22 Creepy Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Actually Came True!

22 Creepy Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Actually Came True!

We all know them, we all love them and at one point in our lives we’ve definitely all related to them. But is there more to America’s favourite family than meets the eye?

The Simpsons have been on our screens for almost 30 years now and in that time they’ve gotten themselves mixed up in some pretty crazy situations, but maybe we should be paying closer attention to what the writers are trying to tell us.

If you don’t believe in psychics now, you will after reading this article!


1. In 1998, they predicted that Fox would be taken over by Disney.

The most recent prediction to come true happened during Season 10 in an episode entitled “When You Dish Upon a Star”. We are shown a billboard featuring the “20th Century Fox” logo with “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” written beneath it. The Disney-Fox merger prediction came true on December 14th, 2017 when it was announced that Disney was acquiring a major portion of 21st Century Fox in a game-changing deal valued at $66.1 billion.



2. In 2008, They predicted that voting machine’s would change your vote.

During Season 20, Episode 4, “Treehouse of Horror XIX” we watch Homer try to vote for Barack Obama on a voting machine which then automatically changes his vote to John McCain. In 2012 a voting machine in Pennsylvania was removed after it was found turning votes for Barack Obama into votes for Mitt Romney!


3. In 1995, they predicted that an entire lemon tree would be stolen.

During Season 6, Episode 24, “Lemon of Troy” the kids of Springfield find that their beloved lemon tree has been completely uprooted and stolen by the kids of Shelbyville. In 2013 this became the actual fate of a lemon tree planted in the Oak Forest neighbourhood in Houston, Texas.


4. In 1995, they predicted that one day we would all be able to communicate via our watches.

During Season 6, Episode 19, “Lisa’s Wedding” we see Lisa’s “future” fiancé talking into a very high-tech looking watch on his wrist. 9 years later, on the 9th of September 2014, Apple announced it’s first ever “Smartwatch”, also known as the Apple Watch, which was then released in 2015. 


5. In 1996, they predicted that TV evangelists would worship “the all-mighty dollar.”

During Season 7, Episode 12, “Team Homer” we see Bart and Milhouse reading a copy of MAD magazine with a fold out spread in the middle entitled “What Higher Power Do The Evangelists Worship?”. When they fold the page in you can clearly see a dollar sign forming on the page. Back in 2013 Pope Francis attacked the global economy for favouring the “God of Money” above all else.


6. In 1994, they predicted that horse meat was a secret ingredient.

During Season 5, Episode 19, “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song” we see Lunchlady Doris dip into a large barrel clearly marked “Assorted Horse Parts” and then add this to the food she’s cooking up for the kids of Springfield Elementary. In 2013 a huge scandal broke out in Britain after four beef products sold by top retailers tested positive for horse DNA.


7. In 1998, they predicted the invention of Hamburger Earmuffs.

During Season 10, Episode 2, “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” we see Professor Fink create the incredible conception of “Hamburger Earmuffs”. 12 years later theyh became the must-have winter accessory of the year! Thank you Professor Fink.



8. In 1994, they predicted yet another voice-controlled Apple product we couldn’t live without today. 

During Season 6, Episode 8, “Lisa on Ice” we watch as local bully Dolph Starbeam writes “Beat Up Martin”  on a very familiar looking device, which then autocorrects it to “Eat Up Martha“. In 2011 Apple announced the releases of it’s new voice assisted helper Siri, and later released a beta version of the technology on the iPhone 4S. FUN FACT: This scene actually did help design the original iPhone.



9. In 1991, they predicted that Ringo Starr would literally take decades to respond to his fans.

As a huge Beatles fan myself, this is probably one of my favourite predictions. During Season 2, Episode 18, “Brush With Greatness” we watch as Ringo Starr meticulously   replies back to a ridiculous amount of fan mail, quoting “”They took the time to write me, and I don’t care if it takes me another 20 years. I’m going to answer every one of them.”.  In 2013 it surfaced that two mega Beatles fans received a letter from Paul McCartney a mere 50 years after sending the band a piece of fan mail.


10. In 1998, they predicted that yard work simulator’s would one day be huge.

During Season 9, Episode 12, “Bart Carny” we see the Springfield Kids enjoying “Yard Work” simulator. I’m sure we can all still remember 2009’s hit simulation game Farmville right? I’m still getting requests for it today!


Image result for simpsons farm simulator farmville


11. In 1995, they predicted that Librarian’s would primarily be robotic.

During Season 6, Episode 19, “Lisa’s Wedding” we see a Librarian at Lisa’s future college short-circuit… because she is, in fact, a robot. In 2011 The University of Chicago announced that their new Mansueto Library has a collection of 3.5 million volumes which are managed by robotic cranes.


12. In 1992, they predicted the invention of the “Baby Translator”.

During Season 3, Episode 24, “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?” we’re introduced to Homer’s long-lost brother Herb Powell who introduces the Simpson Family to his latest invention; “The Baby Translator”. In 2013 the “Cry Translator” came onto the scene, which boasted the ability to be able to analyse your babies cries and provide a ‘diagnosis’ for why your baby is upset.

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13. In 1995, they predicted the Rolling Stones tour.

During Season 6, Episode 19, “Lisa’s Wedding” we see Lisa hanging out in her dorm room with her fiance and behind them is Rolling Stones tour poster set for 2010. The Rolling Stones did in fact return to the scene with their “50 & Counting”  tour in 2012. But close enough, right?

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14. In 2002, they predicted the existence of Guitar Hero.

During Season 14, Episode 2, “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation” we see Mick and Keith from The Rolling Stones present Homer with a jacket that has Guitar Hero written on the back of it. 3 years later the actual game Guitar Hero was released and featured a particular band known as, you guessed it! The Rolling Stones!


15. In 1997, They predicted the Ebola breakout of 2014.

During Season 9, Episode 3, “Lisa’s Sax” we see Marge recommend to Bart that he reads a book entitled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus” when he isn’t feeling too great. 7 years later a huge epidemic of the Ebola virus spread made it’s way across West Africa an infected people globally.


16. In 1996, they predicted the design of the first-generation iPod.

During Season 8, Episode 5, “Bart After Dark” we see the residents of Springfield try to gain access to a secret burlesque club, but doesn’t the intercom on the gates look familiar? In 2001 Apple announced the released of it’s first-generation iPod and the similarities in design are uncanny!


17. In 1993, they predicted the unfortunate tiger attack of Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy.

During Season 5, Episode 10, “$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)”  we see gambling become legalised in Springfield so that Mr. Burns can open up a casino which has an act involving two men (Gunther and Ernst) and a tiger. During one of the shows Gunther and Ernst are both attacked by the tiger and 10 years later Roy of Siegfried and Roy the beloved Las Vegas is mauled a tiger during one of their shows.


18. In 1998, they predicted the theft of used cooking grease for quick cash.

During Season 10, Episode 1, “Lard of the Dance” we see Homer have the “ingenious” idea to steal used cooking grease from Krusty Burger in order to make a quick buck. In 2013 there was a rise in used cooking-grease theft from city restaurants which was then sold on the black market. 


19. In 1995, they predicted video phones.

During Season 6, Episode 19, “Lisa’s Wedding” we see Lisa calling Marge from college using a dial-up phone with a video screen. 15 years later Apple released their first ever commercial for video calling (known as FaceTime) which was the latest feature of the iPhone 4.


20. In 2000, they predicted Donald Trump’s run for presidency.

During Season 11, Episode 17, “Bart to the Future” as Bart flashes forward into adulthood we see Lisa Simpson become President of the United States and on her first day in office she quotes “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”. In 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency and won in 2016.


21. And in 2013, they predicted Greece’s economic crisis of 2015.

During Season 23, Episode 10, “Politically Inept with Homer Simpson” we see Homer on a tongue-in-cheek version of Fox News and as a news ticker runs along the bottom of the screen with we see the words “EUROPE PUTS GREECE ON EBAY”. In 2015 it was reported that the economy of Greece had hit an all time low and had officially become a crisis, which is known today as the Greek Depression.


22. And finally in 1998, they predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson particle.

During Season 10, Episode 2, “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” we see Homer complete a complicated looking equation after deciding to follow in the footsteps of famous inventor Thomas Edison. 14 years later it was discovered that, amazingly, Homer Simpson had correctly predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson particle, which was proven by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider.



So what do you think? Is it just a series of crazy coincidence’s or does the team behind The Simpsons have access to an ancient crystal ball? Well I don’t about you, but I’m hoping in their next season we see Homer picking out lottery numbers for the US Powerball.