26 Cats That Were So Stupid We Can’t Stop Laughing

26 Cats That Were So Stupid We Can’t Stop Laughing

Time spent with cats is never wasted… especially when they are acting like complete idiots.

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Aren’t cats just the best? They’re soft, fluffy, cute and love to cuddle. What could be better? They’re proud animals who for the most part, come across classy, suave and dignified. However, every so often, when they think no one’s looking, they do something so damn stupid that we’re in fits of laughter and have to document the stupidity by taking a picture and sharing it with the world.

Whether you’re a cat person or not, you have to appreciate how hilarious these moments were when cats acted like complete idiots…

1. “I can’t leave you alone for one second, can I?”

That’s too cute.

2. “My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster. She doesn’t get too far though”

Lol, they can be so dumb.

3. “Hmmm, you’re kind of doing it wrong”

That’s a funny way of using your bowl, but okay!

4. “I heard my cat crying and walked in the bathroom to this”

What gets me is the irony of the him crying whilst his head is in a box of tissues.

5. “I thought you weren’t home until later”

I’m not sure what he was trying to achieve in this one. That doesn’t look very comfortable.


6. “Why did you have to get a cat?”

Why Did You Get A Cat?

That dog definitely isn’t gonna tolerate his new companion’s stupidity.

7. “I just wanted a drink and this is how I do it, okay?”

It’s super weird but also super cute.

8. “This is how my cat’s reacted the first time they saw a watermelon”

It’s like they know how delicious watermelon is!

9. “I’m putting in screen doors for warmer weather and my cat thinks I moved the door”

LOL. That is too cute.

10. Cats are great at playing catch
Cats Aren't That Great At Fetch

Can’t stop watching this one. Genius.

11. “My cat watched me shower and now he does this”

He wants to be just like his owner. Adorable.

12. “Nah, I won’t sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep in the dustpan instead!”

A waste of money for the owner and pretty gross since the cat’s probably covered in dirt!

13. “Most cats bring you mice or birds. My cat brings me teabags”

Most definitely more pleasant than a dead mouse! Can we train her to bring a mug, too?

14. “I left my suit jacket on the floor, this is what I came home to”

Awww! Poor little guy.

15. “My cat got his head stuck in a vase and I freaked out and smashed it. This is what happened”

Oh God bless his stupidity.

16. “This is how my cat eats his food”

I have no words.

17. He’s playing a dangerous game

If he didn’t fall in, he’s an acrobat.

18. “One of my cat’s has just had a litter and my other cat thinks he is a kitten”

Or perhaps he’s just real greedy. This is adorable stupid though.

19. “We’ve had a cat flap installed for Ted, we showed him how it opens, but he still just thinks it’s a window”

It could be so much easier, Ted!

20. “We had to get him down”

What an idiot.

21. “Scooter has been staring at our new painting for about an hour now”

He’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

22. “Our cat is such an idiot”

Wow, that goes above and beyond expectations of idiot cats.

23. “I looked over to see if my cat was still eating and she was just like this”

Maybe she’s just like me and makes sure she’s licked that plate clean.

24. “My cat always tries getting in the smallest places”

Aww, I don’t like this! I think I’d be afraid to ever let that cat out my sight.

25. “I’ll just sleep right…there”

Life could be so much better for you kitty, if only you had a brain!

26. When you’re just too thirsty but like to be sassy at the same time

How rude of him!

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