25 Real People Share Their Most Irrational Pet Peeves

25 Real People Share Their Most Irrational Pet Peeves

Feel their wrath…

We all have an irrational pet hate or two- except it doesn’t feel irrational AT ALL to us at the time. We justify it in our heads to be completely normal to feel our blood boil over some of  the most mundane things in life. From automated phone systems to unnecessary inflections on words, there’s some things that just make our heads explode in infuriation. 

These 25 Reddit users shared their biggest pet peeves- and we can relate to almost every single one… 


1) “When I forget to shake the ketchup or mustard bottle and that little bit of liquid comes out first and gets things all soggy.”

I think we can all agree that this is SICKENING!

2) “Hearing the alarm I use to wake up in the morning go off on someone else’s phone somewhere. I just really hate the sound now even though it’s not like obnoxious or anything”

Hearing the sound of your alarm in the middle of the day has to be one of the most haunting noises ever.

3) “It’s super annoying when you live with someone who ignores their own alarm. My husband will set his alarm for like 5am so he can snooze it until 7.”

The epitome of selfishness.

4) “When someone explains something to me that I already know, especially when they explain it like I don’t know it.”

It’s even worse when they explain it incorrectly…

5) “When someone at a 4 way stop waves me to go even though they were there first. Fricken A quit trying to be nice & just follow the rules.”

Quit trying to beMother Teresa and just go!

6) “When I reach for a box/bag of food in my house and there are only crumbs left. WHY are you putting it BACK in the cabinet?!?!?!?”

There’s nothing worse than the false hope of a box of cookies

7) “Those cards in magazines that just fall on the floor when you open them.”

This made our blood boil just thinking about it.

8) “A company that has too many options on their automated system but doesn’t give an option to speak to a rep.”


9) “Terrible parking. There’s no excuse other than being an as*hole. And no blinker turns on busy roads. It seems to be when people are bumper to bumper that they just start being d*cks. It’s weird but BMW and Cadillac drivers are the worst at both.”

We’re not saying all BMW drivers are freakin’ annoying drivers, but all annoying drivers seem to drive a BMW…

10) “When people argue about iPhone vs Android. Can’t we just all use what we like and get over it?”

There are two types of people in this world…

11) “When I miss a phone call and call back immediately only for them not to pick up.”


12) “Stopping in the middle of aisles, blocking the way, to have mini-reunions. Move the eff over, people.”

Can you please have this mothers meeting elsewhere? Thanks.

13) “People that just burn their marshmallows and eat them instead of perfectly roasting it to a golden brown deliciousness”

This is just plain wrong.

14) “When everyone else can just walk up to those automatic sinks and have them immediately work properly but I have to perform the freakin’ third act of the Metropolitan Opera to have the thing turn on ice cold water for five seconds before I have to do it all over again for the damned soap dispenser I HATE IT!” 

They can be tricky…

15) “People who cough into their hand. Part of me is like “thank you for trying to shield us all from your germs” but the other part is like “you son of a b*tch, I know you’re going to start touching everything in this store” Yuck.”

Absolute savages

16) “People who honk at me if I don’t go THE MILLISECOND the light changes from red to green.”

This level of impatience is infuriating.

17) “People who get onto a crowded train or elevator before letting anyone off… simple etiquette and logic, people move from the more crowded space to the less crowded space first! Infuriating!”

Let me off first and you’ll have an easier time getting on- it’s really that simple.

18) “When something perfectly simple becomes insanely difficult, like untangling the vacuum cord. I lose my sh*t.”


“That’s it- it’s going in the garbage”

19) “Unnecessary inflections on words. I call it a “Valley Girl Accent”, that way some people talk when it always sounds like they’re asking a question. Something clicks in my head when I hear it and it just instantly INFURIATES me.”

It’s just the way some people talk? We have no idea? What you’re like, talking about?

20) “I guess others see this as potentially irrational, but I freakin’ hate when somebody just mindlessly rips open a bag of cereal. If you take your time and peel apart an end, it’s an actual spout for your corn pops. Wtf. Don’t ruin the bag so bad that every time I pour myself a bowl of cereal, some drops on the floor and in the box and on the counter. JUST GENTLY PEEL IT OPEN YOU OAF” 

Listen, not everyone has time to gently peel their cereal bags open, okay?

21) “People laughing loudly. It’s like nails on a chalkboard except worse.”

Happy people are the worst.

22) “The sound of velcro. It also makes my brain itch.”


23) “Random Standers – people who stand in random, inappropriate and inconvenient places like the bottom of an escalator. It’s like they don’t get that the escalator doesn’t stop moving just because they feel like stopping and having a chat at the bottom – other people will still be delivered by the escalator to the very place where they are standing.”


24) “That little sigh people make after drinking things. I’m not sure how else to explain it.”

This normally occurs in the morning too- which makes it EVEN WORSE!

25) “When your phone or laptop keeps autocorrecting a word thinking it’s helping you out when really it’s just not letting you write the word you want to write! Just leave me alone and stop interfering!”

First world problems right there.

Can you relate to any of these irrational hatreds? What’s your biggest pet peeve? Let us know in the comments- we love hearing from you!