23 Priceless Examples Of Why Women Are The Superior Species

23 Priceless Examples Of Why Women Are The Superior Species

Let’s be honest, men aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed.


Ah, the battle of the sexes…

The never-ending social debate as to who is more sophisticated, smarter, stronger… the list goes on. The only thing that can be agreed upon between genders is the fact that we’ll probably never agree.

It’s a controversial topic and one that causes great debate. Of course there’s little doubt that sometimes both men and women can do things that make you think they might be a few sandwiches short of picnic.

When it comes to life-expectancy however, there’s one thing for sure: men make it easy for us females to argue our superiority.


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Women on average live longer than men, fact. A few years ago people often assumed it was because men were always the breadwinners, putting their lives at risk more often than the so called ‘stay-at-home moms’.

These days we know that really, men and women work in equal measure and there’s something far simpler to explain the anomaly.


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Scientists have researched to great length the reasoning behind why for example; men in America are expected to reach 78 but women can boast a life expectancy of a grand old age of 84.

Well, call off the investigation because I think i’ve found 23 reasons that explain just why.


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Is it down to genetics? Maybe it’s just luck? Maybe it’s Maybelline…

No, its down to good ol’ common sense… Or at least in my head that’s what i’m using to settle this argument.


Check out these 23 examples that prove just why women live longer than men (and don’t worry, no one was harmed in the making of these photos… I think):



1. If it reaches, it reaches

Seems sturdy enough.


2. Rock vs paper – paper always wins

This puts me on edge more than those photos I keep seeing of drinks balanced right on the edge of a table.


3. I bet he’s good at Jenga

He should really be investing his time into auditioning for Cirque Du Soleil with those balancing skills.


4. Home-made is best

Can this even be called a ladder? Whatever it is, it seems to be doing the job… just about.


5. Where does that even go?

It may be a little cruel but, part of me hopes that he got stuck like that. Only for a little bit though. Is that cruel? Ok sorry.


6. Master electrician at work


If he gets a shock at least he won’t have far to fall…


7. Trust level= 100%

Imagine if he let out gas the temptation to let go would be immense.


8. Just doing some emergency modifications

I’ll be honest, i’ve absolutely no idea what’s happening here. Whatever’s going on it definitely doesn’t look safe. My best guess is that some vital mods needed carrying out. What I do know is you wouldn’t catch me standing underneath that car if you paid me a million bucks!


9. Well this was never going to end well

I have this image of two human pancakes roughly 3 seconds after this photo was taken.


10. That’s one way of getting dressed

I’d really like to know how this one turned out.


11. Please somebody just invest in a taller ladder


I can’t help but think that the time it took this guy to place these tables on top of each other could have been spent going out and buying better equipment.


12. When you can’t reach those pesky top branches

Marks out of ten for imagination have got to be off the scale here.


13. 1 ladder plus 1 ladder = giant ladder

I’m beginning to see a running theme with men and ladders, they are difficult concept to grasp after all…


14. It’s so freakin’ hot

Umbrellas are clearly too expensive these days


15. Buckethead

This utter genius clearly knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s being cost effective about it too. Since when did anything hot melt plastic after all?


16. It was at that moment, Brian knew he’d messed up.

I’m not sure if he’s lifting or catching in this, either way it doesn’t look as if it’s going too well! I just don’t understand how he thought this was ever going to work…


17. All you need is a sturdy base and a sharp mind

Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if he’s got either here.


18. Gravity-defying diggers exist… right?


Im confused.. How is the digger not in the sea already?


19. Safety first!

I feel like he’s got his priorities slightly off here.


20. Just a friend helping a friend fix a sign


Nothing to see here…


21. Burn baby burn

Ah, the old classic… lighting a fart on fire. Strange how you never see women doing this.


22. Human seesaw



Did this not hurt?!


23. There a no words for this one




After seeing these pictures, i’m surprised men are even expected to live as long as they are! Of course these few men seem to bringing down the average for the rest of them and as hard as it is to admit… in reality women do plenty of idiotic things too. We just make sure not to get caught on camera doing them!

Can you think of any funny stories of people doing things where it seems as if they might not have switched their brain on that day? Make sure to share the post and let me know your favourites in the comments!