30 Facts Of Life You’ve Just Got To Accept When You’re A Short Girl

30 Facts Of Life You’ve Just Got To Accept When You’re A Short Girl

Life isn’t always a bed of roses for anybody, but when you’re a short girl, life has a habit of getting you down. No pun intended.

It’s full of little challenges… okay, there was no pun intended there either, if I anything else looks like it’s making a jibe at being little, it’s really not, I promise you!

The thing is, for short girls, life is just like it is for everybody else! But there’s less of you to take on the little trials that it sends your way every day, so it’s going to be that little bit tougher!

There are a million things that we could list here, we could go on forever! Then again, these are the most common and probably the most annoying little things that crop up all the time, that are enough to drive a short girl to distraction!

But what in the heck are you meant to do about any of this stuff? Go about on stilts all the time? Team up with a fellow short girl, buy a long coat and take turns getting on each other’s shoulders to live life as one large person?

Exactly, this is stuff that’s just a part of life, and you’ve got to put up with it! There’s nothing to be done, so you might as well giggle about it!

So if you’re not a short girl, maybe some of these things will go over your head… okay, that time the pun was intended! I can have one, can’t I?!

1. You’re always stuck staring at the back of people’s heads at concerts

Can somebody tell me what Justin Bieber actually looks like?

2. Even though you’re way past 21, you get asked for ID when you’re buying alcohol

So the cashier always mistakes you for being too young at 30, take it as a compliment!

3. You could easily wear your boyfriend’s hoodie as a dress

But those long sleeves are fun to play with, right?

4. New pants are always too long for you, and you have to roll them up 100 times.

You end up looking like you’re in the freakin’ navy!

5. In group selfies, your chin is always cut off

There you are! Peeking over the bottom of the photo!

6. You can never keep up with your friends while walking

If you want to keep up with them, your little legs have to go like a blur and take about twice as many steps as them.

7. You could probably recall about 20 of the most common comments you get right now

“Well aren’t you short!” (Yes), “How tall are you, by the way?” (5 feet nothing, okay?), “Are you still growing?” (No Derek, I’m 27), “How’s the air down there?” (Same as yours, buddy), “Can I lift you up?” (Keep your hands to yourself) and “Good things come in small packages!” (Yeah, angry things come in them too).

8. Grocery shopping is a social minefield

Most of the time you have to cross that awkward bridge of having to ask another taller customer to grab something for you from the top shelf.

It’s either that or look like you’re struggling for a long time until somebody takes pity on you.

9. And you often have to climb onto the kitchen counter when you need something from a cabinet

Let’s put it like this, short girls’ kitchen counters are always clean and tidy!

10. If you’re really serious (or messy!) you could always buy a stepladder

It’s a worthwhile investment!

11. In the car, you have to move the driver’s seat all the way up to the steering wheel

Otherwise you can’t reach the pedals! So what if you’re getting squeezed to death against the wheel and struggling to breathe, you’re not going anywhere otherwise!

12. You can’t see yourself in most bathroom mirrors

Except for the one at home that you put up and the ones where there’s nobody else around and you can jump!

13. Even in the shallow end of the pool, you struggle to touch the bottom with your toes

Somebody throw a lifejacket!

14. Whenever you sit somewhere, your feet either dangle in the air, or you have to scoot to the edge of the seat

So it’s either look like a child, or never get comfortable! What a choice!

15. You have to adjust the shower head if someone’s showered before you

Well, that’s if you can reach. If you can’t, it’s less like a shower and more like getting caught in a warm rain storm naked.

16. On buses and trains, it’s pretty common to get a stranger’s elbow in your face

Better an elbow than a butt! I think…

17. Elbows in general are your worst enemy though

People always prop themselves up on top of your head with their elbow. How hilarious! Now get off before you get tased and you wake up in a puddle of your own pee.

18. When you’re hugging someone, your arms always go under theirs

What is it even like to go over the top?

19. Your neck is often tired from craning upward to talk to people

What did you think I meant?!

20. Your younger siblings are a head taller than you

I guess they just lucked out on the freakin’ gene lottery!

21. When you fasten your seat belt in the car, it almost strangles you

No you DO NOT need a booster seat, thank you very much!

22. You have a complicated relationship with high heeled shoes

People are always telling you that you should try wearing heels and platform shoes! They could make you a bit taller, right?

But you can’t go around in six inch heels you whole life, right? That’s just impractical! Anyway, sometimes you just feel like wearing flats, okay?

23. The relationship gets more complex

When you do wear heels, people give you a look that kinda says, “Awwww, that’s cute”. You give them one back that says “Go play in traffic”.

24. Thigh-high boots go up to your crotch

Okay, so I guess these shoes are a pair of pants!

25. Same thing for thigh-high stockings

They often need rolling down at the top!

26. When you get mad, no one takes you seriously

They all just think that you’re really cute when you’re angry, like a tiny raging woodland creature. Well, until something proves them wrong. Like they somehow come to some bodily harm.

Remember, you have a good low center of gravity to swing some punches!

27. But at least you never have to worry about hitting your head on anything in the world!

Duck? One of those feathered things that quacks, you mean?

28. You always have enough leg room on airline flights

You know some people have to pay extra money on their ticket for that stuff? You get it for free!

29. You’re the best limbo dancer in your group of friends.

Plus, you look pretty awesome in a grass skirt that goes almost down to the floor!

30. What’s the best short girl perk of all?

It’s probably that you have an awesome personality! You’re strong and independent, with plenty of self confidence because you’ve always had to stand up for yourself!

If this describes you pretty well, I guess you can count yourself as an amazing short girl! Maybe good things really do come in small pac-… I’m just kidding! I’m kidding, don’t get angry!

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