21 Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Are Too Cute To Ignore

21 Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Are Too Cute To Ignore

Dogs really are man’s best friend… and woman’s best friends, and kids’ best friend too! We love our dogs more than anything in the world, and part of the reason behind that is because they’re just so darn adorable! And they’re not just cute, oh no, our four legged best friends also come with a big heaping side of hilarious that keeps us amused every single day. Some dog owners out there like to share their dog’s hilarious antics with the world, and today we’re looking at 21 dogs who brightened up our day in these funny snapchat photos.

1. You’ve heard of the cone of shame, but what about the wiener bun of shame? 

Personally, I think the wiener bun of shame is a whole lot cuter than the cone of shame, but that’s just me!

2. This dog is doing the best work imaginable just by being themselves.

This is why dogs are so special, they give us unconditional love and smiles every single day. Dogs are wonderful!

3. Well I wouldn’t want to correct him either! He’s just too cute!

This is going to be an adorable lifelong friendship, I just know it! Best friends forever!

4. Well, that’s one way to clip your dog’s nails! 

I love how proud this dad is of his idea, whereas the dog looks like he’s thoroughly annoyed by the whole situation!

5. Look at the size of those ears! Is this a dog or an airplane? 

Honestly though, that is the best reason to fail sheepdog training I have ever heard. You go, Humphrey!

6. Well if God says it, it has to be true! 

And God was totally, completely, 100 percent correct on that one! Don’t doubt the word of the lord on this one, people!

7. This little guy just wants to make sure you’re okay

You know that if a dog is willing to share their toy with you then that means absolute, unconditional love. No two ways about that!

8. If you find your dog standing still for ten minutes then you know it’s because they’re up to something…

No sweetie, that’s not a rain cloak, those are the curtains, now come back inside!

9. But Moooom, it’s my turn to sit in the front seat!

Sorry kiddo, but it looks like your big brother has won this argument! Better luck next time.

10. How could you resist such a perfect little face?

As if anyone needed a reason to foster dogs, this is exactly why it’s the best thing in the world to do!

11. And here we see the rare hedgedog, taking a nap in its natural snowy habitat…

Honestly, I can relate, going out for a walk in the snow makes me want to curl up into a ball too!

12. Because every god needs to know that they’re a good boy…

I had no idea that doggy sign language is a thing, but I’m very happy now that I do know!

13. If these guys had welcomed me to school on the first day, I’d have actually wanted to go to school!

I think every school needs a group of gorgeous puppies like these!

14. And not just every school, every office needs a gorgeous dog too!

An office dog would make work a million times better and you all know that’s the truth!

15. Where are these guys and how can I make friends with them?

These beautiful dogs are perfectly camouflaged for the snowy weather! Clever boys!

16. Give every teacher a corgi! That’s how it should be!

I wish I could go to school and meet Banjo, he looks like a perfect good boy!

17. There are some friendships that you just can’t split up, and this is one of them!

I love how the new owner decided to adopt them both, you know they’ll be very happy together in their new home!

18. Dogs are perfect and pure creatures and this picture just shows why…

Find yourself a man who looks at you like this puppy looks at it’s owner!

19. This is so sweet it almost made me cry…

I’m not crying! Someone must be chopping onions around here somewhere…

20. This unusual friendship was just what they both needed

This makes me so happy on so many levels

21. I love how surprised Toby looks by this tiny kitten…

What are you, tiny fluffy creature, and why do you have my tongue?

What do you think of our list of 21 hilarious and adorable doggy snapchats? What’s the funniest thing your own dog has ever done? Have you ever caught your dog doing something silly and posted it on Snapchat or another social media site? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!