23 People Took Cat Snaps That Prove How Hilariously Cute They Are

23 People Took Cat Snaps That Prove How Hilariously Cute They Are

Forget Snapchat, we’re giving you Snapcat! And terrible puns…

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We all adore our precious little kitties, don’t we? And with good reason! Cats are undeniably a great source of joy and laughter for us. On a daily basis, they do something to make us laugh, smile, shake our heads and just gawp in awe of their stupidity. These people captured those moments and we’re obsessed.

So without further ado, laugh your way through this wonderful list of cuteness, kerfuffles and kitty catastrophes…

1. This snapchatter captured the perfect photo

That is one professional pic. And so cute!

2. A cat’s favourite day is delivery day 

Look at him, he’s having the time of his life.

3. This cat likes to live on the edge

I wouldn’t want to be around to watch him fall. Though actually, it would be quite funny…

4. This girl’s dad adopted a kitten and it’s everything

This is my DREAM and this image is too much.

5. All cats are cute. All cats are cute…

He looks like a scary Furby. We still love him though!

6. “Nooooooon, je ne regrette rieeeeeen”

And the cat behind him looks like a member of the audience truly stunned by the performance.

7. When you move house and your pet is not having it

Bless his heart. He’ll come around… literally, I hope he turns around.

8. When you’re not sure which is your baby

What are you waiting for? It’s a perfect excuse to take them both!

9. The perfect flower pot plant

I would take a cat pot over a flower pot every day of the week! Too cute.

10. “My landlord was replacing our sink and sent me this”

Has this kitty not heard the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’?

11. “My cat waits each morning for flowers to fall off the tree……And brings a flower in the house for me”

Oh stop, this is TOO adorable. I wish my cat would do this rather than bringing me a dead mouse or bird!

12. “This morning my dad heard a ‘meow’ when getting into his car. He checked underneath and found this…”

This little cutie had got stuck underneath! My heart has melted.

13. Everyone needs their own Ralph

I want Ralph to collect me for playtime?!

14. This cat found the perfect resting spot

Talk about being embraced in the Lord’s arms! It’s safe to say this cat must have felt protected and looked after. Adorable.

15. These two adorable lovers

In reality, they were probably trying to reach each other to have a fight, but we like the idea that they were hopelessly in love.

16. Fate comes in the form of cats

It was meant to be! This coming together warms our hearts.

17. “My mother in law’s cat sits on the post like this and judges the neighbours”

That sounds like my kind of cat. Can I sit with him and judge too?

18. This cat’s pooping face has us in stitches

His little meerkat stance! Ah, do we need anymore reasons to love cats?

19. This adorable mama’s litter

OMG, they all came out a different color! This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

20. “My dad was replacing the toilet and left the room for a few minutes. He came back to this”

You literally can’t do anything in the house without your cat getting in the way!

21. Just for the cuteness

There are no words for this one except you’re welcome.

22. When your cat is your hot water bottle

Anyone that sleeps with their cat will know the benefits it brings to winter time! The warmest blanket you’ll ever need!

23. When your cat feels your pain

Cats truly understand their owners, don’t they? If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

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