26 Times Restaurants Got A Little Too Enthusiastic Trying To Impress Their Customers

26 Times Restaurants Got A Little Too Enthusiastic Trying To Impress Their Customers

What’s the difference between being ingenious and ludicrous? Not much apparently…

Going out for a nice meal has got to be one of the most traditional pastimes ever, doesn’t it? People have done it for years and for good reason… food is AWESOME and can often make you happier than any human could.

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Plus, if you’re a true food lover, then you’re in luck these days because there’s just so much freakin’ choice too.

But, you might be thinking, what if my tastes are slightly more unorthodox? What if… I wanted a chocolate mudpie served in a plant pot? Or a cheese board complete with a mouse skeleton? Well, you’re in luck.

Check out these restaurants that have gone above and beyond (and then some) in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. Could you see yourself ever eating at any of these places?


1. Is it art? Is it food? No one knows.

This restaurant provides salad as part of a ripped-open Coca-Cola can. Which, serves a purpose aesthetically, but jeez that would hurt to eat.

Salad With A Side Of Bleeding


2. Catching some rays

Why you might be asking, did they think this was a good idea? Well, it’s perfect if you’re feeling ‘peck’-ish. Or, maybe the chef was just ‘wing’-ing it that day. I’ll get my coat.



3. French onion soup… in an onion

Is this creative or straight-up bizarre? I’ll let you decide for yourself. One thing’s for sure though, if you’re not a fan of onions, I’d steer well clear.

My French Onion Soup Was Served In An Actual Onion


4. Taquitos or cigars?

Very clever. You see, contemporary food doesn’t have to be ridiculous all the time.

Taquitos In A Cigar Box


5. Pizzas don’t grow on trees y’know

So apparently, this is a pizza. Although, it seems as if no one told the chef that because it looks nothing like it. It’s saving grace is that it does look pretty spectacular, even if you can’t figure out how to actually go about eating it.

The Tree Of... Pizza?


6. Desert is served

Somebody somewhere thought serving miso in a flip-flop was a good idea. Or, they ran out of plates…

White Chocolate Filled With Miso, Served On A Flip-Flop


7. ‘Hand’ me some of that Caviar would you?

Well, it is expensive after all. So, why bother serving it on something as common as a plate at all. A mannequin hand oozes waaay more class right? Wrong.

Why Wouldn’t I Want To Eat Caviar Off A Wooden Hand??


8. Parma ham is served a little differently these days

They must be big fans of Lady Gaga.

So I Went To Eat Hot Pot Today


9. This one’s going to take some explaining…

That is in fact, a meringue, served on what I hope is a freshly plumped and washed pillow, being magnetically levitated. Because why the heck not.

A Meringue Served On A Magnetically Levitated Pillow


10. Appetising isn’t it?

Of course it is, it’s fish goo smeared across a floor tile after all. Looks scrumptious…

Fish Goo Smeared On A Floor Tile


11. ‘Mud’ pie

If you’re ever trying to decide where to go for dinner and think to yourself “I really fancy eating something that looks like a plant“, then look no further.

This Chocolate Mud Pie Is Served Like An Actual Potted Plant


12. Levitating cocktail

Now, I have to admit this one’s pretty cool. Don’t you think?

London Bar Served My Girlfriend’s Cocktail In A Levitating Glass


13. Hanging the Ravioli out to dry

Is this a case of being weird for the sake of being weird? Because it’s pretty freakin’ weird.

Ravioli On A Clothesline, As You Do


14. Just a little over the top

Normally if I see anything that resembles an injection, I’ll be making a swift turn for the exit.

I'm A Simple Man. I See An Injection, I Take My Pants Off. Why Am I Being Kicked Out?


15. Sugar rush much?

These new -style deserts have got rotten teeth written all over them.

It's Portable

Besides, how are you supposed to actually eat the freakin’ things?!

This Dessert Trend Needs To Stop


15. Ever wanted your dessert served in a sink?

The debate as to whether the design of this dish is genius or madness is solely based on whether chocolate sauce comes out of that tap. Which, sadly, I very much doubt.

Forgive Me, But There's A Plate In This One. In A Sink


16. I really don’t know what’s going on anymore

That’s a Triceratops… with bits of food draped over it. The mind boggles.

Cheesy Triceratop


17. They say dogs live a life of luxury…

I’m not sure there’s anything luxurious about eating food like this though. Customers should only be allowed to pick up the food with their mouths as well. Y’know, go hard or go home.

A Poutine In A Dog Bowl... I Think They're Just Humiliating Us At This Point


18. These deserts are just getting plain ridiculous now

But on a side note… how amazing does that cake look?

We Are Almost At Peak Cake/Milkshake Stupidity


19. Sharing is caring

Plates are a thing of the past apparently.

Communal Spaghetti Served On The Table


20. Bread served inside a dead beaver

Ok, so this isn’t really the remains of a small furry mammal. But it sure looks like it. What’s more is, why would you want your food to come in it? Who is in charge of making these decisions?!

My Bread Served Inside Roadkill


21. You can’t steal the glasses this way

This isn’t so bad if not a bit random. Perfect for a Halloween themed restaurant, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I Received My Drink, Complete With Bird Cage Prison


22. There’s being extra and then there’s this

These are french fries (obviously), one of the most commonly ordered food items in the world… served in a Pneumatic tube for absolutely no reason other than to impress you. The question is, are you impressed?

Shoonk! French Fries In A Pneumatic Tube


23. Creme Brulee served in a dish so thin, you can’t actually fit any adult-sized cutlery in it

Are they being awkward on purpose? B*stards.

Creme Brulee In A Dish Too Thin To Fit A Spoon Comfortably. Can I Just Get A Bowl?


24. Food gets served on pretty much anything these days

There’s not much imagination to this one. MUST TRY HARDER.

Pizza On A Snowboard


25. Mirror plates

Just what you need, a plate that forces you to watch yourself stuff your mouth with piece after piece of fattening cake until you hate the sight of your own face so much, you never return.

Carrot Cake Served On Round Mirrors


26. And the award for most pointlessly random dish goes to…

Raspberry ice cream on a stick, balanced in a hole drilled into a random piece of rock… I JUST WANT TO EAT NORMALLY.

Raspberry Ice Cream On A Twig, In A Hole Drilled Into A Rock


Believe it or not, these are just a handful of the thousands of ‘contemporary’ dishes being served in restaurants across the globe. And, do y’know what? I bet there are some out there that make these ones look pretty commonplace too. 

Have you got any experiences dining at restaurants that like to do things a little ‘differently’?

Let me know in the comments Acidheads!