20 Vending Machines From Around The World That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

20 Vending Machines From Around The World That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Let’s be honest, every once in a while somebody invents something that makes you sit back and think “why has no one thought of this sooner?”.

Well, this is definitely one of those times.

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You’ll be familiar with vending machines, I’m sure. After all, they’re freakin’ everywhere and they slowly ruin your diet by offering cheap unhealthy snacks whilst being conveniently placed within reach whenever you’re feeling peckish. They can get a little dull after a while though, I mean how many days in a row can you really drink cans of Diet Coke and Cheetos before you start to go slightly mad? The answer is a lot more than is recommended by any respectable doctor…

But nevertheless, it gets pretty boring. Well, I’m here to show you that the future has arrived. Well, it has in the world of vending machines anyway. And I’m not just talking about food and drink options either.

Check out some of the items you can actually now purchase whilst on your lunch break.


1. How about a Ribeye for lunch?

No that’s not some weird colloquialism, you can genuinely buy several different cuts of beef from this vending machine in New York. Perfect for those with a particularly carnivorous appetite on their lunch break.


2. It’s celebration time

Now, this is more like it… not to sound like an alcoholic or anything, but I’m already pretty sure this one won’t be beaten unless there’s a wine dispenser too.


3. Cold?

This airport vending machine sells lightweight jackets, because… I don’t know.


4. Oh helloooo…

A vending machine that not only dispenses fresh (ish) pizza but cooks it for you in less than three minutes too? I demand that these be rolled out across the country NOW.


5. For the pickier people out there

This one lets you decide on the ratio of the different color Skittles you receive. So, if for example, you aren’t fond of the orange ones, you can wave goodbye to the days of having to pick them out. I told you the future has arrived!


6. Finally!

We all know it’s pretty much inevitable that when trying to construct IKEA furniture, pieces are going to go missing. It’s a fact of life. Well, now there’s an IKEA vending machine with all those little parts in that get lost down the side of the couch and under the carpet. Phew!


7. Controversial

Yep, it’s exactly what it looks like. This is a weed dispenser. So if you’re into that sort of thing then it’s your lucky day.


8. School supplies

Never again will a student have the excuse of not having a pen to fall back on whilst not taking notes in class. Unlucky class rebels!


9. Cheese, glorious cheese

If you’re a cheese fan, then boy do you need this in your life and fast. Just look at the size of some of those wedges. Mmmm so much cheesy goodness.


10. Headache? No problem

This pharmaceutical vending machine is so big, you’ll never need to go to an actual pharmacy for a minor problem ever again.


11. Emergency umbrellas

Japan was always going to make an appearance on this list. They have an answer for everything. On this occasion, it’s for that moment you realize it’s pouring down with a rain and you’ve nothing to avoid being absolutely drenched. Thanks, Japan, you the best.


12. ‘Fast food’

French fries in two minutes? Erm, YES PLEASE. Now, if they could just install these on every street corner, the world would be a happier/fatter place.


13. Fresh baguette anyone?

Unsurprisingly this one originates in France. But, here’s hoping they make their way over the Atlantic because a fresh baguette on the way to work sounds heavenly.


14. Go… Slow… Whoa

Not sure how I feel about this one. This machine organizes food based on how healthy it is, thus guilt-tripping you into going for the healthier option. Which is good… I suppose.


15. All bases covered

Finally… this could be the most important alteration to a vending machine and it’s not even to do with the items it dispenses. There’s nothing more irritating than that candy bar you’ve been eyeing up getting stuck and you then having to bash the machine as you try and loosen it up. Well, those days are now a thing of the past.


16. All about that freshness

Oranges freshly squeezed right in front of your eyes sounds like a pretty freakin’ good idea to me.


17. All the essentials

This German vending machine sells milk, eggs, cheese, and sausages so breakfast’s sorted!


18. Game-changer

This is exactly what it looks like; fresh draft beer. Japan yet again proving why we should all be living over there.


19. “The Lobster Zone”

Never been a fan of how cruel these things are, to be honest. But, it just goes to show you can put literally anything in a vending machine these days.


20. Mashed potato madness

It doesn’t exactly look the most appetizing in the picture, but if you’re a mashed potato fan then I’m sure you won’t really care. You’re wildest dreams have come true after all.


I bet you never realized the combination of weird and wonderful things you can get out of a vending machine these days. I definitely had no idea you could now have freshly cooked french fries within two minutes. Never again will anyone in the vicinity of one go hungry after a night out drinking. 

Have you seen vending machines selling unusual items that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments and be sure to like and share with your friends!