28 Weird And Wonderful Celebrity Facts You Never Knew Before

28 Weird And Wonderful Celebrity Facts You Never Knew Before

Our favourite Hollywood stars are full of secrets that nobody will ever know the full extent of. These secrets may change how you look at your favourite celebrities forever, and today we’re going to take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful celebrity facts that will seriously surprise you! Take a look for yourself and see if your favourite celeb has made it onto our list of bizarre celebrity facts!

1. One of Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestors was accused of witchcraft

Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t the only person in her family to have a little Hocus Pocus about them! During the Salem witch trials Sarah Jessica Parker’s ancestor was accused of using witchcraft to cause her neighbour physical harm. Spooky!

2. Benedict Cumberbatch was kidnapped in 2005

He was kidnapped and held at gunpoint while he was filming a show in South Africa and when asked about the traumatic event he said¬†“I came to terms with mortality and dying on my own about four times in the space of about half an hour, and the whole thing went on for about two hours.” Scary stuff!

3. Matthew Broderick accidentally killed two people in a car crash

The crash took place in Northern Ireland in 1987. Broderick had crossed into the wrong lane and collided head-on with a Volvo coming the other way. The two women in the Volvo were killed immediately and Broderick and Jennifer Grey, who was in the car with him, both suffered injuries.

4. Jerry Springer used to be the mayor of Cincinnati 

Do you think he solved local disputes by inviting them onto his show and getting them to fight it out? Imagine going to sort out a parking ticket and hearing nothing but JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!

5. Rebel Wilson decided to become an actor after a hallucination

When she was a kid, Rebel Wilson contracted Malaria and dreamt of winning an Oscar. She says that this dream is what inspired her to become an actress and follow her dreams.

6. Debbie Reynolds called someone special to help Carrie Fisher through her LSD problem.

Reynolds worried that Fisher was doing too much LSD so she called Carey Grant to talk to her about the amount of acid she was taking at the time.

7. Tim Allen was arrested for possession of cocaine

This happened in Michigan in 1978 and he was arrested for being in possession of 1.5 pounds of cocaine while in the airport.


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