24 Bizarre Finds That Made People Say ‘What On Earth Is THAT?’. Can You Identify Them?

24 Bizarre Finds That Made People Say ‘What On Earth Is THAT?’. Can You Identify Them?

Human beings have been on this planet an incredibly long time. We’ve explored land, sea and space and discovered things in every nook and cranny this crazy planet has to offer, so it’s safe to say that not much comes as a surprise to us these days… right? WRONG.

Even today we find ourselves stumped when we comes across a random object in the street or a weird flower growing in our back yard, but luckily in todays modern times instead begging a priest to come of to your how and exorcise every inch of it IMMEDIATELY, we can simply turn to the handy little internet we carry around on our phones and ask for help in identifying whatever the hell this thing is (Probably aliens tbh)

This is exactly what these intelligent Reddit users did after they came across something that made them say “WTF?”, and honestly, the results are wonderful. So have a read through the list an see if you have an easier time identifying these bizarre finds!

1. “I’m on a resort in Cancun and these are underwater at the end of a pier! What are these?” asked Reddit user adelaide345.

The last time I saw something like this it was on the alien planet in Prometheus, and it did not end well for the people who dared to go near them. Never fear though folks! They’re actually just reef balls — concrete pods that are installed around the world as artificial habitats for reef-dependent marine life.
Reddit | adelaide345

2. “What is this alien egg thing coming out of the ground?” asked another Redditor.

Again, good news! It’s not an alien egg at all, but I still wouldn’t recommend plucking it and putting it in a vase — because it’s a skunk cabbage flower.
Reddit | spamisafoodtoo

3. “My niece found this in her backyard, does anyone know what this is?” asked Reddit user kbcg222.

Okay so this one definitely has to be an alien, right? Wrong again folks! The answer  for this one quickly came back from another Redditor: The gross, brown, spiny thing is cedar-apple rust, a disease that hits primarily cedar or apple trees, as you might have guessed from the name. GROSS.
Reddit | kbcg222

4. Reddit user squishy-fis saw this curious customer running around Walt Disney World and noted that “It looks like a rabbit but more rodent like.”

This adorable little creature is actually a very rare marsh rabbit! This is one I certainly wouldn’t mind stumbling across.
Reddit | squishy-fis

5. This kitchen utensil had one Redditor stumped.

Obviously not something that can be found in every kitchen, but I don’t know what I did before I had mine! It’s for slicing things like eggs, tomatoes, and onions. (Especially onions).
Reddit | 917caitlin

6. You could be forgiven for thinking this is a nutcracker.

Okay so I definitely DON’T have one of these in my kitchen, but if you do then you go girl! This is a champagne cork holder.
Reddit | nerever14

7. Another odd kitchen utensil, this time one found at a yard sale.

It’s a strainer for a frying pan, like you would use when straining the grease off of ground beef and want the beef to stay in the pan…. my question is, HOW have I’ve gone on for so long without ever owning one of these? So handy!
Reddit | AxelTheFajita

8. This glass cylinder would be decorative if not for the bulb in the middle.

Well, this one’s made me feel gosh darn old, because I recognised this one right away! If you fill the bulb with oil, put a wick in the top of the bulb, then presto! You have an oil lamp.
Reddit | imi929

9. Unless you enjoy taking long walks on the beach along the Southeastern seaboard, this one is probably a stranger to you.

This one is very beautiful to look at, if not a little strange… it’s the egg shell of a horse conch.
Reddit | CovertTiger

10. “Found on Sombrio Beach, Vancouver Island,” one Reddit simply put it.

The location definitely helps when you’re talking (or think you’re talking) about animals. This is a jellyfish-like creature called a velella, mostly common tot he West Coast.

11. The person asking about this bubbly thing is actually taking a bit of a risk doing so.

This incredibly WEIRD looking this is a Portuguese man-of-war, which is a highly venomous creature that can still leave a nasty sting even after it has washed up on shore. It’s also a great reminder of why I hardly ever go to the beach.
Reddit | goforajog

12. “While we were kayaking around Catalina Island, we thought we saw a water bottle discarded and picked it out of the water. Definitely not a water bottle but some sort of fish/jellyfish. What is this thing??”

Well this one is obviously a salp, gosh, don’t you know what a salp looks like? No? Yeah me neither. But now we do! It’s a transparent, gelatinous sea creature that, in large pods, can become a huge pain in the butt.
Reddit | Lostndamaged

13. One Redditor found this relic of a bygone era in the trunk of a 1994 Honda Accord.

People of a “certain age” will recognize it instantly: It’s a CD changer. (Okay NOW I feel old)
Reddit | BhlooBoy

14. “Someone hit my truck last night, and left this stuck in the frame,” wrote Reddit user Goat_Legged_Fellow. “Anyone know what kind of car it belongs to?”

At first I thought this was some kind of bird mask. But the actual answer is it’s from a A 2007–09 Nissan Sentra, which should certainly help them track down the offender!

15. These hairy pods look kind of like coconuts, but they’re not.

And no, they ain’t napping guinea pigs, either, sadly. Weirdly enough, they’re fern fronds that will one day unfurl into majestic, gloriously hairy plants.
Reddit | jw2702

16. Someone saw this heat gun–looking thing on a shelf at Goodwill for $300!

But there is a reason for the sky-high price tag: This is a high-tech infrared sterilization tool for needles and loops.
Reddit | mynameisdatruth

17. Unless you’re really into cutting lots of long strips of paper, you’ve probably never seen this tool before.

Again, where have these been all my life? I could have saved myself years of carpal tunner. It’s from a pair of rolling scissors.
Reddit | elemcee

18. “Found this on the sidewalk, it feels like a balloon and is filled with air,” wrote Redditor AnimatedWyrm.

But it’s clearly not a balloon, in fact it isn’t even fruit, but it does have a fruity name: It’s an oak apple gall! Oak apples form when wasps lay eggs in an oak tree’s bark. Isn’t nature beautiful (Eurgh.)
Reddit | AnimatedWyrm

19. Reddit user tuturuatu wanted an explanation of this “T-shaped tool that screws from both the top and bottom, with a wire that pulls out when the top is unscrewed.”

This one stumped me too — it’s a pretty specialized tool for working with bike chains.
Reddit | tuturuatu

20. You’d have a hard time plugging anything into this kind of an outlet anymore.

Once upon a time, however, back in the days before cable TV, you would have plugged your TV antenna into it. (Okay I’m no longer enjoying writing this article, where’s my zimmer frame??)
Reddit | Dresden89

21. Other than a thing I don’t want my finger stuck in, I would be hard pressed to name this device.

Turns out it’s another highly specialized tool that you probably would never come across in a million years, a watch link remover.
Reddit | WoodburyTV

22. At first glance, I would have guessed that this was some sort of easel or stand.

When actually it’s a roofing jack, which is used to make a flat scaffold on the slope of a roof. Other uses: medieval torturing advice.

23. This sure looks like a bracelet, but the hole in it would make for a weird bracelet.

People who look a good old heavy-duty stitching session will recognize it though. The hole is apparently for your thumb, and the raised bit goes in your palm to save your hand while endlessly pushing needles all day. Amazing!
Reddit | chihuahuab

24. This thing that Reddit user MillertimeKY found in a geocache is almost too plain to identify.

5 gold stars for the reddit user who was able to identify this! It’s a wedge for making concrete forms.
Reddit | MillertimeKY

How many were you able to identify then Acid heads? Have you ever come across something and had absolutely no idea what the heck it was? Do you feel as old as I do right now? Let us know in the comments and remember to share this with your loved ones to see how many they knew! As for me… I’m NEVER going to the beach again! Have a great day Acidheads. AA xx