25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

25 Signs That Reveal That He’s Secretly In Love With You

20. Carrying water bottles

“Carrying water bottles. Not a huge ones, regular ones. If a cute girl is carrying one I automatically fall in love for next ten minutes. Without the bottle, it’s five.”

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If the man in question is displaying just one or two of the things on the following list, there’s a good chance he’s besotted with you. If he does all 12, well… that really is something else, and you could have a potential life partner on your hands.

If you’re desperate to know if the man in your life really does adore you, read on.

1. He makes sacrifices for your relationship

You know that a man is in love with you when he makes concerted efforts to put you first. This can be anything from ditching his plans to hang out with his buddies to support you in a time of need, or rearranging his work schedule to make more time for you.

If he’s willing to go to these lengths to hang out with you, consider yourself very lucky. It’s a sign that you have a keeper.

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