30 Amazing Shots By The Guy Some People Call The World’s Best Street Photographer

30 Amazing Shots By The Guy Some People Call The World’s Best Street Photographer

Have you ever seen some strange coincidence happening in everyday life, that you just couldn’t get your phone out of your pocket to take a photo of fast enough?

Well, there is one guy who is not only fast enough, but he’s made a career around street photography across the world capturing the quirky little details that would have been lost forever if he wasn’t around to capture them.

Spanish-born, Norway-based artist Pau Buscato, has a photography project called Hopscotch going on, capturing the world in the spirit of childlike imagination.

So Buscato has traveled all over the world to countries such as the UK, the United States and India, and has photographed cities including London and New York city. He’s been to many other countries in between, and photographed lots of cities in those places he’s been.

Here are some of the stunning and strange results!

1. Who’s the greatest guy with a walking stick on this block

This guy is!

2. The rare hose face breed of dog here

Sure it takes a long time to house train, but you’ll never go thirsty again!

3. Stop that guy!

He’s stolen a part of this taxi!

4. This makes my eyes hurt

What’s going on here? Are any of the people in the picture the photographer? Where can I get myself a jazzy bright red umbrella? So many questions!

5. The famous umbrella graveyard – happens every storm

But you don’t often get to see a woman living in a garbage can like Oscar the freakin’ Grouch.

6. Hey wake up guy, you can’t stay here!

I don’t know how this guy fit into a trash can like this, but his haircut sure is weird.

7. And then – POOF! – he disappeared in a puff of smoke!

That David Blaine guy sure does some clever tricks, and this street photographer managed to get an action shot of him!

8. It’s like the story of Pinocchio!

He turned into a real bird!

9. Is that a torch or a cup?

It’s like a beacon of light coming out of that thing!

10. Is that guy taking a photo of a ghost on his phone?

This is really spooky, but it’s a beautiful trick of the light!

11. He set them free!

How did all of those birds fit into that tiny cage in the first place?

12. No wonder that lady on the right is looking at these two so strangely

They look like they’re in the salon with some of those old school hairdryers over their heads!

13. If looks could kill…

This lady just really roasted the other girl; I guess there are such things as real life dragons!

14. This guy is just letting off some steam

He’s been really stressed at work.

15. What did you say?

This guy has no trouble hearing what other people are saying! He needs really big headphones for the subway.

16. I’ve always wanted one of those zebra crossing scarves

It would sure get me across the street faster! Just throw it down in any old place and the traffic has to stop for you.

17. Whoever drew this lady had a few tries at it first

Either that or she’s part of a complex weather system sweeping across the country over the next 24 hours bringing showers and squally winds.

18. Nice outfit, sir!

That’s either a really massive plant pot or he’s a really tiny man… also, what the heck is that guy in the background doing with that kid?

19. Santa is making a fashion statement

Sure, they don’t look as good as those black snow boots that he usually wears, but they are SO on trend!

20. Makes you wonder, what else has she got in that bag?

I guess they’re flying south for the winter!

21. “See, you’re stupid, I wear my trousers on top of my orange trousers”

Ships passing the night, I guess!

22. El Gato is part owl, he can swivel his head all the way around

It’s not a sight that you see every day at the beach…

23. What do you do on a wet day?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this lady carries a spare head in her bag.

24. Quick men! Burst the evil bubble!

It’s like a scene out of The Prisoner… I am not a number, I am a free man!

25. Excuse me sir, do you realise you have a chicken growing out of your head?

Either that or he’s styled his turban into a fashionable chicken shape!

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