24 Secrets About The Filming Of Jersey Shore You Never Knew Until Now

24 Secrets About The Filming Of Jersey Shore You Never Knew Until Now

13. Snooki and Deena were BFFs before she joined the cast.

You can catch Deena visiting Snooki during some episodes of Season 1.

14. The decision to film at Seaside Heights was kind of made for them.

It was the only city in New Jersey that would allow the crew to film there.

15. Originally, the show was supposed to be a competition about who could live the most ‘Guido’ lifestyle.

SallyAnn Salsano advised against this, thinking that the antics of the cast would be enough to make the show a hit.

16. The duck phone came from a thrift store.

They found the phone in a place called ‘Don Found It’, which is in Toms River

17. Deena almost made it into the first season of the show.

Unfortunately, Deena’s Grandmother became ill during the casting for season one, which meant she couldn’t be considered for the opening cast.

18. The cast members weren’t allowed to write notes to each other.

The producers wanted the cast to interact on camera as much as possible, so writing notes was a no-no.

19. When Snooki had an accident with a police car in Italy, the police officers on the show were actually the gang’s private security escort.

The police officers were all fine, although they did have to be taken to hospital.

20. The second season nearly had a completely different cast.

After season one the producers weren’t sure if they wanted to keep the cast they had or not. They found a second group ready for season two, but ultimately stuck with the cast we know and love.

21. When Snooki came to audition, they wanted to cast her right away.

A casting director revealed that she was wearing so much bronzer for the audition that, “when she filled out the release, it was covered in orange fingerprints.”

22. You can rent the Jersey Shore house for private parties!

And now I NEED to throw a party there!

23. The apartment was really bright.

It was lit like a sound stage, had fake windows and 28 cameras in the corner of each room.

24. The Italian flag garage door was SallyAnn Salsano’s idea.

The whole house was inspired by beach houses she’d stayed in.

I couldn't go to seaside without visiting my once summer home ❤️ #jerseyshore #jerseyshorehouse

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