20+ of the Worst Fashion Fails to Avoid at the Beach this Summer

20+ of the Worst Fashion Fails to Avoid at the Beach this Summer

The coldest months are drawing to a close here in the northern hemisphere, and the sun will be back in no time at all. Therefore. it’s about time that we started daydreaming about rocking up to the beach, laying back on a sun lounger, and getting the best out of summer.

When it comes to what to wear at the beach, there are no set rules – everyone is different, and something that would suit you might not suit me at all. However, there are some fashions sins that you should try your absolute hardest to avoid, and just aren’t acceptable under any circumstances.

We’ve compiled a list of them here. Enjoy! If that’s even the right word for these monstrosities…

1. The classic socks and sandals combo


Okay, so if there was actually a bible of beach fashion do’s and don’ts, the first sentence of the first page would be ‘thou shalt not wear socks with sandals’. The reason for this is simply that they look terrible together, as you can see in the picture above.

Why do so many people still do this?! It doesn’t even make sense. If it’s hot enough to wear sandals, it’s hot enough to NOT wear socks.

2. Excuse me sir, but your feet smell a little off


However, there are far worse sins than wearing regular sandals with socks. Among those sins are NOVELTY SANDALS, such as these ‘fish flops’, which I can only imagine how bad they smell.

Brace yourself, there are a few more of these coming you way…

3. Oh lord, won’tcha buy me…


…a pair of Mercendes Benz novelty flip-flops. Actually, no, I take it back – they’re literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen, so please don’t.

4. Are you not entertained?!


Sorry, I know you’re probably a fan of the Gladiator movie with Russell Crowe, but these sandals simply do not belong in this decade. Or this century. Or on this beach. Please take them off at once.


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