23 Times Google Maps Caught The Weirdest Most Embarrassing Things In Action

23 Times Google Maps Caught The Weirdest Most Embarrassing Things In Action

The Google Maps Street View is something we’ve all used at one time or another. We’ve taken a look at our friends houses, taken little Google tours around cities we’ve always wanted to visit and even checked out our own neighbourhood and tried to work out whether we were home when the photos were taken or not. Some of us have even seen the Google van in action and done some crazy things in an attempt to make it onto the internet. But what are the weirdest and most embarrassing things the Google Maps cameras have caught happening on our streets? We’ve made this list of some of our favourites, so you can see the weirdest things they’ve captured for yourself!

1. This woman didn’t realise she had accidentally merged with her new boyfriend

Clearly she didn’t need his legs, which is why they’re just standing there watching creepy event this happen. I love how they almost seem impatient, like “Jeez Kevin, could you hurry up! I want to go and buy some new shoes and socks! Going barefoot is a nightmare when your entire self is just legs!”

2. We now call to order the latest meeting of the Cult of Pigeon. Our first order of business? Haunt Google Maps.

Okay everyone, just stand here really still and wait for them to drive past us, they’ll be so freaked out they won’t know what to do with themselves!

3. How often do you see a penny farthing nowadays, let alone one towing a penguin?

Do you think they’re on the run from the North Pole and have to get as far away as possible before Santa and his Reindeer hunt them down? There’s got to be an interesting story behind all of this weirdness.

4. Terribly sorry, sir, but your dog has been split into two by Google.

You have two options here, either embrace your new two headed dog or find a way to attach a third head and turn your dog into Cerberus, guardian of the underworld. I think the correct choice is clear.

5. This guy really chose a great moment to make this face

Part of me hopes he realised he was going to be on Google Maps and did this on purpose, the other part of me hopes he was really surprised when his friends and family found him on the internet looking like this.

6. Guys, I don’t think you’re going to get very far wearing that gear above water.

So what did you two get up to today? Oh you know, nothing special, just dressed up in our best scuba gear and chased the Google van down the street, the usual.


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