28 Very Freakin’ Funny Tweets By Women This Week

28 Very Freakin’ Funny Tweets By Women This Week

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Women are funny. The internet is funny. Women ON the internet are absolutely HYSTERICAL. And this week has been no exception on that. We all love a good laugh, especially me! So, because I adore you all so much I thought I would share the laughter by hunting down the top 28 most hilarious tweets from our fellow women internet users.

Make sure you have a box of tissues ready and you’re wearing your best waterproof mascara before reading ladies, because these are guaranteed to make you LYAO!

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Seriously though, this is one majestic looking cat. You can totally imagine it in a reinssance painting, cluthing the end of the dock, staring out to the sea and mourning her lost love. Poetic.


To be fair this guy should have seen it coming. It has pretty much been an unwritten rule that if any words that even remotely resemble the lyrics of “Mr. Brightside” are utter out in the real world then passerbys must immediatley scream them back. At least now he has a erm, hilarious divorce story?


Honestly, this one made me howl. The things us American’s will do to get Universal Healthcare!


Seriously who can’t relatre to this? Madewell is so heavenly. But also expensive. You won’t be stopping me touching what I can’t afford though!


This is currently one of my favourite memes making it’s rounds on the internet at the moment. It has many variations to it, but this one is possibly one of the best (and most clever) so far!


Wait are there actually other people out there who didn’t realise this? You think Sponebob was just some discarded sponge possibly dropped by some sort of rogue tourist? And why is Celeste posting about this at 3:18AM? Are u ok hun? Still, pretty funny though.



Daisy’s chosen a pretty hilarious Year Book quote to be fair… but can we please divert our attention to Carlos next to her? What was going through his head?


I don’t know about you but what an absolute DREAM this sounds. I don’t know if you ever saw the original “LADIES imagine this,” tweet, but I promise you, this one is much much funnier.


This is quite the dedicated to facial/body hair art. What I love most is the fact that @OaklandElle liked what she saw and decided to “shoot her shot” as the kids say. Good luck Elle! Got get your man girl.


Have you heard of the “Incel Movement”? If you haven’t then I suggest you look it up immediatley, then come back and re-read this tweet, and you’ll understand just how accurate (and obviously hilarious) the suggestion of reffering to them as “junk male” truly is.


Maybe not as hilarious as the others,but definitely, DEFINITELY the cutest, ahhhh!


Well congratulations Hannah, you finally made it onto the tweet hall of fame! I’m guessing it was the comparison of Leonardo DiCaprio’s quest for an Oscar that did it… because we all feel that.


As they say, what goes around comes around… after all they have to pull these stock photos from somewhere right? This insane imitation is almost too good to be true! Props to the original photographer.


This is just magical. Have you ever seen Bling Ring? Iconic. I’ve seen a few of these floating around at the minute, but this has to be my favourite so far.


Listen, these days you just can’t be too careful. Robots are among us, and now they’re trying to buy cars. Get woke people!


Simple, sophisticated and super super funny. Sometimes the short jokes are the most effective.


I don’t think I can even discuss this one. Who sees a strawberry and thinks “I should probably peel this”? Who I ask you? Savages, that’s who!


Girl, I will be right there with you. Have you SEEN the prince of Sweden? Hot daaaaaaamn.


YES! YES TO THIS TWEET! See how they flipped it? I am ALL ABOUT THIS! Obviously no offence to the amazing George Clooney, but I’m sure he’d have no problem with this tweet either.


If the world worked to the same rules (or lack-there-of) as airports do… as a species we wouldn’t last 3 days. And that is being optimistic.


*immediatley books next flight out to Texas for some severe cat petting*


Can’t help but think this a reference to the huge Hulu hit “A Handmaid’s Tale”… the scary things is that these days it’s hard to tell.


This is so real. Have you ever realised how hard it is as an adult woman to make friends with other adult women? I can think of atg least 6 times I’ve found myself in a similar situation.


Now I’m just kicking myself for never thinking about doing this before. Katie is living in 2023, amazing.


20 years ago I visited a pound and ever since then I’ve dated notrhing but dogs. I’m beginning to see a theme here…


Can I hear this louder for the people in the back? Just another piece of evidence that nature hates women…. a week of pain, discomfort and inconvenience all because we practice safe sex.


I’ve always said that every group of friends needs at least one “messy” friend, and this is exactly why… they always come through in the end!


Sometimes I go days without looking at my man because even the sight of him irritates me.


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Okay okay ladies deep breaths now! Feeling good after that hearty chuckle? Then I have officially done my job! Don’t forget to spread the laughs with your loved ones by sharing this post and comment with anything funny you’ve heard yourself this week! AA xx