25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

11. He doesn’t give up on you

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He knows that all relationships have their low points, and that you will have low point on a personal level as well. He sees this all as a worthwhile struggle, because he loves you so much that he is determined to make the relationship work.

If this sounds like your man, consider yourself lucky – most would kill to have a partner who cared that much.

12. He is often physically affectionate with you

Not everyone’s affection is based in physical things like hugging and hair-stroking, but if your man does this on a regular basis, it’s a pretty clear sign that he loves you immensely, and he wants you to know that.

Whether it’s just a little kiss to perk up your day, or an hours-long cuddle to cheer you up when you’re feeling low, you should count yourself lucky if your man treats you like this. He loves you from your head to your feet.

So there you have it, 12 sure signs that your man is totally and utterly in love with you! And of course, these tips provide a useful guideline, but often you can simply trust your gut feeling. If he gives you butterflies, chances are that you’re onto a winner!

I hope this article has made you smile. And remember ladies – if your man does any of the above, he’s special, so hold on to him.


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