22 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

22 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Cleaning is boring. It’s dull and it’s annoying and it can get pretty gross, especially when you’re cleaning the bathroom. What if there were some magical gadgets that could do all of that for us so we could save some precious time? Well, of course there are! This is the age of the internet and there’s all sorts of crazy things out there that can make your housework a breeze! Let’s have a look at these amazing cleaning gadgets.

1. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Pop Angry Mama into your microwave and she’ll steam away and loosen up any dirt and grime in your microwave… and she’s adorable too!

2. Mopping Robot

This little guy will scoot around your bathroom or kitchen and mop away so you don’t have to!

3. Super Simple Blind Cleaner

Sick of dusty blinds? Just run this little thing over them and bam! Clean as a whistle in no time!

4. Automatically Opening Trash Can

Just wave your hand in front of this trash can and it’ll open right up for you! You’ll never drop any trash again!

5. Teeny tiny cleaning brushes

These tiny brushes will make cleaning hard to reach places super simple.

6. The only grout cleaner you’ll ever need

Specially designed to get into all of the little nooks and crannies between your tiles.

7. Goo Gone

An absolute must for Moms, this will get rid of any sticky substance in a flash!

8. Drain Snakes

These are so gross to watch in action but at the same time, so very satisfying!

9. This Crazily Amazing Air Purifier

Not only will your home smell fresh as a daisy, but this will stop allergens in their tracks.

10. Power Scrubber

Makes short work of any stubborn marks!

11. Spaghetti Scrubbers

They look weird, but they’ll leave your bathroom sparkling clean!

12. Houseplant Savers

If there’s a bug around your plants this bad boy will find it and stop it in its tracks!

13. Sticky Air Fresheners

Stick one of these on your trash can or kitty litter tray and they’ll eat up stubborn odours quicker than I can eat a whole cheesecake. Trust me, that’s fast!

14. Bendable Duster

Nothing in your house will ever be dusty again! This bad boy can reach anywhere and everywhere.

15. Gap Cleaning Brush

This will clear out any hard to scrub gaps between windows and doors in no time at all!

16. Magic Sponges

More magic than the entirety of Hogwarts.

17. Gutter Cleaning Robot

This robot might look like it’s been made by an evil villain, but it’s just a friendly little thing that will clean your drainpipes in a flash!

18. Charcoal closet fresheners

Who knew charcoal could be so useful? Pop one of these in your closet for fresh smelling clothes all year round.

19. Phone sanitiser and charger


20. Cleaning Clay

This might look like a kids toy, but it’ll squeeze into any gaps and lift dust and debris right out!

21. Hardwood Floor Care

Your floors will sparkle like new when you’ve finished using this on them!

22. Fur Removing Broom

Any pet owners dream, this broom will clean up pet hair quicker than you can say “who’s a good boy?”

Which one of these amazing products do you need in your life right now? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, because who wouldn’t appreciate something that will make their housework easier?