21 Times When Dogs Showed Us Why They’re Better At Being Human Than We Are

21 Times When Dogs Showed Us Why They’re Better At Being Human Than We Are

Ruff day? Here’s something that’ll turn your mood right around… Sorry about the pun

So, when it comes to dogs, there’s no other pet like it because they tend to be able to reach right into your heart and pull on every string that you possess. Most people simply cannot resist these cuddly creatures and for that reason, we treat them like they are our own, cute babies. Also, there are plenty of people who prefer to raise dogs than children! That says a lot about our society and how we all agree that dogs just make life better. Those of you who do have a dog are usually treating your pal better than you treat most of the humans in your life because they tend to fill a space in our hearts that cannot be reached by just anyone. I call it the “cuteness” space and that’s why we love them as if they are our own children! For example:

This Corgi Rides In A Shopping Cart Like A Little Kid!

He appears to have his eye on all the toys that pass him by and I’m sure his owner will pick him out whichever one that he wants but for some reason, he looks worried that it won’t happen! Hang in there tiny man! Your toy is on its way. . .We are especially grateful when we are able to take our furry friends to town in order to show them off. With this dog  it’s like being with a celebrity! His owner cannot go two feet without people stopping her and getting a good look at her pup who she takes everywhere she goes. According to her, she’s a “Corgi Mom” and many others feel the same way about their pets as she does about her Corgi Named Nemo.

That’s because dogs give us unconditional love!

According to the latest statistics, Ruffly (ok, I’ll stop now I promise) 90 million dogs live in homes in the US alone. That’s a whole lot of canines. So it’s pretty clear they’re a popular animal sidekick. No home seems devoid of one and so we are often greeted by them in every home that we enter. They are some of the first ones to greet us and we have to take the time to say hello to them as well because they are super sensitive to rejection.

Nobody can resist their charms!

Related image

Pooches come in all shapes and sizes and often become much more than just the family pet, they become our friends. It’s corny I know, but bare with me here…

They just seem to have a way of understanding us that is lacking in a lot of other animals. I mean I’m a big fan of cats too, but you can’t really compare the two in terms of empathy and compassion. He isn’t as fond of showing it, but my cat definitely loves me… I think.

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason!

Dogs on the other hand have a habit of doing things we humans do but somehow manage to do it even better. There’s always an added level of cuteness or humour and it just makes us love them even more. Some of them are just bonkers! They have their own, unique personalities that we just can’t seem to resist and getting to know them is a real pleasure. They do have a lot that they want to communicate with us and it’s important that we listen to all that they have to say.

Dogs know how to communicate with us!


Take a look at these dogs teaching us how to behave as well as showing us why they’re so hilarious. I dare you not to be in a better mood by the end of it! Those who don’t smile at these pictures need to check their pulse because they are as cute and cute can get:

Here’s a dog giving us a dazzling smile!

His buddy in the background doesn’t seem too concerned about the photo being taken but the one up front is ready for his closeup! Perhaps he knows that this is the only way to make it in this business. You have to willing to throw everything that you have at the camera because you never know where the picture might end up. . . It could pop up on a popular web page!


I see you all over the internet you cute little puppy! This one looks likes he’s having a great time playing this game with his owner. You never can tell what a dog is going to be like when you get one. Often times, you just have to wait for them to show their personality to you. Many dogs will teach you how to play a game with them. Seriously! It’s the cutest thing when they bring you something and proceed to let you know what you should be doing next.

Enjoying the little things

It’s the smaller moments in life, the ones that don’t seem that significant at the time that can have the greatest impact. Take a leaf out of this guys’s book and make the most of that 5 minutes you’ve got spare to just have a laugh and you’ll be almost as happy as he is… almost.

We all wish that we could be this carefree! I know that I do but I don’t think that me running through this water art would be any cuter than this dog doing it! Now, take a look at these dogs who are showing us how they can be more human than we can!

Dogs often love the water!

1. Bad day? Need a hug?

Sometimes all you need is a cuddle and the world can seem ok again. Well, this pooch doesn’t need telling twice. Cuteness levels are off the chart here. This dog knows that hugs are very important to the both of you and it will keep your friendship growing stronger than ever when you do. Dogs are very sensitive to your needs all the while having sensitive needs of their own. When you can recognize this in each other you will be closer than ever with your dog.

Everyone could use a big hug!

They are always in the mood to love and comfort you.

And even each other:

There’s just no other hug like it because you know that they are making a huge effort to do this and show their love in this physical way.


2. Grad pup

I’m welling up now. Dogs have a wonderful absence of prejudice. They don’t care what you look like, or in the case of the picture what kind of disability you have, they’ll stick by your side forever. Look at that outfit! This young lady is very lucky to have him at her side and this dog seems grateful to have her in his life as well. When you find a bond like this, it’ll never be broken!


These dogs are often trained for this purpose and their owners can’t (or never want to) live without them!

Their training is pretty intense but it’s all worth it in the end.

They are essential to their owner’s independence.

3. “You’ll grow into it”

This pup’s got a bright future ahead of him. There’s a reason dogs are one of the most commonly used animals in the service. They’re intelligent, loyal and if trained well they’re incredibly disciplined too. Most of all though, they’re our buddies. This relationship is especially strong because these dogs know that they have a job to do but that also doesn’t interfere with their hearts and they way they feel about the people that they work for. Most cops find a deep connection with their canine partners and love them very much.

Eventually, the dog will look something like this:

They are pretty focused and serious when they are on the job.


5. Nannies are so expensive these days…

I hear this dog’s rates are cheap. Especially if the job comes with a swanky pink buggy to stroll around with. Seems like a viable alternative to me! This makes it so that mom gets to be hands-free during this walk. I bet that this dog is absolutely thrilled to be able to help out. Most dogs have a great desire to be a part of your life and help out in any way that they can. This is a perfect example of this.

Afterwards, they can take a nap together to recoup from their walk together:

Dogs are amazing to have around. They change our lives for the better!

6. Parenting 101

This dog’s trying so hard to teach his little sister to how to crawl and it’s absolutely adorable. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor. Pretty soon, she’ll be crawling around just to keep up with him and this is one way in which a dog is able to relate to humans as well. They see what our struggles are and they try to work with us in order to make life better for ourselves. In this case, he can see his little sis is trying to crawl and so he attempts to show her how it’s done, as if to say, “See? Like this!”

Once the kid is walking, they can go on walks together:

7. Rescue services

It may seem a bit far-fetched (Get it? fetched? Nevermind), but dog’s never hesitate to rise to the occasion, especially when someone’s in need of help. This guy’s doing everything he can to pull that car out of the ditch and we love him for it. Again, dogs can sense what we need them to do and they are more than willing to jump in to give a helping hand (or mouth). In any case, they are a real support system for humans in more ways that one and you should be giving your dog a hug right now to thank him for his service.

This dog is amazing! He’s fully committed to making this rescue a success.

Dogs are easily trained for rescue:

They help out people in their field all the time.

8. Put your differences aside

These two adorable pals show us how easy life can be if you forget about what differentiates you and focus on what makes you stronger together instead. For example; how much you love a good cuddle. We see this happen a lot because for some reason, dogs get a bad rap when it comes to cats but that’s not always the case. They are often super friendly with all animals and so there’s no reason to assume that dogs can’t get along with cats. Instead, they are friends with anyone who wishes to have the attention. It’s just in their nature.

They are probably not the natural enemies that you think they are!

Often times they are best friends!

9. It’s important to stretch

Finding your daily exercise routine a little dull? Just involve this little madame and it instantly becomes ten times more interesting. She’s the personal trainer everyone needs and best of all, she’s free! Well, you still have to feed her, love her and buy her toys. So, not free but why not let your investment work for you once in a while? In this case, they are the perfect partners and it looks like this dog can use the exercise as well. . . just saying! Perhaps the two of you can battle the bulge together. It’ll be a great to conquer it all together.

Your dog might be up for doing exercises with you all the time!

Don’t count them short. They are probably good motivators as well!

10. Looking to the future together

A trusted guardian, coach and friend. Dogs seem to be able to to sense the importance of just being there in the moment. This child has a buddy for life. Growing up with a dog is one of childhood’s greatest experience and that’s why there should always be a family dog around when a child is born until they are ready to leave. This is what makes them feel safe and not so all alone because they always have someone to play with. It also teaches children some responsibility because they are more than willing to help out when it comes to a dog.

Seeing your child grow up with a dog is an amazing experience. There’s nothing else quite like it.

11. Cuteness overload

Sometimes all you have to do is look at your trusted furry friend for a pick-me-up. Dogs are great because they don’t even know they’re being cute when we are literally about to explode with affection. Perhaps this owner was too busy trying to take a picture instead of picking him up because he decided to through out a tough of defiance! It’s the cutest mean face we have ever seen and it was so worth not picking him up in order to get this picture. I’m sure he won’t hold a grudge too long over it. No dog ever does.


12. “We’re going to the where?!”

Sometimes dogs remind us that on the odd occasion they need us just as much as we need them. These guy’s have just found out they’re heading to the vets and it’s safe to say they’re not exactly thrilled about it.

Taking A Different Route To The Vet Worked. Until We Turned The Corner“Protect me from the evil man!”

They definitely don’t like going to this place but this is probably the only place that freaks them out though because normally, they’re up for going anywhere you choose.

Most dogs love going “bye bye”


Especially when they get to go somewhere that’s fun for them (not the vet!) because most dogs want to know that you are willing to spend time with them and even travel around with them. They are always up for an adventure and therefore know when you are about to take them with you. Most dogs express a great interest in going “bye bye”.

Does your dog get excited when it’s time to go somewhere?

13. Be my friend?

If you’re the type of person to shy away from social occasions through fear of awkward interactions with new people, then take a look at this pooch. He walked up to a freakin’ lion and said hello. Dogs just want to build happy relationships with everyone, no matter their size or appearance. Now get out there! I’m surprised this lion is letting this little dog get away with this but let’s face it, this dog is pretty harmless and the fact is, this lion is probably loving the attention and company. He probably gets bored in his cage all day.

Related image


Still, it makes me nervous for the dog! We don’t want this pup to turn into lunch for this big beast!

14. Manners cost nothing

I wonder if this little pup’s been taught to do this or it just came naturally. Either way, this is a clean-freak homeowners dream. I’m sure that most dogs can be taught this with persistence and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the time to train a dog to wipe their feet when they get indoors. Imagine all of the dirt that you are keeping out of your home! This is a everyone’s dream. I love this little guy! Great job.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

If all dogs did this, then more people would consider getting one because those who don’t necessarily like dogs are the kind that don’t want a lot of dirt to deal with and unfortunately, dogs are dirty creatures! So, anything that helps this will only help them to be in more households than ever before. It’s a neat trick, that’s for sure!

It’ll probably blow your mind!

15. That coworker that’s enthusiastic about everything

If a person at work did this, you’d probably say “calm down”. But when a dog does it, you think “why can’t everyone be like this?”. I think it’s the added adorableness. These dogs are all ready to help out in any given situation. We should all have a helper like this one. It’s just so impressive and we can’t believe that this does knows how to make this happen. Also, we can’t be mad with a dog around because their excitement trumps all of our negative feelings at all times.

Dogs will lift your mood:

That’s why many dogs are considered to be “emotional support” dogs and this is something that people are doing more and more instead of allowing themselves to fall into deep depressions and taking medications to stifle these feelings. Instead, they get a dog and they are allowed to keep them around at all time which lifts their mood considerably and so there’s no time to become depressed.

16. Motherhood? Easy peasy

If this girl can thrive with a family of pups this big then there’s no excuse for the rest of us. She must have the patience of a saint! Even so, we can see that she has her hands full and often times, some of these pups are going off to a new home and when one leaves the pack because of this, mom is quick to notice and it’s a sad time for her because she can no longer be with one of her babies. However, we feel that dogs are are of this transition and without it, there would be no dogs to adopt for the rest of us. So, thanks doggy moms! We appreciate all that you do so that we can enjoy your beautiful baby as if it were our own.

These dogs end up being the most important part of our lives!

They have a secret power over us because even though they don’t use words, they speak to us every minute of everyday.

They understand your deepest emotions

17. Patience is an underrated trait actually

A dog’s temperament leaves a lot to be desired in other humans. I get frustrated waiting for the freakin’ toast to pop up in the morning and then there’s this guy hardly reacting with a kitten jumping on his face. He clearly knows not to harm this little cat and so he simply allows himself to be attacked and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to attack him right back. Instead, he just lets it happy and looks towards his owner for approval. It’s important to congratulate your dog for their patience whenever you see them doing something like this. That’s how they learn to keep their cool during these moments because ultimately, they want to make you happy.

Their ultimate goal is to make you happy!

Be sure to let your dog when when they are doing this correctly.

18. When you’ve got no one to play with

She’s scoring the winning basket in the imaginary play-offs, what have you done with your day? Probably not as much as this dog has because he is clearly well trained to play basketball with grandpa at the old folk’s home. Grandpa also appears to enjoy the company very much! What a great way to spend the day with this dog. . .It’s doesn’t even matter if you lose when you’re losing to a dog!

These pups have got better hand-eye coordinations skills than me!

catch cute dog GIF

They just love to play all sorts of games. All you have to do is teach them something new and they will jump into it completely!

19. Chief Rover, reporting for duty

Give this canine a raise! They are probably pretty strong when it comes to pulling because of all those years of playing tug of war! Who knew that it would come in handy one day? He may have helped to rescue someone in need.

Playing tug of war is very important! Dogs love to learn all about this game:

This may cause them to grow up and save lives!

20. The biggest dogs can have the softest hearts

“What is this tiny little human, I must go in closer to have a look”. Of course, you have to know this dog’s temper before letting him get this close to a baby but it’s clear that this dog is merely trying to get to know the newest edition to the family and one way that they do that is by their sense of smell. This kid is definitely lucky to have this dog as a friend to grow up with. They will have plenty of fun together soon enough.

We all want a dog this sweet and tender with a newborn baby!

21. They’re downright bonkers and it’s hilarious…

You can’t deny that dogs are a bit strange sometimes. It’s ok though because they’re brilliantly funny and come out with some of the best moments of spontaneity. This face is priceless! We have to wonder what is going on in their minds when they do something like this.

Related image

This smile and subsequent tongue is epic! We love this dog! He has our vote for cutest dog ever!

This dog has a gift!


Someone once said “a dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than yourself” and I think these pictures prove that. They are our companions, are best friends and part of our families. They are so pure that it’s hard to imagine someone not liking them!

There are other talented dogs as well:

This dog is clearly looking for a new career that has never been done before! Not by a dog anyway! I can’t tell if this dog is falling or if it’s all photoshopped. You’ll have to decide but it looks like he was attempting this on his own at least once! I think he’ll bring in a crowd.

This dog is resting after a long, hard day!

She has no problem reaching for a glass of wine to calm her nerves because sitting up like a human being in a chair is not enough, so the wine definitely nails this picture to perfection. Adorable!

We approve!

This dog is in business!

WE love this outfit and we wish him all the success he deserves out in the big, cruel world. Hopefully, the world is nicer to doggies than they are for people!

Dog hair washer!

We hardly think that this works very well but we can imagine that the dog’s nails are good for pushing the soap towards the scalp and a good scratch always feels pretty good!

It’s more than just a party!

It would be one thing to set up this picture and then put a dog into it but in this case, the smile on the dogs face is the whole point of the picture! This doggie sure looks happy to be celebrating this birthday. I just love that smile and those eyes!


How we all feel when we can’t sleep:

It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are in your bed, when you can’t sleep, you just can’t sleep!

Could it be all the coffee you drank earlier?

Just the whipped cream alone will get you!

Many of us cannot resist a coffee drink no matter what time of day it is!

It’s not easy to sleep afterwords but it’s so worth it! Ever since these became abundantly available and on every corner of every street, we have been hooked on these, no matter how much they get us wired! That’s why we do it in the first place.

They are learning about their own kind!

Reading is the widest road to knowledge. They look very serious about their mission to learn more about Boxers. We love how they are seriously looking at the book and seem to be getting some valuable information from it. Of course, it’s always best to learn all about the history of your people.

The yoga dog!

They must always have a sore back from all of the running that they do and so a nice yoga stretch should make this little doggie feel great!

Then they can go back to running around outside!

Dogs love the great outdoors. It’s something that we should always provide for our best doggie friends. You are giving them a long life by taking them outdoors often. You are probably even extending your own life in the process! It’s a win win situation that just cannot be passed up.

Winding down after your shift!

This is a go-to place for many people when they get out of work. Without bars and alcohol, there would be nothing to look forward to after a long, hard day on the job. It’s tough being a dog. There are so many expectations! Hopefully, he finds the relaxation that he’s looking for.

A dog getting a hair cut!

Well, why not? If we can treat ourselves then we should have no problem treating our dogs because they absolutely deserve to be pampered and we believe that they like the attention that they receive when they look great! Only a good haircut can make you feel this way.

Happy Graduation!

They are definitely happy to be done with dog school! The whole thing must have been grueling and now they are excited about emBARKing on their new lives while being armed with this diploma of knowledge.

Congratulations fellas!

This dog is doing hard labor!

However, without hard working individuals like this there were be no infrastructure (yeah, big word) but it’s the truth. We owe most of our society to the ones who helped to building it with their own four paws.

Farmers Feed Families!

So, when you think about it, the other half of society which balances out the whole process is in farming. We basically conquer the land and then divide it in half. On one half we farm it and on the other half, we live the kind of lives which allow us to take full advantage of our capabilities. This is due to the fact that we do not have to work for our food. That is, we do not have to hunt, farm or gather for our families. Most of us get to do whatever we are capable of providing to society and then we are able to buy the food that the farmers provide which happens to be enough to feed us all. In that way, society has flourished because without starvation and survival plaguing our minds everyday, like savages, we now have time to think and grow and human beings in an intellectual way. This is what has made society the way that it is. So, farmers play an essential role in our modern civilization.

They are the best!


Yo dude!

With a little help from his human companion, he is able to throw us all up a peace sign because this is how he truly feels in his heart. It must feel great to be a dog because they hardly ever seem down about life. They are usually easy to please once they receive a little love and attention.

Motorcycle madness!

Obviously, he’s not riding a motorcycle but it’s still an awesome way to spend the day! I would sit on a bike with all that regalia on just to pose for pics. This is the dogs life! Gotta have it!


Going fast on a skateboard!

This dog has some risky moves! I’m sure that’s he’s learned a few tricks though!

We hope he doesn’t fall!


This guy is just shy and needs a little coaxing to come out of his shell. We don’t know what’s got him so timid but any dog is willing to give you another try when you work at it a little bit.

Cruisin’ for a bruising’

This dog is out for the day. Perhaps he has some errands to run and is thankful that’s it’s a nice, sunny day with some cool temperatures. A great day to go out for a drive.

Don’t panic! He knows how to drive

Guarding the remote!

This is something that we all do because we can’t rely on anyone else to pick a good show. It’s your day off, you own it!

Just chilling in front of the TV!


Dog Playing Poker:

We’ve seen this happen before! In fact, there’s an entire series dedicated to this cause and it’s called “Dogs Playing Poker” and they were done by an artist named Cassius Marcellus Coolidge and he did several versions of groups of dogs playing this game. They were mostly done in the late 1800’s and early 1900s as paintings but they were a popular reprints in vintage times and therefore, plenty of people had one of these images hanging in their homes:

Dogs Playing Poker – Waterloo:

Even dad and grandpa had one of these hanging in their home or if their wives wouldn’t allow it, they probably had them in their garage or man caves.

Dog driving a car:

So, there you have it! A list of the most amazing ways in which dogs act as if they are human beings. When you think about it, they do have good reason to think that they are the ones who are in charge. The fact that we have to pick up their poop might give them the idea that they are superior and that their jobs are to make sure that we feel like we are the ones who are actually in charge when we all know that none of this is true. Those of you who have dogs must know this by now. Your dog rules your life, your emotions and tends to get everything that they possibly want because you love them that much. It’s not a question of why it’s simply a statement of fact. No dog lover feels as if this is a bold statement either. We love these dogs for all the joy that they bring into our lives and there’s no reason for them to be ashamed of their human qualities. It’s what we love most about them!

I hope seeing these great canines in action has lifted your mood Acidheads, let me know if you’ve got dogs and what your favourite things about them is in the comments!