27 Crazy Creative Ideas People Had For Their Mailboxes. #14 Is GENIUS

27 Crazy Creative Ideas People Had For Their Mailboxes. #14 Is GENIUS

“Your creative work will tell your story” – Pamela Slim

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They say being creative is ‘seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking something different’. And there’s no better way to express yourself than through creativity.

So when given the opportunity to mark your home with a little signature you… then of course you’re gonna get those creative juices flowing!

Which is exactly what these imaginative people did. The way they chose to express? Through their mailboxes. Because nothing shows creativity like a hard hitting, in-your-face mailbox as soon as you approach someone’s house. Perhaps we can inspire you to get your hands dirty and get all expressive too…

1. “If I can’t reach them, I don’t have to deal with them”

I really like the mentality behind this masterpiece. Out of reach, out of mind.

2. We ride in style

Because nothing says this is our home more than the conspicuous and unique camper van you drive in!

3. The home that’s a fan of electromagnetic radiation

Either that or this family don’t like to throw stuff out and had a super old microwave to get rid of.

4. “We don’t live in a yellow submarine…

…but we are huge Beatles fans and had a random pipe lying about with no purpose.” Smart.

5. “My neighbors are huge Doctor Who fans”

Omg, who’d have known?! Extreme effort went into this. Kudos on the TARDIS.

6. The octopus mailbox

I’m not sure how this one could represent the family. Perhaps the family are big fans of oceanography? Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool.

7. “We’ll show them which house to post our mail to by making our mailbox a mini replica of the house’

Because nothing says ‘this is my house’  more than a mailbox, on your lawn, in front of your house, that is identical to the home behind it. Right…

8. This is George R.R. Martin’s actual mailbox

The creator of the Game Of Thrones novels, George R.R. Martin isn’t shying away from what he’s all about. This mailbox outside his Santa Fe home couldn’t represent him more perfectly.

9. “My neighbor loves art so he changes the famous piece of art on his mailbox every couple of weeks”

This is cool. We’d like to see his version of the Mona Lisa.

10. We LOVE this super eccentric and over-the-top mailbox

Yes to Bender from Futurama. Yes to all of it.

11. This ATAT mailbox was made with scrap metal

And offers the postman/woman to place the mail in a certain direction. Neat.

12. This retro and nostalgic mailbox

I’m super impressed with this and wondering how on earth they made it?!

13. I’m gonna hazard a guess that this guy likes golf

Otherwise, this one would be unexplainably random.

14. It’s so clever I can’t HANDle it

Image result for hand mailbox cigarette

I mean, perhaps it’s giving influence to something bad, but we can’t help but appreciate the creativity behind it.

15. The 3 in 1 option

Definitely goes with the aesthetic of the area and we everyone loves a bit of cacti, A+.

16. “My neighbor does wood carving as a hobby. This is his mailbox”

WOW. How cool is that?! The amount of detail is shocking. It takes the ‘best mailbox of the year’ award from us.

17. The secret mailbox

As inconspicuous as possible so you don’t have to deal with bills, offers, taxes and people. We’re feeling this one.

18. “My neighbor’s dragon mailbox”

We wholeheartedly appreciate the time and effort gone into this one.

19. We feel sorry for the postman/woman who has to deal with this

A lot of people looking at this one right now are saying ‘why?’ But I employ you to think ‘why not?’

20. The family who get creative in winter

A perfect option when you don’t wanna waste a carrot and buttons.

21. “My neighbor owns a farm and this is her mailbox”

It seems a little intrusive but we still think it’s cute.

22. “How could we make our ruined, crushed mailbox look better?”

Okay, we LOVE this. Enough said.

23. I’ve got a brand new combine harvester…

…in the form of a mailbox.

24. The monster mailbox

I’m slightly terrified of the person who made this after getting a glimpse into their imagination.

25. “My neighbor plays the drums and this is his mailbox”

So, does this guy play the drums or?

26. “This is my local fire station’s mailbox”

It’s quite the interesting contraption and we like it.

27. We’re unsure about this one

It’s a bit threatening, isn’t it? I think I’d do a run and jump before posting mail in that.

Are your creative juices flowing? Go make your mailbox represent you! Or if you already have a super imaginative one, send us a pic! Don’t forget to like this post on Facebook and share this with your family and friends. Peace out, Acidheads.