36 Hilarious And Utterly Weird Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

36 Hilarious And Utterly Weird Photos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

10. A Little Christmas Tree

I bet that little spider is going to have a very Merry Christmas now! I wonder if they got him a present too?

11. Is It A Baby Or Food?

Now I can’t unsee the lasagna, and it’s making me very hungry!

12. Looking Good Fluffy Dog!

She’s rocking those tights! I wonder if this photo will kick off a new trend amongst dog owners?

13. Jaws 4: Sharks Gone Shopping

I wonder if they’re looking for somewhere to get a quick bite? I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself with this pun!

14. I Think We All Need This 

If stores had this ‘Emotional Wellness’ section, we’d all be much happier! This is definitely an aisle that would be frequented by nurses, teachers, and overworked moms!

15. It’s My Ice Cream Now

If this happened to me, I’d cry!

Cheeky seagull! Get a job, then you can get your own ice cream!

16. Stop Looking At Me Like That

I wonder how many people have made that same mistake. I know I’d be seriously confused by it.

17. Grandma? Is That You?

Never in my life would I have expected to have found a picture of a long lost relative! This must be my great, great, great grandma!

Her name was Busty, can you tell?

18. Well Hello There Human!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog do this pose before. Have any of you? I’m seriously confused by this…

19. He’s Got Baby Feet

His body is the usual size, but his legs and feet? That’s so weird… Wait, is he holding a baby?

20. A Very Strange Photo 

That’s a very strange photo. Why is there a chicken, and why is that boy smoking a cigarette?

Should we tell his parents?

21. Tag, You’re It!

What on earth are these two statue children doing? I’m utterly baffled.


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