21 Celebrity Couples With The Largest Age Gaps In Hollywood

21 Celebrity Couples With The Largest Age Gaps In Hollywood

6. Hugh Jackman and Debbora Lee-Furness

All of our couples so far have featured older men with younger women, but in Hugh Jackman’s relationship with his wife Debbora Lee-Furness, he’s actually the younger of the two. The couple have a 13 year age gap between them, with Deborra being 62 and Hugh being 49 years old.

7. Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow

Here are the happy couple looking absolutely adorable on their wedding day 1966, just two years before they divorced. There was a 29 year age gap between them, ah well, you know what they say, “That’s life!”

8. James Woods and Kristen Bauguess

When this couple started dating in 2013 the 46 year age gap between them caused a few eyebrows to raise. Kristen is just 24 whereas James Woods is 70, leaving people to comment that he’s old enough to be her grandfather.

9. Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston

This couple began dating in 2013 and were engaged in 2014, and the age gap between the two of them is 30 years. Jeff Goldblum is currently 65 and please, no Jurassic Park jokes about Emilie dating a dinosaur, they’ve heard them all before!

10. Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

This couple announced that they were together in 2016 and said at the time that they had been together for over a year. They have an age gap of 32 years between them, which clearly means nothing when you look at how sweet they are together!


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