30 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

30 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

What makes a good photograph? Timing, timing and timing. As the old saying goes, it’s everything!

It’s exactly the same when it come to taking a good image of the world through a camera. That’s why photographers have to be the patient sort, they need to wait until the timing is perfect and they can take the photo that really describes what it was like to be wherever they were!

Sometimes it’s about seeing something unusual about the world; sometimes the world has just lined itself up perfectly. But the person taking the photo has to be in the right place at the right time!

See, timing!

Whatever you’re taking a photo of, whether it’s a wedding, a sports event, an object or just something random, circumstances can really turn around and make something odd happen.

Then it’s just a case of somebody capturing them, like in these photos!

1. Deer Dog, I’m a big fan of your work

Those are some impressive antlers that the dog has grown itself… yes, I know it’s just a tree behind the dog! You see how this works now though, right? It looks like something else weird is happening, and it’s all down to timing!

2. We have blast off!

That looks all very exciting and all, but how are you meant to pick up your photos at the end of the rollercoaster if you land on the freakin’ moon?

3. Doesn’t the moon deserve a rest at the end of a long day?

This isn’t a Photoshop so much as it is a hotel with it’s very own moon deck! I’ve heard of a five star hotel, but maybe a one moon hotel is even better than that!

4. A dragon has landed

Sorry Game Of Thrones fans, it’s just the insect version! Did the dragonfly come down to say hello to this person’s tattoo? Or perhaps it was mating season and it had something else in mind…

5. It’s the real life Nyan Cat!


If you don’t know who Nyan Cat, it was a cartoon of a cat that flew through space by farting rainbows. There was a really annoying song playing in the background and the cat was part toaster… yeah, now I think about it, that was kinda weird.

6. My, how that moon gets up to lots of tricks when you have your back turned

I guess using it as a sail is a pretty good idea!

7. Squadron leader seagull reporting for duty!

This little guy has big dreams of becoming a plane one day. Well, you’ll have to go to pilots school first, buddy. Practical experience of flying isn’t gonna cut it in the air force, son!


8. I’ve heard of the boy in the bubble, but the dog is a new one on me!

How did they manage to trap him in there? He sure looks like he’s desperate to get out, anyway!

9. It looks like that guy is in for a hard landing

Either that, or this photo was taken the split second before he went plunging into the water. Next time you’re on vacation, you could try break dancing on the surface of some water, but I’m not sure how well it will work out for you.


10. The long arm of the law

“Excuse me madam, do you realize you dropped your purse back there?”

Of course, it’s just the lady on the left with her arm around her friend’s shoulder. But I had to do one heck of a double take in order to work that out!

11. It’s the Statue of Lightning… I mean, Liberty!

Can you imagine how much time and patience it must take to wait for a bolt of lightning to reach out of the sky and strike the thing that you’re looking at? You gotta hand it to the person who took this photo, that’s impressive!

12. That bee has the catch of the day!

It looks like it has gotten the pollen out of the sun and it’s bringing it back to the hive for everybody to share!

13. The tree of life!

This looks almost like an expressionistic painting, but it’s a photo! The way the sunlight is streaming through the tree and glowing the fall colors of the leaves is really incredible.

14. Come here, little plane, Buddha would like a word with you!

It looks like that statue is about two miles tall, but it’s all a trick of perspective!

15. Shipment of sunlight comin’ through!

I hope they’re delivering it around my way, we could really use a truckload of the stuff around here!

16. I know it takes a trip around the world every day, but the moon REALLY gets around!

Now it’s ended up perched on the very top of a mountain! Not only does it get around, but it also has the kind of balance that an Olympic gymnast would be jealous of!

17. I guess all the water must’ve been inside a water balloon just a second ago!

Either that, or this kid has found a really strange hat to wear today! The way the camera has frozen the moment makes the water seem like it’s almost thick like a gel!

18. When you see an image like this right in front of you, you just have to go for it!

The photographer has even captured the white breakers in the lady’s white shirt underneath her t-shirt, it’s not like she’s just wearing a blue top and a yellow skirt. It’s all matched up so perfectly!

19. That’s a pretty majestic dog

No wonder somebody has immortalized him in a mural!

20. Whatever you’re into, friend!

You ever stood somewhere and then heard giggling begin in the background? I guess that’s a lesson to be more aware of your surroundings!

21. Well… sh*t

I don’t know what’s going on here! Is this a camera trick, or is that lady really about to get annihilated by that giant wave?

22. He’s watching you

Somewhere, there’s always a cat watching you.

23. That’s a pretty crazy haircut right there!

Meanwhile, way out of the camera’s frame is a snowball god with a shot like a demon who threw this about 5 seconds ago!

24. Who says that those scented candles smell strong?

This one even looks strong!

25. I guess that isn’t quite what she meant by wanting to be on a magazine cover one day…

But we have all got to start somewhere!

26. You know when your puppy has turned into a full grown dog

When they sprout their wings and take flight of course! Come back and visit when you fly south for the winter, little doggo!

27. Angels walk among us

This is a touching photo of a firefighter who was busy on the job, helping rescue people in the aftermath of an earthquake in Mexico.


28. This is pretty dang creepy

It looks for all the world like there’s a ghost hidden under that sheet. Either that or it’s just the wind. But whichever way you cut it, this looks exactly like a scary scene from a horror movie!

29. He looks like he’s having real computer problems

I don’t know how I know exactly… I guess it’s just written all over his face! I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

30. Hold on, I just want to take a selfie

“I’m looking pretty fly today”. Pretty fly! Get it?

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