24 Times Hilarious Teachers Pulled Pranks On Their Students

24 Times Hilarious Teachers Pulled Pranks On Their Students

Teachers have an incredibly tough job. It’s a job that you have to give your all to, every single day, and not just 9 to 5. It’s late nights and early mornings, and weekends too.

Then the students arrive, and it’s just a whole next level of workload. They’re young people full of ideas… and often don’t want to be in the class that you’re teaching.

They’re just kids, and they can misbehave, which teachers have to deal with every day. But teachers can misbehave too!

Here are some of the superstar teachers who got back at their students in the most spectacularly… well, teacher-y ways!

1. When you professor goes the extra mile to troll you

That’s dedication!

2. The boss is coming! Everybody look busy!

Is this guy for real?

3. Apparently it really does annoy teachers if you don’t turn up to their classes!

This is going a little far… or is it?

4. You know when you forgot your gym kit at school, and had to do it anyway?

This is like that… only much, much worse.

5. What does it say?

“Hi, all I have your final exam grades.

Guys I really wanted to believe that Virginia Western was not the cesspool of morons all my fellow Biology faculty told me it would be. Unfortunately, your finals, which I purposely made as easy as humanly possible, tanked harder than a Kardashian marriage.I personally apologize for expecting the bare minimum from you as students.

If you look at your grade book you will notice that you have all gotten a 50 point grade bump as “extra credit”, and no this was not because any of you deserved it but it was intact so I don’t get my fired when the dean asks me “hey why the *** did 90% of your class fail an introductory Biology class to whom I will reply “Hrnmm I don’t know, maybe its because these klingons are 18 years old and still giggle everytime I say the term “Phagocytosis”. I’d like to add that in fact one of you got a 5/100 on this exam for which I salute you.

Considering it was 100% multiple choice and the statistical probability of you missing more than 90% GUESSING is actually higher than your chances of getting laid, which for this particular student would be an actual act of God (please stay out of the gene pool you know who you are). I could have actually taken a shit on the scantron, wiped off on the grass, and I am pretty certain my feces would have picked up more correct answers than you deliberately bubbled in.

So congratulations, on making me lose faith in the public school system, and in humanity.”

6. This teacher was really tired of students not returning their calculator

Trolling level 9000.

7. I guess it is really irritating teaching somebody every day, and then they act like it’s the first time they ever heard of ‘science’

Apparently so much so that this teacher had a full on mental breakdown.

8. I want to play a game…

Easy now, Jigsaw…

9. Teachers apparently REALLY hate students stealing their stuff

They’ll get it back at ANY cost!

10. Teachers are getting brutal about punctuality

Later, losers! Welcome to Fail-Ville!

11. This professor displayed their joke desktop to the entire class

Locations of Buried Skepticism research papers?

12. This teacher even includes some trolling inside their actual test papers…

That’s just plain evil!

13. Busted!

I’m sorry, Miss! It was just so much fun that I had to do the whole!

14. At least you got ‘adequate’

Why hide when you really don’t like somebody?

15. Exam answers you say? Well, it would be rude not to!

You just got rickrolled by your teacher.

16. That is one dangerous class!

Next time, keep a track of how many lawsuits come across the teacher’s desk the next day.

17. This biology teacher clearly doesn’t care

And they’re making no bones about it.

18. Chemistry teacher is just another way of saying ‘pyromaniac’

You can keep your equations as long as this guy gets to burn something!

19. He’s watching over them like some unhinged hawk

That looks pretty uncomfortable, but at least he’s sure nobody is cheating.

20. I guess you wouldn’t get the joke if you don’t know Harry Potter

So for everyone else, here’s a teacher in a funny hat.

21. I like the cut of this professor’s jib

Making dad jokes is part of the syllabus!

22. Remember the first thing your teacher told you, always read the test first!


23. Another teacher who REALLY hates students stealing

So he made something that a student wouldn’t want to steal!

24. This is another level of trolling

A cartoon level of trolling!

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