26 Reasons to Smile Today. #12 Will Melt Your Heart

26 Reasons to Smile Today. #12 Will Melt Your Heart

In a world where the only headlines seem to be those of doom and gloom, sometimes it’s nice to hear some happy news.



(Or alternatively, if you can’t find any heart warming news stories- looking at videos of cute puppies is always good for the soul.)

It’s important to sit back sometimes and appreciate everything that’s good in the world. The news is saturated with horrifying stories of war, heartbreak, politics and conflict. Of course, you need to know what’s happening in current affairs, but equally- you also need an internet famous piglet called Hank in your life. Do you know what I’m saying?

There’s nothing worse than flicking through a newspaper and feeling utterly depressed and deflated after, which is why we’ve decided to brighten up your day with 26 things that will (hopefully) make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



1) Hank the piglet


We briefly mentioned this adorable little guy above- but Hank is deserving of his very own section. This Instagram famous piglet is so cute it hurts. For instant happiness, watch this short video below of him going about his everyday life. Is it normal to feel broody for a pig?

2) Jim Cummings- the voice of Winnie the Pooh calls up sick kids in hospital and chats with them to cheer them up


Ok, our hearts have officially just grew 8 sizes Grinch-style. What an amazing man.

3) You’re one in 400 TRILLION

Yep- that’s the probability of your existence. If you’re ever feeling gloomy or irrelevant- remember that you’re basically a walking miracle. You go girl.

4) The gif of this horse licking a cat



Moving on swiftly from the previous sciencey stuff- lets all appreciate this lovely, affectionate moment between a horse and a cat. I just realised I’ve been watching this on repeat for a full five minutes.

5) Louis Armstrong Singing ‘What A Wonderful World’

Music is a powerful tool for provoking emotions- and there’s no denying that this Louis Armstrong classic warms your heart every time. This classic will carry on cheering us up for decades to come.

6) This incredible news story

Ok, we admit- it’s not always doom and gloom. Sometimes you’re lucky and come across a story of a man who receives a slipper in size 1,450. Seriously, were they not scared of this potential slipper wearing giant?!


7) The family who rescued this racoon who then became best friends with the family dog.

A Disney film based on this incredible friendship needs to be created immediately. We especially love the way they casual watch TV together like actual humans. Too cute.

8) Dad jokes


No matter how hard you try not to laugh- you always end up with a smile on your face.

9) This staring contest



10) This bench


“(name) loved sitting here and still does thanks to research into cancer”. This bench is sure to stop anybody who passes it in their tracks and give them tingles all over. Whoever you are, we’re so glad that you’re able to still sit here.

11) This beautiful gesture

It’s true that siblings fight like cat and dog and they can drive you absolutely crazy. However, we love them deep down and this thoughtful gesture from a 7 year old girl shows the real strength of sisterly love.

12) This amazing kid’s dream for the future

Politicians, take note.

13) These window cleaners dress up as superhero’s to clean the windows at kids hospital

These guys are real life hero’s- even if they can’t really fly. As well as cheering their day up, there’s no doubt that this heart warming gesture will stay with these kids for life.

14) This awesome book shop

In a world obsessed with money, profit and scandal-  it’s nice to know that these kinds of people still exist.

15) George Michael tipped a barmaid 5k when he overheard that she was a student nurse in debt

As if giving us Wham! wasn’t enough- George Michael also gave us faith in humanity. This is only one example of his amazing generosity- after his death multiple people shared stories of his good deeds. What an incredible man.

16) This picture of a villager saving a bunch of stranded kittens in India

What an absolute sweetheart.

17) This baby hysterically laughing at ripping paper

It’s an oldie but a goodie. We challenge anybody to watch this and not be laughing by the end of it.

18) A bunch of pugs is called a ‘grumble’

Could there be a more perfect name for these little cutie pies?

19) This Friends blooper

Friends is hilarious at the best of times, but these bloopers always have us in stitches. I challenge anybody to watch this and not laugh.

20) “Remember compliments you receive, forget the insults”

This Baz Luhrmann classic is good to listen to once in while to give us all some perspective on life and what’s important. There’s so many heartwarming, lovely lines in this which are sure to brighten up your day.

21) This dog living his best life

Our plans for every weekend going forward.

22) When someone tries to steal your food

This little girl is my absolute idol.

23) The willingness of children to say exactly what’s on their mind

All of us wish we had the balls to be this honest and savage

24) How breathtakingly beautiful parts of our world are

Aurora borealis and forest in winter near Chena River State Recreation Area, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

There’s so many genuinely beautiful places on our planet. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and appreciate the amazing sights-even if it is just from behind your screen!

25) The generosity of strangers gave these formally blind kid his sight back

The joy on his face in the after pic says it all.

26) This baby leading a yoga class

Ok- I will reblog this until the day I die. ADORABLE!

We hope that you’ve all enjoyed reading through this touching, funny and heart warming list and that your faith in humanity has well and truly been restored. Here at Aunty Acid, our main aim is put a smile on the face of our readers, so if we’ve made even one person crack a  smile today then we’ve done our job! If you want to make someone’s day, feel free to share this with your friends and family and don’t forget to let us know which one’s were your favourite (although I think the baby laughing at ripping paper is always a hard one to beat!)