21 Hilarious Cake Fails So Bad You’ll Wonder Why These People Were Ever Let Near A Kitchen

21 Hilarious Cake Fails So Bad You’ll Wonder Why These People Were Ever Let Near A Kitchen

It can be pretty awkward when you know someone who thinks they’re genuinely talented at something, when really… they’re genuinely freakin’ not…

And you know what’s even more awkward than that? When that person is YOU.

I got told the other day that I wasn’t a good singer despite me bellowing out tune after tune in the shower, but it’s fine… absolutely fine!

screams internally game of thrones GIF

Fortunately a lot of the time, it’s the thought that counts more than the end product. That’s definitely the case when it comes to baking anyway. I mean i’d love a sickly, rich chocolate fudge cake for my birthday. But, if one of my friends had attempted to bake one for me and it hadn’t exactly gone to plan, i’d still appreciate the effort all the same.

Unless of course… it was their job to bake. But for the sake of this article let’s hope that, that isn’t the case for these people….

Because these 21 cake attempts have not only failed, but they’ve failed so astronomically that you’ll either fall of your chair laughing or genuinely worry for the people having to eat them.

Take a look for yourself!


1. Finding Nemo

These guys look like they’ve seen things… horrifyingly dark things.


2. Olaf… is that you?

The one on the left is clearly the happy, much-loved Disney snowman Olaf. The one on the right is clearly Olaf after abusing drugs for 20 years. Lesson: Don’t try and bake an Olaf cake… I mean don’t do drugs.



3. Chucky 8

This demented looking baby is closer to a scene out of a horror movie than a cake. Look at that creepy hand… eurgh!


4. Oh dear

This is like a before and after picture from a bachelorette party and the lamb is the bride. You have to give them credit for trying it in the first place, but you might have to carry around a picture of what it’s actually supposed to look like just so people know.


5. “To infinity and… the bin”

Buzz’s smile on that cake will haunt my dreams forever. That’s all I have to say about that.


6. Disney cakes aren’t doing well here…

Proportionally, something’s not quite right here. But it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what. It could be, no I think it’s the… It’s just the whole cake to be honest.



7. Looking sheepish

The attention to detail on those teeth isn’t ba’a’a’a’a’d… couldn’t resist sorry. Unfortunately those eyes are so piercing I think i’d have to have it face the corner of the room at all times.


8. Somebody sat on Spongebob!

Oh no wait, that’s just how the cake’s turned out. There’s very few positives you can take from this attempt so we’ll just move on…


9. I don’t remember Disney being this phallic?

Well this is just all kinds of wrong isn’t it? If you need me to explain why then you’ve got a very innocent mind… bless.


10. Jump drive

You can imagine how this conversation went: “The pictures I want are on the Jump drive, ok?“, “You want a picture of the Jump drive? ok“. What i’m wondering is surely at some point during the baking process, somebody must’ve thought “this is a bit odd“…


11. BB-8

It looks half-finished. Maybe the ‘baker‘ just gave up half way through and thought “f*ck it, that’s about as good as it’s gonna get!“. Which for the record… isn’t very good.



12. Whilst we’re on the topic of Star Wars

R2-D2’s not looking to well these days either.


13. Put that animal on a leash!

They’ve gone wrong here by using chocolate fingers instead of flake bars. Oh and the fact that the home-made attempt makes the hedgehog looks like it’s frothing at the mouth with a severe case of rabies… but mainly the flake thing.


14. Oh, wow

I’m sure this is meant to look cute and fluffy? … not like road-kill.


15. What are you?

I’m not sure anyone will ever know what this cake was supposed to be and I don’t think I want to either. No offence to the person that baked it but it doesn’t even look remotely tasty either. A factor that’s a saving grace for a lot of the other cakes. Just never bake again, ok?



16. Cookie Monster

The cookie Monster is just a shell of the creature he used to be here, mainly because it looks as he’s been shaven bare. Still looks happy to be munching on that crumbly goodness though.



17. Why, just why?

The thought process behind this is the worrying thing, let alone the state of the actual ‘cake’ itself. Well, that’s if you can call it that.


18. Hannah Montana’s put on some weight

If I didn’t know any better i’d say her body didn’t match up with her face, which has clearly been stuck on as an after-thought. Either that or she’s started working in an office.


19. Dununununu Batm… oh that’s just awful

I don’t think Batman would be too impressed with this one. Although, the attempt is so bad that i’m not sure he’d even realise that the cake is supposed to be a tribute to him. Probably for the best.


20. Cinderella

It’s quite clearly Cinderella ok? Look how seamlessly she fits into the picture underneath of said movie. Ha! Sorry I couldn’t say that without laughing.


21. Turkey Penis

Have they even tried to design a Turkey or just used it as an opportunity to draw a penis with feet? I bet that’s a question you wouldn’t find yourself reading today. I think it’s going to go unanswered too. I’d still eat it though…. What?



After seeing these i’m starting to think I might actually be quite a gifted baker. Well, compared to some of the monstrosities on this list I am! Have you ever had any baking disasters that have ended up looking so hilariously bad, you’ve had to take a picture? Maybe you just ate it anyway? No point wasting it after all…

Let me know what you think in the comments Acidheads!