23 Crazy Satisfying Things That Will Make You Feel Happy

23 Crazy Satisfying Things That Will Make You Feel Happy

I can’t get no satisfaction…

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…until now!

Are you one of those people that just adores stepping on crunchy leaves and tapping into a creme brûlée? Well then ladies, I’m hooking you up, because you’ll love these. We’ve gathered together 23 of our ULTIMATE fave satisfying things to do or look at that are arguably better than food, baths, wine and sex (I said arguably).

So Acidheads, I hope you’re reading this alone, cos’ we expect some verbal responses to this fulfilling material that’ll make you go ‘mmmm’ and ‘ahhh’…

1. When you cut the wrapping paper and get that smooth spot

It's better than sex.

Is there literally anything better than that continual smooth feeling? The thought is making me WEAK.

2. Can we all stop and appreciate this perfectly spherical snowball?

Thank you. I would have been heartbroken if this masterpiece didn’t get it’s deserving appreciation.

3. The smoothest burger you ever did see

Just look at that beauty.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. Like, I wouldn’t want to actually eat it? And that’s saying something…

4. This kid understands what is important in life

I think this kid is my spirit animal.

5. Anything that gets cleaned in one sweep is amazing

I love the mini-strokes at the end. Literally perfect.

6. The most perfect blob of moisturiser I’ve ever seen

Omg, that is INCREDIBLE. I can envision this woman grabbing her phone with great urgency to document such a beauty. And I thank her for it.

7. The perfect pancake

How did this even happen? I need this person to make me a pancake immediately.

8. Sticking your hand in grains and feeling it sink

(or seeds, or pebbles, or marbles).

Incomparable. If you haven’t done this but like the look of it, please go find a bag of rice right now. You won’t regret it.

9. Cracking a creme brûlée

Fancy AND satisfying.

Another from the movie ‘Amelie’ but let me tell you, she knows what’s up. She understands people like us.

10. The apple that was perfectly cut in one go

If anyone knows of any men who can do this, please hit me up. It’s a major turn on for me.

11. It’s a real flower. I repeat it’s a real flower

This real flower is everything to me.

12. When this owl found the perfect spot for himself

The camouflage is crazy! Too cute.

13. These perfectly planted trees are beautiful 

Though, I wouldn’t wanna go through that forest. Kinda creepy, isn’t it?

14. This beautiful latte art

Image result for oddly satisfying gif

15. This drilling is amazing to watch

Image result for oddly satisfying gif

I’d be happy having that on repeat for the rest of my life.

16. These shirts that were folded by my hero

Whoever you are that did this, I need to know you.

17. Ice cream perfection

I’m sure it tasted as good as it looked. But would you even want to eat it?!

18. When someone does their eyeliner this perfect

I am so jealous of this skill! One; because mine always more closely resembles a zig-zag and two; because it’s so damn satisfying to see it happen in one swoop.

19. Thank you to this person who organised these gummy bears

We salute you and the effort that went into this for our satisfaction.

20. This slow-mo of what popping a bubble actually looks like

We would love to see a slow-mo GIF of this too, please? Amazing.

21. The way this store assistant piled these t-shirts


22. This handsome scoop of peanut butter

I thought it was an egg at first! It’s so smooth.

23. This video. Over and over again

OMG. If you enjoy the stuff posted above, watch this video. It’s a combination of everything we’re obsessed with.

So there we have it, Acidheads, I hope you’re feeling fully satisfied. Did you enjoy these crazy satisfying pics, GIF’s and vids? Give us a like on Facebook and don’t forget to share with your family and friends! Have a satisfying day!