23 Times That Kids Were Brutally Honest

23 Times That Kids Were Brutally Honest

Ahh kids. You’ve gotta love ’em… Otherwise they’ll come for you…


We all like to look at the amazing creatures we’ve created in awe. It’s just that sometimes we’re not in awe for the cute and clever stuff they do.


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Children have a mind of their own, and occasionally that mind can conjure up some responses and actions that are just shockingly truthful. All Mom’s have been in the situation where their child has shamed or blamed and moaned and groaned, and for the most part, maybe you get angry or tell them off. But every so often they do something so undeniably hilarious that we can’t help but take a step back and just laugh. 


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There’s nothing wrong with a little honesty but when it’s paired with a bit of sass and it’s coming from a kid, it just makes it a whole lot funnier.


Here are 23 times kids showed their true sass and just didn’t care AT ALL for you…



1. When this kid decided cats were more important

Clearly he had the right idea. If it meant kicking my Dad outside in exchange for a kitten, I’d suggest the same.


2. Frankie says relax

I want to live by Frankie’s ethos; accept what you are and flaunt it.



3. Honesty is the best policy

Can you blame Scott? He’s just giving them a heads up. I blame his parents for buying him the squirt gun, they should’ve known he was gonna use it on someone?! He’s giving you a chance to run.



4. This kid who gave his Mom a scary realisation

Either this kid is a genius of sass and wit, or this Mom needs to reevaluate her life.



5. This kid who outed his Mom’s daily activity

Like, who wouldn’t wanna watch Ellen all day with a scruffy, tangled crop do and a square shaped shirt on?

6. Liam is sorry not sorry

PRAISE LIAM. I think we all need to aspire to be more like Liam and just tell it like it is. Half the time I am NOT sorry.



7. This kid who picks his favourites

Mrs McMahon? Um, you need to up your game sweetie. Don’t you wanna be the most favourite?



8. And this child’s ultimatum

Straight-talking gold. Those are some severe consequences. I can see the kid’s parents shaking in their boots as we speak.



9. Berlyn’s direct approach to let Dad know what’s up..or down, actually.

OUCH INDEED. Berlyn’s dad has been apprehensive about his new no-hairstyle, now he’s distraught.



10. This kid has some life lessons for you

Like, I need to take a leaf out of this kid’s book and stop moaning.



11. This kid was brutally honest

‘Hey Mom. Happy Merry Christmas! Oh and you know what else? You’re fat’ This kid could not care less and I LOVE IT.



12.The child that understands social interaction barriers

YES CHILD. I wish I was still a kid and I could say this to strangers who wanted to talk to me.



13. This kid gave poor Tony a label 

LOL. So this kid definitely does not agree with Tony’s spare time activities. I wonder if he’ll be labelled jock at high school.



14. This child has one question for God

Good point, Norma. They are strange looking things. If I had one chance to speak to God, this is definitely what I’d ask.



15. When Paul Rudd’s son was savage

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To a kid, Ant-Man is definitely not as exciting as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman or literally any other superhero.



16. And this little guy has a creepy message for the tooth fairy…

Wow. This kid certainly has a lot of trust in the tooth fairy. Anything for a dollar.


17. And this kid needs a favor

Good tactic – haggle the tooth fairy down. You’re willing to settle if need be but that $75 would go much appreciated.



18. This Mom got told


Take it as a complement, Mom, you look great in your glasses.



19. This little one is far too honest about church

Pretty brutal… but we could just try to appreciate the artistic value of the drawing?



20. The child with plans for his parents’ future

At least you’ll be the favourite Dad, right? I’m trying to take a positive from this…



21. The 2 year old who understands what being a parent means

Yep, that’s what us parents do. We just spend our day touching knives. Hilarious.


22. The kid that got even

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Sweet, sweet revenge. I love that they had no qualms about admitting this. This child will go far.


23. This kid encourages his parents arguing

Wow, he is brutal. But at least he’s looking at the positives, right? Double the presents is an exciting thought.



So, are you thinking that kids are like the demon right now? You know, their satanic ways and feisty attitude comes from somewhere, that’s where YOU come in! So next time you look at your precious little one and they feed you some sass, remember, they got it from their momma! You always taught them honesty was the best policy.


I wanna know what your child has been truthful about. Comment below with the funniest thing your kid has said and don’t forget to share this with the fellow Mom’s out there!