22 Makeup Hacks That Will Raise Your Beauty Game To A Whole New Level

22 Makeup Hacks That Will Raise Your Beauty Game To A Whole New Level

Have you ever seen someone with absolutely perfect makeup and wondered, “how on earth do they do that?” It might have been someone in a magazine or on TV, maybe even someone you’ve passed on the street whose makeup was so flawless that you couldn’t help but stare. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what makeup magic they know that you don’t then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve found 22 handy make up hints and cheat sheets that will help you up your makeup game. Just read this article and you’ll be the envy of all makeup fans out there!

1. Don’t just use your concealer directly under your eyes

If you’re trying to brighten up your under eye area, don’t just stick concealer right under your eye. Instead, take a shade of concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone and apply it in a triangle under your eyes and down the side of your nose. This will brighten up the entire are and make you look flawless. Don’t believe me? Just check out Kim Kardashian, she always uses this little tip.

2. Don’t test your foundation under only one light

If you’re trying out a new foundation, don’t just check it in the store and call it a day. Check it out in all kinds of places under different lighting. That way you’ll be sure that it looks good on you wherever you are.

3. A dab of concealer can fix your eyeliner mistakes

Use a q-tip to apply a little concealer over any eyeliner mistakes you’ve made. Then reapply your eyeshadow and eyeliner over the top and nobody will ever know you didn’t get it right first time.

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