26 Everyday Items With Amazing Secret Uses You Never Knew About

26 Everyday Items With Amazing Secret Uses You Never Knew About

Ever looked at something on an object that you use every day and thought, “I wonder why the freakin’ heck that thing is there”?.

It’s like some idiot designed some things, and put a whole bunch of totally useless stuff on there just to confuse us all.

Well, don’t get offended here… actually, I don’t really care whether or not you get offended, but go with me here… YOU’RE the idiot!

Most things in your life have actually been very carefully designed by experts, improved and made more useful over the years. So some of those original design features are still there and just as useful as ever.

It’s just that you’ve forgotten what to do with them!

So let us help you remember, as we guide you through the most amazing secret uses for everyday items you’ve ever thought of!

1. The indent at the bottom of a wine bottle

You’ve probably noticed that nearly all wine bottles don’t have a completely flat bottom, like a beer bottle for example. That dent isn’t just for waiters to hold onto when they pour out the wine in fancy restaurants either! It actually controls the pressure when the bottle is fitted with a cork.

2. The neck of a beer bottle

The neck of a beer bottle, you’ve probably noticed but never really thought about before, is way longer than a wine bottles’. That’s because the bottle is designed to be held by the neck, which stops the heat from your hand warming your nice cold beer up if you were to hold it by the body.

3. Winter hat bobble

Sure, bobbles are mostly a cosmetic thing these days, and have no real function. But these kinds of winter hats were once worn by sailors, and the bobble was there to protect their heads. Because nothing stops a 3.5 ton box of cargo from smarting when it falls on your head like a fluffy bobble.

4. The tab on a car’s rear view mirror

Ever noticed the tab on the bottom of your vehicle’s rear view? Well, it’s there to help the driver to adjust the mirror at a touch, if for example the high-beam lights from the car behind were blinding you.

5. The hook on the back of shirts

Lots of shirts -both men’s and women’s – have this little touch on the back, but why is it there? You really want me to tell you? Really? For hanging it up on a clothes hook, genius!

6. This cylinder on cables

Some cables can act like unintentional antennas, and can pick up electrical interference called noise. You don’t want this to happen for nearly all the devices you use in your home, so these cylinders contain a gadget designed to drown out this noise by throwing out a high frequency above it.

7. Tiny hole at the back of an iPhone

How strange, why do only iPhones seem to have these tiny holes on the back? Are Apple spying on us? Nope! Well… maybe. But not through this little hole. It’s actually a microphone to capture sounds when you take a video with the back-facing camera.

8. The end of a toothpick

The blunt end of a toothpick is designed to be broken off easily, to be used as a stand for the toothpick!

9. The hole at the end of tape measures

The hole exists so that you can slip a nail or tack through there, which ensures the tape is securely in place and you can get an accurate measurement!

10. The holes on kitchen boxes

The hole on the side of boxes of plastic wrap and foil is meant to keep the roll in place inside the box when you rip off a piece of foil, or whatever it is you need. That’s right, the whole roll isn’t meant to pop out every time!

11. The small hole on elevator doors

This hole allows staff to open the elevator in an emergency. A drop key is used to unlock the door mechanism, so they don’t have to rely on electricity in a power outage.

12. The lids on apple sauce

The lids on apple sauce pots are designed to be folded up and used as a spoon. You know, just in case you ever wanted to nom on a whole pot of apple sauce.

13. Carefully placed signs on the highway

If the exit sign is aligned on the left, the exit is on the left and if it’s aligned on the right, your exit is the next right!

14. The arrow next to the pump symbol

It’s not always easy to remember which side of your car the petrol tank is on at the gas station. Especially if it’s an unfamiliar car, or a rental for example. But the direction of this arrow represents which side the gas tank hatch is on.

15. The hole at the bottom of a padlock

If you ever need to oil your padlock, the hole’s the place to start. Not only that, the hole serves as drainage if your padlock gets too wet.


16. The holes on the side of your Converse trainers

Many people have at least one pair of these popular trainers, famous for their distinctive designs including these ventilation holes on the sides. Not only that however, many people cleverly use them to lace up their shoes even tighter!


17. The small hole in a pen lid

Rather than just tell people over and over again that they shouldn’t chew on pen lids because it could be dangerous, the manufacturers put these holes in the top so that even if somebody did swallow a cap accidentally, they would still be able to breathe.

18. Soda can tabs can be used as straw holders

So your soda won’t push out your straw again and it shouldn’t wind up on the floor!

19. You can unfold your Chinese takeout box into a plate

Yep, so that even if you have no plates clean in your house, and you don’t feel like doing any washing up, you can still eat a tasty Chinese from your local takeout!

20. The 57 on ketchup bottles

The number “57” apparently marks the “sweet spot” that you have to tap if the ketchup just won’t come out. That’s according to the manufacturer anyway, you can still wail on the bottom of the bottle if you want to!

21. The tab on backpacks

That weird tab on the back of packs is meant for tying additional stuff on so that it doesn’t take up space inside your bag. Item such such as sleeping bags or sneakers are examples of what you could attach there!

22. The little bumps and lines on tires

These bumps indicate the minimum safe tread height, so when they are worn down, you know it’s time to change your tires!


23. The mini pockets in jeans

Those tiny pockets inside the main pockets of jeans have always seemed pretty pointless, right? I mean, what could you ever keep in there? Well, how about a pocket watch? That’s right, back in the old western times, cowboys used to keep their pocket watches in there!

24. Lids as coasters

We bet you didn’t know that those straw holding plastic lids you often get on takeout drinks can double up as a coaster when you get home or back to the office!


25. Tic Tac lids

Did you know that the lids of these boxes are designed to dispense a single Tic Tac when you shake them out?



26. Saucepan holes

Not only can you hang up your pans by these holes, but the handles of saucepans can also be used to rest wooden spoons in there!

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