing with your family and friends! God bless, LCM.Image result for kindness