24 of The Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever Worn.

24 of The Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever Worn.

Sorry Mom, I know you want me to wear the wedding dress that you’ve passed down to me, but I just feel like the huge stitched on vagina isn’t really ‘me’.


For most women, their wedding day is one of the most important and special days of their life. They spend months planning the perfect day and choosing their dress is an emotional, memorable occasion. They dream about walking down the aisle, turning the heads of their loved ones and moving the groom to tears with their outstanding beauty. This is how they make it out to be in the movies anyway.

What they absolutely never show however, is everybody tucking into the bride’s edible cake dress or the bride posing for photos with her Dad in her condom-embellished frock…

1) The Vagina Dress


I mean, where do we start? We’re pretty much stuck for words on this one. All we can say is that the blushing bride wasn’t the only one blushing that day. Can you imagine the look on her Dad’s face when he was confronted with this? We bet that made for some awkward family photos…

2) Modesty is underrated


He’s marrying her for her wit and personality. Obviously. Like they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. However, we can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable this dress was to wear ALL day! We can just about cope with a strapless bra- but this is on a whole other level.

3) Can anybody smell rubber?


We can’t be the only one’s to think this is quite creative and weirdly practical? Wedding’s are notorious for hooking up. Save your change guys, the bride’s got this one covered. It is convinient, but we can’t pretend it’s the nicest wedding dress we’ve ever seen. Also, can you imagine putting up with that smell all day?!

4) The pregnancy dress


We’re all for flaunting your baby bump when pregnant, but c’mon- this is a step too far. We know it’s nice to include your children in your wedding, but including them literally as part of your dress is something else. The bride herself doesn’t look too overjoyed about the situation either!

5) The cake dress


We don’t even want to think about what happens when she needs a pee. We never turn down free cake, but think we’ll pass on this occasion. Does she just stand there like a human buffet as guests come over and cut pieces of her dress away? This is so bizarre!

6) The Hello Kitty dress


If you asked any 6 year old girl to describe their perfect wedding dress, something like this would probably spring to their mind. It’s bright and bold we’ll give them that- and it’s DEFINITELY memorable- but is it wedding appropriate? Hmm we’re not sure, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

7) The ‘leave nothing up to the imagination’ dress


If somebody tells you that less is more, please don’t take it as literally as this, ok? To be fair though, if we had a body like that, we’d probably constantly walk around in see-through clothes too! How is that supermodels can literally make ANYTHING look good? It is not fair.

8) The Lady Gaga-esque dress


Because who doesn’t want to look like a walking cauliflower on their wedding day? We’ve all been there, we get carried away with adding accessories and embellishments and frills and before we know it we look like a walking cloud. High fashion can be very confusing. Would you ever dare to wear something like this?

9) The poodle dress


When somebody told you that you shouldn’t show too much flesh on your wedding day, I don’t think this is exactly what they meant.

This is literally the polar opposite of the see-through dress on our list- why can’t they just find a happy medium? C’mon ladies- what’s wrong with a classic A-line number?

10) When you forget to change out of your novelty hen-do outfit


Hey, at least she looks comfortable! However, we can’t help but see this as a novelty hen-do outfit! We’re wondering if there was a theme to this wedding- or maybe it was just REALLY hot outside! Either way- at least she saved money on buying a big fancy dress- who’s the real winner?!

11) The Haute Couture dress


When everyone tells you you’re being a bit of a diva but you have no idea what they’re talking about. We love how freakin’ extra this dress is! You’re supposed to feel like a princess on your wedding day, and this dress will 100% make you feel that way- imagine how people it takes to simply walk her down the aisle or even go for a pee? Hilarious

12) The rubber glove dress


Imagine being the groom at this wedding and waiting for your beautiful bride to float down the aisle. You turn around to the woman you’re about to spend your life with and… wait, what the hell is that? Can you withdraw a proposal? This has to be the creepiest dress ever made!

13) Body Paint Wedding Attire


Breezy! This actually looks really cool- it’s impressive how realistic they look. However, things will begin to get very awkward, very quickly once they sit in the sun for a while or get a bit too hot dancing near the end of the night. That will definitely make for some interesting photos…

14) The head-to-toe crocheted dress


For those who want to look like a massive tampon on your wedding day, look no further. Moving your limbs is overrated anyway. We love how serious and majestic she looks in this dress- even though she’s probably overheating to a dangerous extent under all that crochet. What an absolute trooper!

15) The balloon dress


I bet the sound of her squeaking her way past people all day doesn’t get annoying at all. Even the sight of this dress goes through us- can you imagine how sticky and horrible it would feel against your skin all day. Also, we’re very confused and concerned about her sitting down…

16) Bread-tag wedding dress


What started as a joke for this couple turned into the bride’s actual wedding dress, which she said cost only $36. Who’s laughing now, huh? All that money she saved on her wedding dress can be spent on extra wine and food. She sure does have her priorities in order!

17) The sheep wool dress


The thought of making your wedding dress out of your pets fur would normally be super creepy, but in this case it is actually surprisingly heartwarming. Look how happy both the bride and the sheep look together- it truly brings a tear to the eye. Somebody pass us the tissues…

18) The floating head dress


So, we know women come in all different shapes and sizes, but this bride must have the most bizarre body shape we’ve ever seen! We know it’s a bizarre design- but is it just us who thinks it actually looks adorable on her? She looks so content and in love! Cute.

19) The butterfly dress


Ok, we secretly adore this. Who wouldn’t want to look like a butterfly wing? The colors are gorgeous and the design is super-cute! It may not be your traditional wedding dress, but let’s be honest it’s better than most we’ve featured on this list. Would you dare to wear something like this on your big day?

20) The Princess Fiona dress


This may not be your usual traditional wedding attire, but there’s no denying that this wedding looks SO FUN! We bet they spent the day laughing and this is a great reminder to not take yourself so seriously on your wedding day! Paint yourself green, dress up as an ogre and enjoy yourself!

21) No dress


If you had to choose out of the options listed above, I wonder how many of you would opt for this no-frills choice? Is there anything that could bring you closer to your partner on your wedding day then tying the knot completely in the nude? Weird or wonderful? What do you think?

So, there we have it- the 24 most bizarre wedding dresses ever worn. Some of you may be left wondering ‘what the hell were they thinking’- but you’ve got to admit, there’s no risk of anyone EVER having the same dress as them on their big day. Feel free to share this with any brides to be, you never know- they might fall in love with the idea of being head-to-toe in rubber gloves.