23 Hilarious Reasons Why Husky’s Are The Strangest Dogs Ever

23 Hilarious Reasons Why Husky’s Are The Strangest Dogs Ever

If you own a husky then you’ll know that they can be hard work some of the time and a right pain in the a*s the rest!

But of course, you love them regardless of their boisterous personalities because they’re part of the family and all that. Plus, you’ll never have a boring day sat at home with a husky for company. I mean sure, manners and a calm, controlled demeanour aren’t exactly their thing, but at least you never have to worry about buying them a coat for the winter?

hugh laurie good point GIF

There’s really only one way to describe them and that’s bonkers! But it’s because of that, that we are able to have so much fun laughing at all the bizarre things they do.

Check out the list we’ve compiled of husky’s acting absolutely barking mad and you’ll see just why they’re considered by so many to be the best dogs around… if not the weirdest. 


1. “I didn’t go on the bed so it’s ok”

This family left the house for three hours. Which, may not seem a long time to you and I, but in husky world that’s a lifetime. It’s nice to see that despite wrecking the entire house, he obviously thought about getting on the bed, only to change his mind. Such a good boy!

A Family Went To Movie For 3 Hrs Came Back To This That One Paw Print On The Bed: “Wait, I’m Not Allowed On The Bed. I’m Such A Good Boy”



2. Family first

When all’s said and done, the love shared between a family is irreplaceable. Just look at this picture, I feel like I should frame it and put it up in my house. Even though that would be weird because I don’t know these dogs…


3. Is it broken?

Is there a glitch in the Matrix? Has gravity rotated 90 degrees? Nope, it’s just a husky doing husky things.


4. Picture of elegance

They are majestic beasts, I swear!

A Friends Majestic Huskies


5. The pain in those eyes

This was taken seconds after the last piece of a burger was eaten without having been shared out. It looks as if it might’ve been the exact moment this pooches heart broke in two. Such raw emotion!

I Think My Dog Just Died A Little Bit On The Inside When I Didn't Give Her The Last Bite Of My Burger


6. Movie night!

He surely can’t have expected to get any peace and quiet with that many husky’s in one house. I think they’re probably more interested in the food in his hand than what’s on the screen…

Pizza Night With Woofers


7. Doggy see doggy do

Ever heard of the story of the boy being raised by wolves? Well this pup was raised in a house full of cats so naturally… he has become one.

This Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat


8. 50 shades of husky

Well, at least it’ll be easier to tell them apart?

My Sister's Husky Ran Out Of Ink While Giving Birth


9. First time on TV

I’ve heard of stage fright but this dog’s taking it to another level. That or it’s just drank 11 cups of coffee in 10 minutes.

This Husky's First Time On TV


10. Not impressed

Lesson #1 with a husky: don’t pretend to throw a ball, they will see straight through your filthy lies.

Mum Pretended To Throw A Ball And Caught The Exact Moment I Realised She Had Betrayed Me. She Found This Very Funny Indeed


11. Strange looking apparatus

When you’ve just got new cats, it’s difficult to explain to your other pets that not everything is meant for them anymore. Can’t say i’d mind my dog doing that to be fair, it’d scare away any intruders!

A Dog Adjusting To Cat Owners


12. Pure joy

Never has anyone been so happy to have found a stick before.

I Found A Sthick


13. Such intelligent creatures…

It almost looks like she’s being egged on by her friends, but that can’t be true because we’ve already found out that they’re supremely classy, intellectual animals…

There's Always That One Friend With "Personality"


14. “I am at one with the forest”

My question is: how? How did she get up there and how is she going to get down?!

Look Hooman, I Am A Coconut


15. “Number 1 or number 2?”

“What’s that you say? You want privacy?”. “I don’t know what that means sorry”.

This Husky Appeared While I Was Pooping In A Public Restroom. It Stared At Me For A Few Seconds And Then Ran Away


16. Streamlined

“If I tuck in all of my limbs, the toddler wondering about has absolutely nothing to grab and pull on. Other than my face and fur…”.

Our Husky "Babyproofs" Herself From Our Son. No Arms. No Legs. Nothing To Grab


17. “Save me human!”

I imagine this is the dog version of when humans get scared of tiny little mice scuttling around.

Hold Me, I'm Scared


18. “I don’t want to grow up!”

Doesn’t matter how many years it’s been since infancy, sometimes you still just need a good ol’ cuddle with daddy.

A Year On He Still Just Wants To Be Carried Sometimes


19. Lock up that monster

Can’t tell if he’s trying to act like a savage beast or he’s just sticking his tongue out because he simply doesn’t give a d*mn!

My Little Monster


20. “Watcha doing?” “Just chillin”

Why relax on a comfy sofa when you can sit in a toilet bowl instead aye?

Left My Baby Husky Alone For A Minute, And I Come Back To This


21. When you open a packet of crisps nearby

“Am I a dog?”. “Am I an owl?”. Nobody knows…

My Dog Broke


22. When you’re not the romantic type

“Looking tasty girlfriend…”

Gimme A Kiss


23. DERP

And we have a winner! Never has anyone appreciated the opportunity to be a princess quite like this pup. Pure heaven!

Stop What You're Doing And Look At This Princess Moon Moon


I told you they were mad! But equally fantastic of course. I could sit and look through pictures of husky’s all day, they just have such an innate ability to make me laugh. How about you?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

I’ll leave you with this little guy…


Little Husky