30 U.S. Presidents Who Were Ridiculously Good Looking When They Were Younger

30 U.S. Presidents Who Were Ridiculously Good Looking When They Were Younger

When you think of U.S. Presidents, how physically attractive they are is probably the last thing on your mind. You’re either going to be thinking about what they did when they were in office, whether you agree with their policies, or you’re studying for a history test and are trying to frantically remember the dates that they were in office. Well, today we’re going to be looking at our Presidents a little differently, and taking a look at how 30 of America’s Presidents looked when they were younger and how attractive we would have found them in their younger years.

1. Ronald Reagan at 29

Young Ronald Reagan looks like the kind of jock that every high school girl would have a crush on. He’s got that clean cut, all American thing going on and there’s something really cute about it.

2. Rutherford B. Hayes at 30

Is it me or does President Hayes look like Eddie Redmayne? Are there some sort of time travel shenanigans going on here that we’ll never know about? I’ll be watching the next Fantastic Beasts movie in a whole new light now!

3. John Tyler at 36

Okay, so this is a painted portrait, but who doesn’t think that President Tyler looks amazing right here?

4. Dwight Eisenhower at age 25 and at 29

President Eisenhower was a very handsome young man! I love the second photograph, because he looks like a cheeky young man who’s just having some fun. I’ve got to wonder what he was up to in that second shot!

5. Herbert Hoover at 25

President Hoover was another handsome man, but who let him tie his bowtie like that? Didn’t they know he was going to be in a photograph that would be looked at for years? I’m itching to fix that tie right now!

6. John F. Kennedy at age 21 and at 20

John F. Kennedy was handsome enough when he was young but the right hand picture just makes me swoon. I mean, who can resist a man who loves animals, especially cute little puppies? Happy birthday Mr President, indeed!

7. Barack Obama at 18

President Obama has always exuded an aura of straight up cool and this photo just proves that he’s always been this cool. I mean, who else could look this cool wearing that hat? Rock stars, that’s who.


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