21 Times Kids Drawings Were Funny And Disturbing At The Same Time

21 Times Kids Drawings Were Funny And Disturbing At The Same Time

They say “children are the future”, so I guess we can allow them a slip up from time to time…

It’s easy to forget just how observant kids can be sometimes, picking up on all the little things that we think go straight over their heads. They can often ask the most random of questions on topics we never even knew they had any prior knowledge about. Which in turn, can be a real freakin’ eye-opener! Who knew kids had any idea carrots don’t really give you night vision?

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I’m sure teachers across the globe would have no trouble reeling off numerous examples of the young kids they teach coming out with some truly bizarre statements. It’s all part of their young minds trying to get a good grasp on reality after all… (But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little chuckle at them all the same… what harm could it do if they don’t know after all?).

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Well, why not take a look at what they draw whilst we’re at it? We’ve all heard the saying “a picture speaks 1000 words”… In some cases I think you’d need far more than that to be able to explain some of the sketches kids come up with when aloud the freedom of choice to draw anything they want. It often seems as if children are born with an innate ability to be funny without even trying, alternatively they may just have a much darker sense of humor than we give them credit for!

Supposedly, a child’s drawings can be a window into their mind, well there’s some pretty messed up minds out there. Check out some of the funniest (if not slightly worrying) pictures produced by kids and see if you’d hang any of these up on your refrigerator!


1. Satanists start young

Clearly, from the hat, she means Santa, or at least I hope she does. You never know these days…


2. Me and my best friend the demon alien

Some kids struggle to make friends straight away at school, it can be a pretty daunting environment after all. So, turning to the extraterrestrial seems like the natural next step.


3. The truth hurts

There’s nothing quite like a bit of brutal honesty from your own child. As if she wasn’t already aware that she didn’t quite look at her best first thing in the morning… do any of us? I haven’t looked my best since 1986!


4. “My mom likes drinking wine”

Continuing along that theme, why not just expose mom’s favorite pass-time whilst you’re at it. I think any mother can be excused a glass of red or two after what can feel like a VERY long week… or hour.


5. Ouch

This is one of those times when a little explanation would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t even come close to providing one. They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…


6. “Even the demon left us alone”

“This time”… The creepiest two words I think we’ll see on this entire list. Although, the way this is going perhaps not. I think this would send a shiver down my spine if I was the parent. It’s sent a shiver down my spine just looking at it. They do say kids can see things we can’t after all…


7. You do what now?!

I think this kid’s got his movies mixed up! In all seriousness though, the simplest spelling error can lead to the funniest statements. Whatever Buzz gets up to in his own time is his business…

The face that he’s pulling is the same one painted across my face right now.


8. Cinderella back from the dead

This is exactly how I feel when I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. Except there’s blood pouring from my ears as well!


9. Don’t mess with her

It’s always reassuring to know your daughter is potentially going to grow up to become a psychopathic murdering maniac. If she sorts out her spelling, then at least she’ll be a literate one.


10. “I love the Bitch!”

What a beautiful card. Perfect for those situations when you have to be nice, but you don’t really like the person you’re being nice to. Ideal for that annoying person in the office’s birthday for example.


11. Mommy must have done something wrong

Slightly concerning for the mom in this scenario, whether she’s actually deceased or not. If she isn’t then I’d keep my eyes peeled, these two might be up to something…


12. “Well, what a lovely drawing”

It’s not the fact that these scissors look remarkably similar to something more genital-related, it’s that the teacher hasn’t noticed and has had it laminated and framed.


13. “Why can’t daddy see her?”

Aaaaaand we’re back to the creepiness. There’s tonnes of stories describing how children have claimed to see ghosts and demons that are completely invisible to adults. Perhaps this is one of those cases? Or it could just be an imaginary friend? OR… they’re one in the same thing. Freaked out yet?


14. From the creepy to the down right strange!

Kids are brilliant at creating masterpieces that us adults would never even think to draw in the first place. And yes I am using the term ‘masterpiece’ very loosely.


15. Erm…

Any ideas other than a giant penis? No? Ok, let’s move on…


16. “Get out of my life”

That’s an ultimatum and a half! It’s beginning to worry me just quickly these children turn to violence… I’m wondering what exactly Valerie did too.


17. Your dad is the what?!

I can tell the kid means cook, I’m not an idiot! But why is the word “cock” matched with almost everything in the drawing looking oddly phallic shaped? Coincidence? I bl*ody hope so!


18. “My First Day”

This is her teacher, believe it or not. I can’t help but wonder what she actually looked like in real life, did she have a big necklace on? Or, y’know, the other thing?


19. “Future”

Well, we are supposed to expect the end of the world any day now. Or at least that’s what it seems like if you believe everything you read on the internet. Maybe this kid knows something we don’t? Is it a snake, is it a dragon? Who cares, we’re doomed either way.


20. Mom, apparently

Not only is this child’s biological knowledge of the human body lacking, but who gives a present whilst peeing?


21. Dolphinarium

Yes, these are dolphins jumping in and out of the water. If you were thinking anything else then you’re sick, SICK!


Definitely some eye-openers there! You can just never tell what’s going on in your children’s minds I guess. 

Would you hang any of these up on your refrigerator? Let me know in the comments!

I think i’ll pass…