25 Photos That Show Why Japan Is Simply Incredible

25 Photos That Show Why Japan Is Simply Incredible

If every country in existence suddenly began to embody Japanese culture, the world would become a far greater place to live.

A pretty bold statement right? But, when you see what the famous technologically advanced land of the samurai has to offer, you’ll understand why it’s absolutely spot on.

You might think that you know what Japan’s all about, I mean just by looking around your kitchen I bet you’ll find half a dozen appliances and gadgets with ‘Made In Japan‘ written on the labeling somewhere. Plus, they’ve got the Shinkansen (more commonly known as the ‘Bullet Train‘) which let’s face it, is something I’m pretty sure anybody that has to commute via train to work wishes and prays makes its way overseas. Because well, there are few things more infuriating than waiting for a delayed train.

Just thinking about trains is making my freakin’ blood boil…

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But, the country is about so much more than punctual public transport, futuristic microwaves, sushi and it’s obsession with Anime. It’s a whole different world in South East Asia and some of the norms of society in Japan might just surprise you.

Check out this list of reasons why Japan really is something else and see if you fancy moving there when you’ve finished reading!


1. Japanese football fans stayed behind after their FIFA World Cup matches to help clean up

Football hooligans are a hot topic at the moment, especially with the 2018 World Cup approaching fast. So, it’s refreshing to see that not all fans are looking to get drunk, trash the place and start unnecessary fights with rival supporters. The Japanese might still enjoy a drink or six, but at least they’re not a*seholes about it…

Japanese Fans Stayed Behind After The FIFA World Cup 2014 Match To Help Clean Up


2. Hospital food is a little different over there

I already know these are just the standard meals served to patients, but I can’t help think I’ve paid a fortune at fancy restaurants for meals that look worse.

I Recently Gave Birth In Japan. Here Is Some Of The Hospital Food I Ate


3. Children are taught to be grateful

There are no janitors or cleaners in most Japanese schools, instead, they get the children to all pitch in together to keep the facilities hygienic. This has short-term benefits as it educates them on showing gratitude towards the school. The long-term benefits mean that they will become more productive members of society. Kind of puts the little sh*ts that were in my class to shame.

Most Japanese Schools Don't Have Custodians. Instead, The Students Do The Cleaning Themselves As A Part Of Showing Gratitude To The School And Learning How To Become More Productive Members Of Society


4. It’s a very honest society

Just in case you don’t speak Japanese, the note reads: “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry“. The gesture is obviously incredibly kind, but what’s even nicer to see is the fact that the person leaving the money was comfortable enough to do so without fear of passerby stealing it.

The Note In Japanese Says, "I Accidentally Knocked Over Your Bike And Broke The Bell. I Am Very Sorry"


5. Whilst we’re on the theme of honesty

This shopping bag was accidentally left on the street. When the owner returned to look for it, they found that a stranger had propped it up against this tree untouched.

I Dropped My Shopping Bag On The Streets Of Osaka And When I Went Back To Look For It Later That Day, Someone Had Placed It Next To A Tree Untouched


6. You can remain dignified at all times…

Public toilets often come equipped with buttons that play white noise or specific sounds to mask the sound of you pooping, so nobody else knows when you’re making your ‘deposit‘. Hopefully, they come with built-in air fresheners too…

Japanese Toilets Often Have A Button That Plays White Noise/Water Sounds So You Can Poop Without Other People Hearing Your Business


7. Crowds are extremely organized

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to make your way up a flight of stairs and you’ve got to dodge the people walking towards you, whilst there’s no discernable organized system whatsoever? Not in Japan…

Another Reason Why I Love Japan


8. They value your groceries

These are refrigerated lockers so that when you’ve done your grocery shopping, you can leave things like margarine and milk here and carry on browsing. I mean C’mon!!!

This Shopping Center In Japan Has Free Refrigerated Lockers For Your Perishables So You Can Keep Shopping After You Get Your Groceries


9. Even the freakin’ deer are polite!

Ok, it can’t just be me that’s starting to feel slightly insignificant. Even the animals have manners!

In Japan, Even The Deer Are Polite


10. They wave goodbye to departing aircraft

That’s right, the ground crew working on the runways stop what they’re doing, stand to attention and wave off anyone leaving. I just welled up a little bit…

In Japan, The Ground Crew Bows And Waves Goodbye To The Departing Aircraft


11. They care about your luggage

Rather than just throwing all the suitcases and bags into one big pile for the machine to slowly filter onto the conveyer belt, the staff organizes them by color making it easier and faster for you to find your bag.

Japanese Airport Staff Sorted Luggages On The Belt By Their Colour


12. They’re incredibly efficient

Many bathrooms have sinks on top of them so that you can wash your hands and then re-use the water for the next flush, wasting a lot less in the process. If only every country wanted to save the planet this much aye?

You Can Often Find This Kind Of Toilet In Japan. Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush


13. The Bullet Train feels like… nothing at all

This is a coin balancing perfectly on the window ledge whilst the Shinkansen travels at 150mph. Now that’s smooth!

This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan


14. No more awkward toilet scenarios

There’s nothing worse than opening a cubicle in the hope that it’s empty only to find someone sat there in panic, desperately trying to cover up. This screen in Japan tells you which toilets are vacant, so you can relax and poop in peace.

This Toilet In Japan Has A System Of Occupied/Vacant Toilets Information


15. Expectations and reality are one in the same

I hate it when companies like Mcdonalds advertise a new burger which looks amazing in the ads, but pathetic in person. Well, they do things slightly differently in Japan.

Expectations Meet Reality In Japan


16. Getting on/off a train isn’t an absolute bl*ody nightmare

Platforms look very different in Tokyo, people actually form orderly queues and politely allow people to depart before trying to board. Y’know rather than engaging in a mass brawl trying to force their way to a seat.

Photo I Took Of Tokyo Commuters Waiting For Their Train


17. Trains accommodate all types of passenger too

This is a seat in the kid’s section of a public train, helping to keep them engaged whilst the parents have a well-deserved break. I feel no shame in saying I’d like a go in that seat too…

Children's Seat On The Fujikyu Railway Line In Japan


18. Trains are just generally freakin’ awesome, ok?

This company issued a formal apology to all of its passengers for leaving 20 seconds… wait for it… early. Are you kidding me!? Trains sometimes don’t even turn up in the US and you’ve no idea why.

Tokyo Train Company Tsukuba Express Apologized For 20-Second-Early Departure

And this hotel apologized to its guests for a 1-minute wifi interruption at 4 am…

Japanese Hotel Apologies For One Minute Internet Stoppage At 4am


19. There’s no messing around trying to cross the street either

There are hundreds of diagonal crossings like this in Tokyo, which means you can get where you’re going faster whilst still being safe.

There Are Over 300 Scramble Intersections In Japan Where You Can Cross A Street Diagonally


20. They accommodate the elderly

ATMs have cane holders for older citizens. What haven’t they thought of?

Japanese ATM's Have Cane Holders Due To The Aging Population


21. They don’t want you to waste your time

This elevator has a sign on the outside that lets you know if it’s raining outside, just so you don’t have to make the trip all the way back up to the 23rd floor to grab your umbrella. How thoughtful!

The Elevators In My Office Building Have An Umbrella Sign That Lights Up If It's Raining Outside (Osaka, Japan)


22. They sell fresh produce… in vending machines

Alright, I admit this one might seem slightly odd to some, but do you ever fancy scrambled egg on toast on your lunch break but can’t be bothered walking to the shops? Move to Japan, life is just easier.

A Vending Machine Selling Farm Fresh Eggs In Japan


23. They sell conveniently shaped fruit

This a cube watermelon, shaped in such a way so that it will fit into your refrigerator with greater ease. Because, well why not?

In Japan They Sell Square Watermelons To Fit Better In The Refrigerator


24. They have literally thought of everything

These are umbrella lockers so that you don’t have to walk around indoors carrying one and no one will accidentally take yours home with them either. This is getting ridiculous…

Another Great Japanese Invention: Umbrella Lockers. So You Don't Have To Carry Them Around Inside A Building And Nobody Takes Yours 'Accidentally'


25. They have designated smoking rooms on trains

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the trains really are something else over there. This idea helps people itching for a cigarette satisfy their cravings whilst not disturbing any other passengers.

Designated Smoking Rooms On Trains In Japan


26. They look at the finer details

These are located all across the city and each one has a unique design to make them a little easier on the eye. Even they’re freakin’ manhole covers are pretty…

Japan's Manhole Covers Are Beautiful



So, what do you think? Personally, I’m already starting to plan my next holiday in Tokyo. Who knows, I might never come home! 

Let me know what you think and make sure to comment and share with your friends Acidheads!