22 Times Pictures Were Taken But What Happened In The Background Was The Best Part

22 Times Pictures Were Taken But What Happened In The Background Was The Best Part

You’ll need to look at these pictures twice…

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In today’s society, taking snaps of ourselves, our friends, our pets, mountains, beaches, food and anything else has become second nature. We spend hours trying to get the perfect selfie or Instagram worthy snap.

So it’s only natural that occasionally these pictures go a bit wrong. We’ve compiled a list of times people have took a photo but what happened in the background is much, much better than the forefront. Take a look at these hilarious shots…

1. “My friend thought she was taking a lovely family photo when she realised in the background two people were stuffing a baby into a cannon”

Some Friends Took A Picture And Later Realized That The People In The Background Were Stuffing A Baby In A Cannon

I can’t deal with this. I can’t stop laughing.

2. The canopy in the background makes it look like DJ Khaled just graduated

Canopy In The Background Makes It Look Like Dj Khaled Just Graduated

It’s perfect. Especially because the blue jacket could potentially pass for a graduation robe.

3. “My brother uploaded this picture the other day. As soon as I noticed something in the background, I couldn’t stop laughing”

My Brother Posted A Picture On His Birthday. Upon Seeing It I Immediately Started Laughing At Who He Captured In The Background

When you see it, you’ll laugh.

4. This is just perfect timing

Hollywood Smile

That horse really knows how to pose for a selfie!

5. This lady is a big Slash fan but what she didn’t realise was that Slash was right behind her!

The Old Lady Is A Slash Fan, But She Doesn't Know Slash Is Standing Behind Her

Great coincidence, great pic!

6. “I took a picture of my daughter but the best part was my son in the background”

My Daughter Thought This Was Her. Bonus: My Son In The Background

This is setting a great example; love yourself!

7. “My sister was taking pictures of her son on his first day of school. We realised later something even better in the background…”

My Sister Was Taking Pictures Of My Nephew At School And The Little Guy In The Back Looks Miserable

I can’t stop laughing. Kids are so freakin’ random.

8. Another perfect one


Timing is everything.

9. The best photobomb ever?

Queen Elizabeth Deciding To Join In On Australian Field Hockey Player Jayde Taylor's Selfie

When Queen Elizabeth photobombs you, you might as well hang up your hat there and then. It doesn’t get much better.

10. It’s like the fish has sensed something ominous

It's Behind Me... Isn't It?

You might not see it first time. So look again.

11. When some girl’s hair looks like Chewbacca has photobombed you

A Lady's Hairdo In The Background Makes It Look Like Chewbacca Is Lurking

That is actually amazing. It could even be better than the Queen Elizabeth one.

12. The moment your girlfriend catches the bouquet at a wedding and tries to capture her excitement…

My Friend Caught The Bouquet. That Is Her Boyfriend In The Background

…but ended up capturing something she definitely didn’t wanna see..her boyfriend’s reaction! LOL.

13. Still talking of photobombs, this one is very impressive…

Well That's An Impressive Photobomb

How amazing!

14. “When I took this photo with my friends, I didn’t notice the police in the background until the next day”Took A Picture With My Friends, Later Noticed The Cops In The Background

They definitely make the photo much more powerful (pardon the pun)

15. I think really this girl photobombed that guy’s wedding day

He Looks Stunning


16. “I tried to take a cute candid picture of the bride and groom. What I actually captured was much better”

I Took This Picture Trying To Get A Fun Candid Of The Bride And Groom. Best Choice Ever

I don’t blame this girl for demolishing her salad. Have you ever experienced wedding hunger? There’s so much waiting around for food, it’s torturous!

17. The kids t-shirt matches up with the dog in the background

My Friends Dog In The Background And Her Sons T-Shirt Match Perfectly

I love a good coincidence! Very cute.

18. You probably won’t see it the first time you look…

I Was Trying To Take A Nice Photo Of My Cat When I Noticed The Neighbours Cat In The Background

The horror of that expression! He’s definitely been caught doing something naughty.

19. This dad tried to get a lovely family picture…it didn’t go to plan

Perfect Timing Selfie

It’s actually better than any family picture ever in my opinion!

20. This guy got a pic with Woody in Times Square…Elmo got jealous

Got A Picture With Woody In Times Square...

Poor Elmo. Look at the expression on his face. All he wants is a friend! You’ve got a friend in me, Elmo! (sorry)

21. It might have been a lovely memory for these two at the forefront but definitely not for the girl behind…

When You See It...

I do pity this girl. There’s nothing worse than taking a tumble…AND having it photographed at a college party.

22. “A few days ago, I had a Frankenshake, but didn’t realise the hidden gem as my wife took the pic”

A Few Days Ago I Had A Frankenshake, Didn't Realise The Hidden Gem As The Wife Took My Pic

I mean, I would definitely have the EXACT same expression on my face if I saw this milkshake. It looks incredible!

Acidheads, what did you think? Did you think the events going on in the background were better than the forefront of the snap? Feel free to comment on our Facebook post and let us know what you think!