21 Photos Of Times Sneaky Supermarkets Tried To Cheat Their Customers

21 Photos Of Times Sneaky Supermarkets Tried To Cheat Their Customers

We all know some of the low down dirty tricks that supermarkets play on us. They put the milk right at the back of the store, for example. So that way, so can’t just pop in quickly for some milk, you’ve got to trawl your way past every single other thing in the place.

You might see something else that you need, or pick something else up on impulse, on your journey. Then, boom. You only went in for milk, but the supermarket has made another sale and made more money from your sorry butt.

It happens all the time! There’s a giant industry behind it, like putting the cheaper products near the bottom of the shelf while the ones with more of a mark up are in the middle, right in your eye line.

Some stores even bake fresh bread! Do you think it’s because they like their customers to have fresh bread? Heck no! It’s because they want you to feel hungry, so you might buy something on the spot, whether it’s bread or something different!

So there’s lots of little tricks that supermarkets play on us every day. But have you ever seen any so brazen as these:

1. Well shoot, look at this here discount!

Wow, aren’t supermarkets kind to us? That extra cent in our pockets will really help with those overdue bills this month! Sure they’re for hundreds of dollars, but every little helps, right?

2. Mommy, daddy! I want the panda lollipop!

Supermarket: what freakin’ panda lollipop, kid? All I see is a plain white lollipop, which you might have MISTAKEN for a panda shape based on the packaging. Mwahahahaaa!

3. They make peppermint M&Ms? Yuck!

As the buyer themselves said about this little deception: “Bought peppermint M&M’s. Inside the 281 g package was a slightly smaller 280.7 package”.

Let’s put aside for a second that if you buy something as monstrous as peppermint M&Ms maybe you deserve everything that’s coming to you. But really, candy company? You really begrudge us 0.3 grams of sugar? Okay, sure.

4. Check out this bag of healthy oranges… well, they look much more healthy from a distance.

Why? Because the supermarkets package them in a bright orange mesh bag, which make the fruit inside look like a much more vibrant shade of orange.

It’s only when you get those suckers home and get them out of their cute little fishing net that you discover the truth.

5. This customer got duped by a ‘value 3 pack of toothpaste’

You think you’re gonna get three ‘super sized’ tubes of toothpaste for a pretty good price!

That is, until you take the packaging off and you realize the toothpaste company are really that lowdown that they will spend time, effort and cardboard to put a small pack in there. Just so long as you don’t get that precious, precious toothpaste off them!

6. A nice pack of tasty whole prawns, right?

WRONG! What led you that to that conclusion?

I mean, how disappointed would you be if you got these little bleeders home, took that lousy sticker off their packaging and found this out? Aw, come on, man!

7. New bigger size, you say? I’ve got a long memory, deep cupboards and photo evidence that prove otherwise

Food companies do this all the time!

No, I don’t mean flat out lie to you… I mean reduce the size of the packaging temporarily, then bump them back up to NOT QUITE their original size, and tell you you’re getting more! Oh, and they flat out lie to you, too.

8. Turns out soup companies do it to you too!

Andy Warhol would be turning in his grave!

9. What in the heck is Juice-Jus? Is it a good or bad thing that this bottle is 100% of the stuff?

It’s only when you get a little further down and you read that the stuff isn’t 100% Juice-Jus, but other ingredients too! How much percentage does that make it up to?

Is this the best deal in history and I’ve bought a 124% bottle of something? Great!

10. Buy one pack, and get one free, right?

Wrong! Buy one pack and get a way smaller pack containing two hot dogs free! Is this some sort of a great deal in Russia? Cos I mean if you guys are impressed by that over there, I hate to break it to you but you’re getting ripped off.

11. Always read the fine print!

Yeah, I’m a vegetarian! But of course I also eat lots of burgers and bacon and stuff because being an actual ‘vegetarian’ is bulls$%#!

I just like to call myself that and advertise it up front because I feel it in myself, that’s all!

12. Wow! Now THAT’S a seriously dirty trick!

Look at the can in the person’s hand compared to those that are still on the shelf!

The supermarket has covered up the amount of calories per can, to make it seem like a more healthy drink than it really is! I mean, could anything that makes it look like you’re drinking out of a beer can on the morning bus to work be bad for you? Surely not!

13. Hey, what a great deal!

£1 each, or 2 for £3! So that’s what, a 50% mark up if you want to buy more than one! If this isn’t just a labelling error, this supermarket is pretty much printing money for itself.

14. Nutmeat sounds… um… nice.

Why do so many vegetarian products try to pass themselves off as meat? Last time I checked, vegetarians weren’t really into the stuff! So why would they like a food company’s disgusting attempts to shove their meat substitute in our faces?

15. Do you ever buy this stuff at the store?

Maybe you should give it a rest! As according to the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle, this drink is made of sugar, water, and the color purple! Delicious!

16. A dozen eggs, you say?

No, it’s an… erm… economy pack, that’s all! It’s totally for the customers’ benefit!

17. This supermarket is trying to sell a single slice of cheese

Just how stupid do they think their customers are?

I mean, do they sell blocks of cheese? Do they sell knives? Then they already sell this in do it yourself format! Think of it like the IKEA version of this stupid cheese slice, supermarket manager!

18. This store has finally worked out a way of packaging oranges!

It’s not like nature and millions of years of evolution have that covered, right? We need to put it in a plastic package too! That must be just GREAT for the planet! Excellent idea!

19. Same ear buds, different packaging

Now I can’t tell you for a FACT that they’re different prices too, since we can’t see the cost on this picture.

But let’s face it… they were probably different prices too, right?

20. Yep, we’ve reached the peak of hipster civilization right here

How freakin’ lazy would you have to be to buy this? This is like a step further than peeling an orange and putting it in plastic.

If you’ve ever halved an avocado at home, you know that stuff goes nasty in a matter of moments… what the heck have they done to this thing to keep it looking fresh?

21. These packages of lip balm are all different sizes

So that the supermarket can fit more of them on a hanger at once!

I actually think this one is pretty clever. It means they don’t have to be filled up by a store assistant as often, and you can fit more in a box to send to a store! I guess some people do think about this stuff!

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