36+ Perfect Pics That Not Even Photoshop Can Pull Off

We are all used to seeing photos that boggle the mind and often times it is the result of some clever photoshopping. However, when you take a look at these photos, you will be just as flabbergasted about how they came to be and even more so once you realize that it is all competing real and that these things really did happen! The fact is, it is astonishing when we are able to capture the perfect photo but when two elements combine in order to make the photo even more alluring, then we are glad that it happened like this! They are the kind of photos that you will find yourself doing a double take on and even passing them to your family and friends. Some of them are really hard to believe but the fact is, they did happen!  Thankfully, there is burst mode, also known as continuous shooting mode, sports mode or continuous high speed mode.  These, modes allow the camera to rapidly capture photos in quick succession.  This is how some of the photos below are able to exist.  Furthermore, it gives the photographer the option to select the best image of the group or arrange them in order to closely view the transition in detail.  The primary factor at which successive photographs can be captured depends on the processing power of the camera.  Most high-end camera phones and even some mid-ranged phones provide burst shooting.  This allows even more great and perfectly timed moments to be captured as more people have access to powerful photography tools.  The technology that is in the palm of our hands on a daily basis is truly amazing.  Finally note that frames per second tells the rate at which the camera is taking photos and the burst rate tells how many frames can be taken before the frame rate begins slowing down.

Being a photographer in today’s times is a difficult challenge because it seems as if the world has already been saturated with every kind of photo imaginable. However, when you take a look at these photos, you will realize that there’s still time to make a huge impression on the world with a photo that is not only sublime but it also in perfect time with another event which makes us all check it out in awe. These things don’t just go unnoticed by the viewers of these photos and those who took them should be commended for having the right eye for it and also being there at the right time to take it. Without these photographers, we would have nothing to inspire us.

Thankfully, there is definitive proof of this inspiration in these photos are we are sure that you will find some that will completely blow your mind blown as you wonder how these photos were perfectly captured to stir your imagination or make you laugh:

1. Matching Van and Footwear.

We’ve heard of vans footwear but matching one up to your actual van is pretty hard to do!  The colors and the swirl match perfectly! It has to be preconceived. You would think that the owner of this van actually went to a VAN dealer and asked to see if he could have these shoes specially made for him so that he could be cool about his van ownership, on all levels! This is so retro and cool that we wish to have both of these items for ourselves so that we can say that we have mastered the art of matching vans to a van.


2. The bridge to nowhere!

This is perfect timing for this photo! We do hope that everyone is alright.  Although, it looks like some injuries were sustained. There’s no way to fall that hard and not get hurt. However, it must have been pretty amazing for the photographer to see that this was about to happen so that they could capture this moment before the ending took place. Each person looks like there are in a desperate struggle during this fall and we are definitely concerned about them. This is what makes this photo so spectacular, the ability to capture it all just at the right moment.


3. Camouflage shoes the escalator edition.

These blend perfectly with the escalators! You can hardly tell the difference. They almost look futuristic.  Kinda messes with the eyes but definitely super cool.


4. Which one of these kids is doing their own thing?

This kid is in desperate need of some help! Mom, focus on all the children! Or else, tell the person who’s taking the photo to lend a hand.

5. A Space Odyssey.

This is a telescope photo and it looks like a scene from a movie! It just needs aliens. The green especially gives off that alien vibe.  These instruments located in outer space allow us to observe distant planets, galaxies and other astronomical objects.  Space telescopes avoid many of the problems found in ground-based observatories.  The main problems with ground observatories are light pollution and distortion of electromagnetic radiation.  Lastly, things like ultraviolet frequencies, X-rays and gamma rays are blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere and can only be observed from space.

6. Hitchhiker catches a ride.

This guy is catching a ride which hopes of soaring higher than ever before.  That is one smart bird, why fly when the little bird can catch a ride with the big guy.


7. Slow moving subject.

I hope that this photographer had enough time to take this perfect pic!

8. The perfectly yet mysteriously lit entry.

This photo is absolutely dreamy and it doesn’t look real at all.  The purple lighting especially makes this picture look magical.

9. A face among the powerful crashing waves.

This is an amazing photo in which this wave looks like a face emerging from the sea.

10. She’s about to have a bad concert experience.

This photo cracks me up because you can see that she’s about to get all wet but probably doesn’t even know this yet.  Whoever took this photo got incredibly lucky.  Or if it was calculated they are a rave picture taking champion.

11. You know you’re having a bad day when. . .

You’re about to be eaten by this guy!  It almost looks like the fish is making it easy for bird by just jumping right into the bird’s mouth.

12. The perfect thunder and lightning storm.

This photo has a lot going for it starting with the power of nature!  The deep and vibrant colors of the lightning are especially incredible.  These thunderstorms are also known as an electrical storm, lightning storm, or thundershower.  The storms are characterized by the presence of lightning and its audible effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.  This acoustic effect is known as thunder.  Also, the type of clouds that these thunderstorms form in are called cumulonimbus clouds.  These clouds are dense and towering vertical cloud.  Furthermore, they don’t just produce lightning storms but also known to produce tornadoes.  The color of lightning also can vary.  For example, the deep oranges and reddish colors seen in this image are the result when the lighting hits an object or the ground.  Other colors such as blue, purple and white are formed by the type of film, camera, exposure, white balance or recording media that was used to capture the shot of lightning.  Finally, it is possible to see green light the appears as to be lightning but spoiler alert it isn’t!  When the flash of light in the night sky lingers what you are seeing isn’t lightning but electrical arcing from shorted-out power lines.  Severe weather is what typically causes major damage to power lines and the electrical arching can light up the night sky with blue, green, turquoise, red and orange.

13. Sweeping her off of her feet.

She was not expecting him to do this so close to the water’s edge.

14. The bionic gang.

These people look like they are starting a new kind of gang!


15. The tiniest donuts in the world.

I don’t suspect that this will fill anyone up.  I wonder how much time went into making those little donuts.  This is sure to bring a smile to your face.

16. Inside the epic rolling wave during the amazing sunset.

This photo is an amazing sunset as seen through the eyes of this wave.

17. The bugle blowing the clouds.

Looks like the Gods may have something to announce!

18. Beware of the baseball bat flying through the air!

Usually, the crowd is prepared to catch a fly ball but not a fly bat!  This is so perfectly timed that it also captures the moment the bat impacts the Man’s face.

19. Little legs for the Shark’s dinner.

This shark is about to tempt his appetite with these little legs.  That little guy has no chance of escape. It would take miracle for him to escape. Overall a great yet ominous photo.

20. The dog walker.

Just your average dog disguised as a human being.  Taken at just the right time and just the right angle.

21. The boredom is killing us all.

This photo is hilarious because he must have been standing there for a long time before displaying his yawn for the world to see.  It defiantly makes him stand out from the bunch.

22. The air plane overhead.

We can all appreciate how difficult this must have been to capture at just the right moment.  Plus, the effect of the buildings in this picture adds another level of coolness to this photo.  Absolutely Stunning!

23. The crane holding the Moon.

If only the Moon was small enough to be placed anywhere we needed it to be!  However, as cool as the possibility of being able to move the moon might look or sound we would not want to actually do that.  The Moon’s gravitational force correlates to our tides.  If the Moon was moved closer low tides would be lower and high tides would be higher.  But don’t let that fun fact take away from this beautiful picture.

24. Air plane next to Christ the Redeemer statue!

This plane is perfectly situated to look like this iconic symbol of Christianity.  The plane also has a pretty cool paint job as well.  The statue is at the peak of the Corcovado mountain located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The Corcovado mountain is 700 meters or 2,300 feet high and the statue sits at the top.  The mountain is in the Tijuca Forest National Park and it overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro.  It was created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by the Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa.  The construction took place between 1922 and 1931.  The materials used to construct the statue are reinforced concrete and soapstone and its weight comes in at a staggering 635 metric tons!  This statue is a symbol of Christianity across the world and is a cultural icon of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.  Also, it was recently restored in 2010 and was illuminated with green-and-yellow lights to support the Brazilian national football team playing in the FIFA World Cup.  Finally, it is listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

25. The Great Cover up.

Too bad it looks like she’s the one who needs to cover up!

26. The Prince’s bride.

We are not sure of all of her duties but we can assume that this is not one of them .  .  . yet!

27. Nose picking dunk!

This guy will do anything to keep him from making this shot!

28. The Eagle’s speedy tracks.

This photo makes this bird look faster than what he is!  The cloud streaks and the pose the eagle is in is amazing!  An interesting fact about eagles is that they are prominently featured on the coat of arms of a large number of countries, such as Mexico, Poland, Egypt, Germany and Austria.  Furthermore, there are over sixty different species of eagles.  Lastly, they build their nests on high cliffs or in tall trees.

29. Capturing this plane.

Even this statue is curious about the overhead flying objects.

30. The epic flying carpet speech.

She looks like she’s floating in the air while giving her speech! How cool is that?  An eye boggling image for sure but once it sinks in it is a super cool and excellently timed photo.

31. An incredibly handsome kitty cat.

This cat just wants to look good for his owner.  His eyes sure are dilated.  I wonder what the kitty is looking at?

32. This job is a real kick in the butt!

It looks like this mannequin came to life and expressed his true feeling towards this shop girl.  Revenge of the mannequins.

33. Which girl is he holding up?

He appears to be holding up one or the other. So hard to tell!

34. This bird is in the wrong spot!

He’s about to be smashed by this statue without warning!  Luckily for the bird that is just a statue but for future reference the bird probably shouldn’t be landing on anvils.  An anvil is a metalworking tool that consists of a large block of metal with a flattened top surface upon which another object is struck.  Ultimately the anvil made the blacksmith’s job easier and less physically strenuous when shaping and bending metal.  The majority of modern anvils are made of cast or forged steel which last much longer than traditional cast iron anvils.  However, in modern day various welding technologies are considered the primary tools for metal work.

35. The dancer and her beautiful flower dress.

It almost looks like she could be wearing this beautiful flower as a skirt.  The lighting is also wonderful in this photo and really makes the flower the focus.

36. Meow meow meow meow.

This cat enjoys hiding behind a more famous cat in this bag of Meow Mix!  I wonder if the cat does this every time he is hungry?  Meow Mix has an assortment of dry and wet cat food that became known for its advertising jingle.  Meow Mix was originally introduced in 1974.  Fairly recently as of March 23, 2015 the Meow Mix company was purchased by The J.M. Smucker Company.  The company has a bit of a history of being acquired by other companies in its 44 year long life.  The company was also purchased by Cypress Group, which is a New York-based private equity firm in a $425 million buyout back in 2003.  Then three years later Del Monte Foods acquired the company for $705 million.  Finally, the company has had many successful and well known slogans and jingles.  Its current slogan is “It’s all about the mix”.


37. Wait for me!

Don’t leave without me!  Grabbing on to his tail works or you could just fly but whatever lol.


38. Awkward…

That doesn’t look appropriate for a public setting.


39. The preying mantis on wheels.

Mantises are an order of insects that contains over two thousand different species.  The largest family is the Mantidae mantis.  The most common mantises are typically found in tropical habitats.  They have bulging eyes and triangular heads that are supported by their flexible necks.  Their upright posture, while remaining still with forearms folded has led to the common name of praying mantis.  The mantis seen in this picture looks like it has a built in form of transportation.  This would actually be pretty cool concept for a custom motorcycle just saying.


40. A red card definitely deserves to be issued by the look of this picture…

It is good to be aggressive and go for the ball but um…the timing on this picture makes it look like he crossed the line.  A red card is used to indicate a serious offence and usually results in the player being permanently suspended from the current and potentially future games.  In football the card is shown to the player by a referee signaling that the player is being sent off.  The player must leave the field immediately and won’t continue in the current game.  Furthermore, that player can not be replaced and the penalized team must play with one less player than the other team. However, if a goalkeepr receives a red card another player will be allowed to fill that position.  The card is shown for violent conduct or an illegal and intentional obstruction of a goal scoring opportunity.  Finally, note that a red card is also shown to a player that has accumulated two yellow cards for more minor offenses.


41. The jersey says it all.

Another great and hilariously timed photo.


42. Um…sir.

Yikes…this looks really bad.


43. Hey! Give back that ice cream cone!

Totally looks like his ice cream cone got stolen.  The bird is going to have a good time enjoying that sugary, creamy and delicious ice cream.


44. Bike crash!

Perfectly timed…hope that guy is okay though.  But on another note, the buildings in the background have some nice architecture.


45. 5 bears vs. 1 fish vs. waterfall.

Man the bears really want to get that fish.  Or the fish really wanted to die.  Who knows maybe the fish could take a few of the bears down with him depending on how big that waterfall is.  Bears tend to appear in a large variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in some places in the Southern Hemisphere.  There is a total of eight species of bears but they are considered to be widespread.  Bears play a prominent role in the arts, mythology and other cultural aspects of human societies.  Sadly, during modern times bears face encroachment on their habitats and illegal trading of bear pelts.  Six of the bear species are considered to be vulnerable or endangered.  Finally, the primary issue threatening their population are poachers and the international trade of the bear pelts.


46. Moon landing by parachute.

Totally looks like he is going to land on the Moon.  Fantastic timing made this image possible.  Interestingly, André-Jacques Garnerin, the inventor of the parachute tested his contraption on October 22, 1797.  He leaped from a hydrogen balloon 3,200 feet or 980 meters above Paris.  Gernerin’s parachute had little resemblance to modern day parachutes because it wasn’t packed into any kind of container nor did have a ripcord feature.  Ripcord implementation wasn’t introduced until 1919 by Leslie Irvin.  Military development of the technology designed it act as a way to save aircrews from emergencies aboard various aircraft in flight and balloons.  Later it became a delivery method for soldiers to get to the battlefield.  Parachuting today is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport.  The sport however is considered very dangerous and is placed in the extreme sport category due to the risks involved.  And finally, parachutes are still actively used in modern militaries for deployment of airborne forces and supplies.


47. Hanging out with his cool bird friend.

Having a good relaxing time reading the news paper with my buddy.  And judging by the hat they might be smoking buddies too.


48. Fire in the hole.

Everybody stand back combustion is taking place.  If a fart could generate that much power I would be very concerned.


49. Wakebording water mirror.

Super cool photo of guy wakeboarding where the water appears like a glass mirror.  Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the person on the surface of the water using a wakeboard.  The board is small and mostly rectangular in shape.  A combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques are used when riding a wakeboard.  The boards are made up of foam, honeycomb or wood mixed with resin and then coated with a layer of fiberglass.  Metal screws are used to attach bindings and fins.  There are various configurations and positioning of the fins that are varied according to the riders preference.  As an example, shallow fins are better for surface tricks such as flat spins.  Finally, the boat plays a factor in wakeboarding.  The primary difference between a standard runabout and a wakeboarding boat is the wakeboard tower.  The tower is usually constructed of thick-walled stainless steel or aluminum tubing, which then places the “pull point” about two meters or seven feet off the water’s surface.  The high point makes it easier to jump and get air because the rope is not pulling downward like when it is attached to a low point used for skiing.


50. Adorable laughing seal.

Aww! Very cute and excellently timed photo.  The Seal’s expression is adorable and sets at the top tier of cute animal photos.


51. Big head.

This picture was taken at just the right time to perform a great illusion.  That is definitely a selfie that will be remembered.


52. Is that a doe with antlers?

This is what appears to be a doe standing in front of tree giving the illusion the deer has antlers.  This a a beautiful picture with perfect timing making this image truly stand out.


53. Cat with a cute mustache.

Hey kitty nice stache! Really cute, wonderfully timed.


54. A pretty girl with angel wings.

Awesome mural with perfect picture timing.  A mural is considered to be any piece of artwork painted or applied directly to a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface.  One of the distinguishing characteristics of a mural painting can be the architectural elements found in the given space that tend to sync into the picture.  Murals have been around for a very long time.  They can date back all the way to ancient times, notably found within ancient Egyptian tombs.  Finally, there are a handful of kinds of murals such as: traditional, graffiti-style, ethnic and tile.  Traditional murals are typically commissioned pieces that are intended to painted within the clients home.  Graffiti-style murals historically have been found on urban walls but recently have transcended their street art aesthetic and onto walls of corporate and private clients.  Most notably, youth oriented brands such as Nike and Red Bull have commissioned graffiti-style murals.  In the 2000’s graffiti art continues to gain more recognition from art institutions worldwide.  Ethnic murals focus on the display of traditional art and culture of their society or even events from history.  Lastly, tile murals often times made of stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal tiles are typically installed within or added onto the surface of an existing wall or floor.


55. The thing that dogs do…but one isn’t a real dog.

Dogs sniff other dogs butts but should we tell him that isn’t a real dog he is sniffing.


56. How is this real.

Ten out of ten perfection.  That mirror is creating an amazing effect and the image looks like it shouldn’t be real.


57. Glowing wings in the sunset.

Stunning image with a great sunset making the birds wings glow.  The wings look like they almost have all the of the colors of the rainbow.


58. Cat with a sock for a face.

Cute picture, I’m a bit surprised the cat sat there long enough for the picture to be taken.  Judging by the Cat’s ears it doesn’t look too happy.  However, a Cat’s immediate happiness isn’t too big of a price to pay to get this super cute picture is it?


59. Shhhh, stop talking.

Really cool timing on this one.  Easily imagining the bird on the left is tired of hearing what the bird on the right has to say.


60. Cat blasting off.

Look at him go.  That cat can really generate some nice height.  A young, healthy, average-sized cat can jump about eight feet in a single bound.  That is approximately six times their own length. Interestingly, they use their tail for balance.  That’s why they can jump on most counter tops and tables with ease.


61. You’re doing it right if you don’t have a head in the pictures.

That extension is insane and um…the gymnast doesn’t appear to have a head.


62. Uncommon friendship.

Just a monkey and dog chilling out, sharing a banana.  Although the dog doesn’t seem to interested in that banana lol.


63. The perfect coffee splash.

Truly amazing how the coffee formed into a heart shape.  Also super perfect timing once again.  Furthermore, the extra splashing coffee creates a great particle effect that makes this shot even better.  A personal favorite right here.  Coffee is a brewed drink that is prepared from roasted coffee beans.  These beans are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant.  Coffea is native to tropical Africa, specifically Ethiopia and Sudan.  The plant is also found in Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritius and Réunion in the Indian Ocean.  The plant was exported from Africa to other countries located around the world.  Coffee plants are now being grown in over seventy different countries.  The dried coffee seeds are roasted at various degrees depending on the desired flavor.  Coffee has a slight acidity and is stimulating due to its caffeine content.  Brazil produces one-third of the worlds total coffee as of 2016.  Lastly, coffee is considered to be one of the most valuable commodities when exported by developing countries.


64. Another cute kitty illusion.

Looks like he could be the longest house cat in history.  But its just another cat entering the tunnel.  Awesome timing though lol.


65. The winged fireman.

He looks ready to put some fires out and do it in record time with those wings.


66. Do you see what I see?

Do you see the skeleton face among the flame?  Incredible to catch something like this one camera.


67. Lightning connection.

Amazing timing!  I wonder if she had a brilliant idea at this exact moment?  Sadly, the beach day may have turned stormy but it was worth it to get this excellent shot!


68. Dolphin among the clouds.

That is one hundred percent a dolphin in the clouds.  Also the light hitting the clouds is creating a great line effect in the negative space of the image.


69. The champ of spearfishing!

Spearfishing dates back to ancient times and has been used throughout the world for millennia.  Today spearfishing is typically done using a varied method of free-diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving techniques.  However, spearfishing while using scuba equipment is illegal in some countries.  Furthermore, the use of mechanically powered spearguns is also outlawed in several countries and jurisdictions.  This a perfectly timed spearfishing picture.  This a great picture that also has great action and beautifully clear turquoise blue water.


70. Smiley face.

Very nice sunset with some birds forming a smile.  That would be so special to look up into the sky and see birds forming a smiley face.


71. Ball of fluff.

No arms, no legs, just a cute cat ball of fluff.


72. Nap by the sea.

Really cool!  The water looks like it is acting as a blanket and looks pleasantly comfortable.


73. Water blast!

Awesome timing allowed for this really cool water effect during fire department training.


74. Duck riding the wave.

Gnarly bro!  Look at that duck go!  Moments like this kinda make you wonder what the duck is thinking at this moment in time.  The duck doesn’t have to worry about not looking cool though.


75. Pouring out the falls.

Amazing picture!  Very fooling if looked at quickly.  By the way,  those are some beautiful waterfalls.


76. Beginning of the ripple.

Great effect and wonderfully timed.


79. Mini Olympics.

This little guy looks like he is training for the Mouse Olympics.


80. Snoopy sleeping on his dog house.

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in the comic strip tilted Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz.  He can also be found in all the Peanuts movies and television specials.  Snoopy’s debut was on October 4, 1950 and has quickly become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the comic strip.  Interestingly, Snoopy is considered more famous than Charlie Brown in many countries.  Awesome shadow illusion making it appear as if Snoopy is sleeping on his dog house.  The original drawings were inspired by Spike, one of Schulz’s childhood dogs.  Snoopy is characterized as a loyal, innocent, imaginative and good-natured beagle that tends to live in imaginative fantasy lives.  His fantasies follow a similar trend of Snoopy pretending to be something, usually “world famous”, and fails.  One of his best known alternate personas is when he is wearing an aviator’s helmet and goggles and a scarf while carrying a swagger stick.  However, at times Snoopy can be selfish, gluttonous, and lazy at times, and has his fair share of moments mocking his owner, Charlie Brown.  But, at the end of the day he still shows great love, care, and loyalty for his owner.  Happy someone was there at the perfect time to take the picture.


81. Squirrel going for the peanut.

Great photo, the squirrel almost looks like it is moving in slow motion.  And look at those claws!  Squirrels are members of the Sciuridae, which is a family that includes small or medium size rodents.  The squirrel family encompasses tree squirrels, ground squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, and prairie dogs as well as other rodents.  Also, squirrels are indigenous to the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa.  Finally, they are most closely related to the mountain beaver.


82. Butterfly man.

Very cool, particularly the black and white filter looks really good on this photo.


83. Cat face.

Kinda neat, kinda creepy.  That picture had to be taken super quick to have it look right.


84. That dude has a wicked arc.

Incredible arc, amazing distance.  Hilarious photo taken at the perfect moment.


85. Neat light you have there street lamp.

Nice moon illusion and taken at just the right moment during dusk.


86. Powerful dragon roar.

Awesome statue of a dragon and this picture has to be one of the best of it.


87. Beautiful dandelion sunset.

Beautiful effect created and just the right time.  The deep reds in this photo are incredible!  Interestingly, dandelions can be eaten in their entirety.  Due to their abundance along with being a generalist species, dandelions are one of the most vital early spring nectar sources for a wide range of pollinators.


88. Hey! Is that me?

The right page at the right time and the little bird came to take a look as well.  Don’t need binoculars for this one the bird landed right on the book that was opened to just the right page.


89. Check it out! It’s Taylor Swift.

Super funny! What are the odds of this happening lol.


90. Lastly, there is a squirrel in a cannon.

Not sure how he got up there but hopefully the view is worth it for him.

Thanks for reading