21 Heartwarming Pictures That Will Put Your Faith Back In Humanity

21 Heartwarming Pictures That Will Put Your Faith Back In Humanity

Good news folks, it’s almost the weekend! Rejoice! And I thought I would help you help you get it off to the best possible start by filling you with lovely warm thoughts and feelings. Look, we all knows the world can be a pretty ugly place, especially these days, but always be assured that with all the bad there’s still a whole lotta good going on out there, and I’m about to prove it!

Below is a list of all the lovely wonderful things human beings (and even some animals) have been doing all over the world out of the kindness of their heart, so much so that they’ve even managed to melt my very own icy heart! So sit back, relax and get ready to feel your faith in humanity become restored, you’re welcome!

1. A Very Good Brother

The general rule is that family should always look out for each other, but sadly that isn’t always the case. This brother helping his younger sibling across a flooded road however, he is doing it right! So sweet.

2. 94 Year-Old Man Built A Pool For The Neighborhood Kids After Losing His Wife Of 66 Years

This is truly heartwarming to see! A man who turned his grief and loneliness into something that benefited the whole community. Not an easy thing to do these days, especially with people being so suspicious of everybody, so even having the courage to do something like this is truly inspiring! And just look how happy he is too, ahhh!

3. The person who took the time out to do this:

If you’re like me (i.e. incredibly clumsy) then you will appreciate just how lovely this is. By putting tape on a raised curb it grabs your attention and (hopefully) saves you from a nasty fall. Thank you kind stranger!


4. “My Dad Surprised My Mom For Their 30th Anniversary And Had A Bench Dedicated To Her At The Park Where They Always Walk Together”

This one really got to me, how lovely is that! My husband won’t even pass me the remote when I ask him to. An anniversary gift to be treasured forever, even the smallest of gestures can mean the most to the ones we love.


5.  Volunteers In Hungary Set Up A Viewing Of Tom And Jerry Cartoons For Syrian Refugees

What an absolutely wonderful way to add a little light to such a dark situation. Thanks to these volunteers, these kids were able to actually just be kids for a while without having to worry about everything that was happening around them. And look how much joy it brought them! Truly touching.


6. Bill Murray Bought Every Remaining Ticket To A Bluegrass Concert And Handed Them Out To People In Line

Bill Murray is pretty well known for his wonderful acts of kindness, but this has to be one of my favourites! I won’t lie to you, when I first read about this I was very angry, because I assumed he’d done it just so he could have the place to himself (I know, so cynical of me!) however I immediately felt guilty about it when I heard the actual reason why. Those people’s day was made! Good job Nice Guy Bill Murray.


7. 17 Years After Saving This Baby From Her Crib During A Fire, The Retired Firefighter Is Invited To Her Graduation

This is definitely one of the most amazing, heart warming stories out there! The fact that even after all those years she still remembers and appreciates the fire fighter who rescued her as a baby is lovely enough, but to go as far as to find him and invite him to her graduation? Oh I can’t handle this, too many emotions!! A wonderful gesture.


8. This breaking news report:

We DEFINITELY need more news stories like this one! And look how great that smile is. Good on this news crew for using their platform to spread joy and happiness to everyone on Twitter… something I’m sure they don’t get to do very often!

9. A Man Who Tried To Commit Suicide Is Embraced By People Nearby

Such a beautiful image! It’s so easy to take time out of your day to help someone in trouble. This man will be eternally grateful to this group I’m sure.


10. During Times Of Drought, This Man Drives Hours To Provide Animals Some Much-Needed Water

As they say, not all hero’s wear capes! With so many stories about hunting and poaching going around today it’s so wonderful to see something like this happen. We’re all sharing this earth, animal and human alike, so it’s not just the people we should be looking out for!


11. Five Years Later, A Recovering Drug Addict Returns The Money He Stole

I bet whoever it was who had their purse stolen never in a million years thought this would happen. It’s never too late to correct a mistake you made and there’s always time to change!


12. A honorable business owner

What a fantastic idea and such a selfless gesture from this business owner. I personally think more business’ should be open to doing this, especially big chains! If you’re in a position to help someone less fortunate than yourself, do it!


13. This horse sharing his food with the birds

See, even animals know how to do a little good in this world… in fact we could probably learn a lot from most animals! So touching.

14. We need more “Evil” in the world

Never judge a book by it’s cover folks! I bet this person never even tried to approach this vehicle initially, I think this guy needs to definitely change his license plate (Also… where can I get one??)


15. This 92-Year-Old Husband Making A Card For His 93 Year-Old-Wife

I don’t know what it is about sweet old people but it just gets me every time! I bet his wife absolutely loved her hand made card… and yet my husband forgets our anniversary every year, sigh! Just goes to show, no matter how long you’ve been with someone, never stop making the effort! Such a sweet thing to do.


16. 15-Year-Old Anthony Borges Saved The Lives Of 20 Classmates When He Used His Body To Hold The Classroom Door During The Florida Shooting. The Gunman Fired Through The Door, Hitting Him Five Times. What A Hero.

A story heard all over the world and still as amazing to hear it now as it was back then. His act of bravery will never be forgotten, and it’s a fantastic reminder that there will always be Good to battle the Evil. Anthony, never stop being a hero, ever!


17. “I Thought I Was Calling My Mom But I Had The Wrong Number And…”



Even accidents can make people’s day, you never know what someone else is going through or how they may be affected by something as silly as calling a wrong number. So sweet of this lady to reach out to the caller and let her know how much it meant to her too. I don’t know about you guys but I’m finding it hard to look through all these tears!


18. Staying Til The End Of The Credits

What a great idea! I’m definitely going to do this next time I go to the cinema, Such a small act but it could mean something huge to someone who maybe feels they don’t get the recognition they deserve or easily go unnoticed  in such a big list of names!

19. A Kenyan Woman Who Found Her Childhood Friend Addicted To Drugs And Helped Him Through Rehab

SO inspiring! Makes me feel bad for never returning my friends calls. This lady changed her friends life for the better and look at him now! A lot of good Karma coming your way my dear.

20. “5-Year-Old Shon Dresses Up To Help Street Cats Because ‘It Makes Him Feel Like A Superhero For Animals”

You ARE a super hero shon, especially to those cats, and you look FABULOUS doing it too! a young man who was certainly raised right.

21. Always Remember Mexico Sent Aid To The U.S. After Hurricane Katrina

With everything going on  at the minute this is a wonderful thing to remember, it doesn’t matter what differences may be when someone or somewhere needs your help you should do everything you can to help them! Bravo boys bravo!


How do you feel after that? Warm? Fuzzy? Crazy emotional? Me too… not sure if I like it, but I could definitely get used to it! Next time you’re out and about see what extra good you can do in the world, not act is too small! Maybe you already have done some good or know somebody who has? Let me know in the comments and remember to pass this onto your love ones so you can spread the joy! More importantly… have a great weekend everybody! AA x