22 Designers Came Up With Completely Original Doghouses For A Great Cause And The Results Are Amazing!

22 Designers Came Up With Completely Original Doghouses For A Great Cause And The Results Are Amazing!

Do you ever turn to look at your dog and think “I just don’t deserve you“?

So, there are those of us who can get a touch obsessed with our furry companions. But, it’s for good reason. Dogs come across so incredibly genuine and pure sometimes, that it’s hard not feel like you simply can’t do enough for them. After all, they don’t care if you’re rich or poor, fat or thin, old or young… if you care for them and show affection, they’ll love you unconditionally. 

So it’s pretty heartbreaking to think that there are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs around the world, with no place to go. It’s not just pooches either, animals everywhere are often neglected and live out solitary lives in harsh conditions as a result.

It’s with that in mind that designers and artists from across the globe have joined together to take part in a project called “BowWow Haus”.  The project’s task was to design unique dog houses and shelters which featured as part of a new exhibition that opened to the public on April 26th in several London venues. These original designs were then later available to purchase at a charity auction and via online bids. The funds raised from the auction have directly contributed to the betterment and well-being of homeless animals.

The process is all in collaboration with the Blue Cross, a pet charity that has been helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless animals since 1897. As well as this, the project is also partnered with the American not-for-profit organization Outdoor Arts Foundation, which supports community-based creative engagement. Every penny collected during the exhibition went towards improving the lives of potentially hundreds of animals.

A pretty amazing cause don’t you think? The real question is which one of these would you have in your home? Have a scroll down and pick your favorite!

Disclaimer: adorable doggies not included.


1. A Mosaic Teepee by Natalie Guy


I’m not sure this is the type of doghouse to boast subtly and sit quietly in the corner. Instead, it’s all about the glam! Pretty, pretty, pretty!


2. The Golden Egg by FT Architects


Designed for the modern, contemporary dogs out there. This doggy home oozes class and style. Think more Gucci than GAP… just look at that shine!


3. The Wooden Cube with Squiggly Cut-outs by Hasan A-Rashid


Not the softest looking place for your pooch to rest its head, but you know what they say… style over comfort. Plus, it looks fun to play around in!




4. The Ball House by Drew Denizen


This is brilliant and really colorful, although maybe a bit of a tease for the dog too? I mean they’re so close yet so far away for the pooch to get his little paws on. They’d probably never leave either!


5. This Mosaic Rainbow House by Sue Penrose


You can tell this little pooch is impressed with his new stained-glass window doghouse, it’s written all over his cheesy grin.


6. This Wooden Arched Kennel by Chris Dyson


Now, this is right up my street! In fact, the dog’s going to have to get in line because that looks comfy enough for a human to sleep in.


7. This Little Wooden House by Brian O Tuama


This one epitomizes function over fashion. It’s even got little hooks for your dogs lead and toys so your canine comrade has no excuse for being messy!


8. This Big Wooden Bag by Studio Lisboeta


This is like some sort of optical illusion. Definitely, one of the wackier designs on the list and I love the handle on top just in case you y’know, want to shofer your dog around the house.


9. This Hubcap Kennel by Ptolemy Elrington


This might win the top prize for originality. In terms of appearance though, I can see it splitting opinion. How many car parts were used in the making of it? Has it been taken directly from a car crash? So many questions…



10. This Doggy Sculpture Kennel by Serena del a Hey


If you love your pet, why not honor them by placing an intricately made statue on top of their bed whilst they sleep? I bet you’ve never been asked that question before.


11. This Oceanic Mosaic Kennel by Tamara Froud


This has a ‘Little Mermaid‘ feel to it. The mosaic theme keeps popping up and for good reason, it looks original and beautiful in equal measure. Solid effort!


12. This Wedding Cake Kennel by Jeff Monsein


What better present to receive on your special day than a puppy bursting out of your wedding cake?


13. This Mosaic Temple by Ivan Djidjev


Let’s face it, you can never go overboard when it comes to worshipping your doggy companion. So give them a beautifully designed shrine and move on with your life.


14. This Contemporary Storage Container Kennel by Roselind Wilson


I like this one, simple yet effective! It looks clean and stylish without drawing too much attention to itself.


15. This Recycled Plastic Doghouse by Sparks Architects


Despite the dog in the picture looking completely flummoxed by the design, I think the designer of this one deserves a lot of credit. Firstly, for using recycled materials and also for making it look so fun and quirky. Plus, it’s foldable so you can take it pretty much anywhere!



16. This Multi-Way Shelter by Barbara Irakoska



Do you ever see people wearing some bizarre looking clothes, but when you question them they say “it’s fashion darling“? Well, this is the doghouse for those people.


17. This Kable by Plyable


This design actually allows for the doghouse to function as a table also. So if you’ve not got a dog because you don’t think you’ll have room for it’s doghouse, you’ve got no excuse anymore!


18. This Cloud Kennel by Zaha Hadid


The aptly named “cloud” kennel looks about as comfy as one too. A home fit for any stylish pooch!


19. The Doggle Box by DLM Architects


This has a bit of a classy older gentleman feel about it. This doggo just needs a pipe and some slippers and he’ll be good to go!


20. The Dog Pod by TLA Studio and Louise Glazebook


Now, this looks as if it took some real craftsmanship. Loving the variety of colors but most of all it just looks so freakin’ comfy!


21. The PiM.dog by PiM Studio


Now, this is clever. You can turn this design onto each of its sides, just in case you get bored of the look of it. Plus it’ll keep your dog on its toes paws!


22. And This Wooden Bars Kennel by Collective


And last but by no means least, this eye-pleasing wooden doghouse which features its own little bench and food/water storage facilities!


So there we have it, 22 amazingly unique doghouses and shelters fit for even the pickiest pooch, and whats even better is the fact they’ve all been created in support of a great cause!

So what do you think… fancy buying any of these? Did you have a favorite? Or maybe you already have a wacky doghouse for your best friend at home. Either way, let us know in the comments… and happy bidding!

For more info about the exhibition and the artists mentioned above take a look at bowwowhauslondon.co.uk