24 Parents Who Deserve To Be Recognised For Their Hilarious Ways

24 Parents Who Deserve To Be Recognised For Their Hilarious Ways

Every opportunity is a teaching opportunity…but it doesn’t mean it has to be serious.

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Being a parent is difficult at the best of times. You have to make hard decisions, teach, support, cook, clean, nurture, assist and spend to mention a few things. But that’s not always too fun, is it? And FYI kids, we’re still cool and funny you know?! So it’s only right that once in a while we get the chance to mock them, tease them, prank them and just make em’ belly laugh!

And if we want to multitask, we can still make it a life lesson whilst letting our hair down and taking a humorous approach. And it’s a pretty great method of teaching too. There’s nothing like having fun with your child whilst still being that person they look up to. Plus, if you make it funny, they’ll never forget it.

It’s good for kids to learn to see the funny side of things and not to take life too seriously. And who better to show them that than us? These parents had that exact idea and it worked out brilliantly. Here are 23 parents that took a humorous approach and deserve a mention for their great methods…

1. This kid forgot his lunch so his Dad delivered it to the school

And that’s the last time Ryan ever forgot his lunch!

2. These parents have priorities bigger than the kids

‘He just looks so good from every angle, doesn’t he? And, well, our son isn’t photogenic like that’

3. You’re never too old to fight with water balloons

I am definitely gonna do this. This kid must have been so excited when he got home!

4. This Mom, Andrea, is down with the kids

I love it. Can they really resist having some delicious homemade beetroot after the pun of the century?

5. This Mom has the perfect punishment for when the kids fight

The sense of urgency and desperation to get out of this shirt would soon shut them up. Well done, Mom.

6. This Dad makes you work for $20 by putting in a different place every time he visits

This time it was in the coffee scooper. It’s a good lesson about the value of money, kinda?

7. These parents have to-do lists for rewards

Nothing gets youngsters moving quicker than to take their internet away from them. It usually takes them an hour to do some laundry and all of a sudden they’ve completed a list in under 15 minutes? Impressive methods.

8. The birthday cake for a boy turned man

‘You may be a man now but I will always find ways to embarrass the hell out of you’.

9. ‘My Dad hates wrapping presents so he just…’

It feels like the mystery of Christmas kinda ended here. And I think the question stands to Dad; You don’t like wrapping presents or can’t wrap presents? 

10. This Dad does not appreciate getting left behind

LOL, if my dad did this I think I’d die of shame. You’re never too old for a good prank.

11. When your daughter asks for an iPad for Christmas

I mean, this is an act of pure evil… but hilarious all the same.

12. When you send vacation pics to your parents and they just mock you

Anything you can do I can do better.

13. When Ghostbusters 2 is more important than you

‘We remember your 1st birthday party Matthew but everyone should see Ghostbusters 2 at least four times. Sorry’

14. When your kids need to know limits

A good teaching method. I might have to take a leaf out of this parent’s book.

15. ‘When my apartment lost power, my Dad text me with this photo saying he’d got two guys on the case’

Nothing like a Dad joke in an emergency. This would definitely make you less stressed about the situation. Kudos, Dad.

16. ‘There was a murderer on the loose in my town, and when I text my parents to check they were okay, they sent this pic to me’ 

LOL. That’s hilarious.

17. This Dad wanted to be more literal

I mean, it’s Dad humour at it’s finest but I kinda love it.

18. These Dad’s were too competitive 

It’s all fun and games…until 3 Dad’s collapse like Jenga and do their back’s in.

19. ‘When your son asks for cold hard cash for his birthday’

Well that’ll teach the kid not to be greedy. Though he’s probably gonna be greedy once that ice melts.

20. This Mom who will make a joke out of anything

Nothing like your Mom trolling you to make your day that little bit better.

21. This awfully hilarious dad joke

I’m sorry, I laughed. I’m sure you did too.

22. When this Mum gave her kids an alternative to food

I wonder how many curse words came from reading this note. Mom’s love is nothing compared to a twinkie bar.

23. This savage snapchat from Mom

Nothing like reminding your teenage kid of that fact.

24. When Mom leaves the room…

I can’t look at this picture without laughing. Kudos, Dad.

I hope you can appreciate these parents and their efforts to make things silly once in a while. What silly things have you done as a parent? Comment on our Facebook page with the funniest thing you’ve done and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!