25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

2. He actually listens to you

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, as any counsellor will tell you. Good communication means that both parties feel respected, and that their feelings matter to the other person in the relationship.

Even if one partner is clearly in the wrong while you’re having a disagreement, and you secretly both know it, it’s possible to arrive at this conclusion in a peaceful and constructive manner.

It’s definitely preferable to yelling at each other and having one of you leave the house, slamming the door as you go. Cherish a guy that will talk things out with you, and most importantly, listen.

3. He gets jealous from time to time

Obviously, jealousy is never a good thing when it gets out of hand, and if you’re not careful it can lead to some very dark places.

However, a display of mild jealousy could be a sign that he fears losing you, and knows that you are still desirable to other people.

You probably feel the same way about him – this is good; this is healthy. The problems come when one partner starts underhandedly exploiting their partner’s jealousy to their own benefit. Don’t do that, and don’t let it be done to you.

4. He never thinks you’re not beautiful

In the early stages of dating, when you’re both dolled up to the nines, it’s a given that you will find each other attractive, physically speaking, I mean, you’re both looking your absolute best every time you see each other.

However, as the relationship goes on, and you become more comfortable with each other, standards can slip in this respect. This is fine, to a degree. As long as neither of you completely let yourself go, there’s no harm in dressing down around each other.

You’ll know that your guy is head over heels in love wit you when he finds you just as attractive in your sweats and hoody as he did in your $300 dress.

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