20 Times Parents Said ‘No’ To Their Kids And Suffered The Consequences

20 Times Parents Said ‘No’ To Their Kids And Suffered The Consequences

Parenthood…the scariest hood you’ll ever go through…

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As rewarding as having a child can be, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You may think your little cherub is the cutest thing since sliced bread one minute, but ohhhh, how that can change in a second, usually when he/she doesn’t get what they want.

Putting up with your child’s tantrums is an unfortunate but inevitable part of parenthood. Typically, the best thing to do is ride it out and let them get tired. However, others have found a more ‘modern’ approach to the issue. Some parents are choosing to document their child’s behaviour and we think it works great for two reasons. Firstly, so that when the time comes, they have some quality material for their kid’s 21st birthday and wedding day. Secondly, so that the social media world can get a buzz and plenty of laughs out of it (this article wouldn’t be written without these legends!).

So without further ado, take a look at these hilarious results parents documented from when their kid freaked out for totally ridiculous reasons…

1. ‘We were singing happy birthday to her brother and she wanted us to sing it to her instead’

The narcissist in me understands this.

2. “I asked her to walk to the top of the driveway instead of carrying her”

Mom, don’t you know she can’t walk without you?!

3. “I told her she wasn’t allowed to pick up a small bag on the floor which contained weed”

Ah Mom, you better watch this one in her teens!

4. “She had a tantrum cos she asked me if she looked like Mommy and I said no!”

This Mom is not being insulted like that. She’d rather wait out an entire temper tantrum.

5. When your kid has no real reason to have a fit and but is raging inside

6. When you really want a snack but dad says no

If someone said I couldn’t eat I’d react the same…

7. When dad doesn’t live up to his title

If only she was aware of the irony.

8. “Our puppy used him for a pillow”

I’m sorry kid, but most of us have been dreaming of this happening to us our whole lives. I have no sympathy for your tears.

9. “When mum says no to a third chocolate bar”

Completely understand you bud. That’s something worth crying about.

10. When you just wanna show the world what you’re about

Being a baby sucks.

11. When big sis isn’t keeping the same bowel movement schedule

Let it all out sweetie…just make sure you’re sat on the toilet seat.

12. When the narrator makes all the difference

Poor dad is holding back tears!

13.”I wouldn’t buy her the ‘dolly’ movie for christmas”

Lol, if only she realised mom was on her side.

14. “Because I won’t let him dip his fingers in my hot coffee”

I have a feeling this kid’s gonna be straight onto cappuccino’s when mom and dad say he’s old enough.

15. When you get rejected from your favourite activity

Trust me kid, your parents are doing you a favor. It won’t be nice in there..

16. “Because he couldn’t reach the pennies. They were too far away”

Kid’s mentality: If I can’t be bothered, throw a fit and maybe mom will do it for me.

17. When nothing is right. Just cry.

I feel I can relate with this kid. Sometimes you just can’t get into the right position.

18. “He met Iron Man…out of costume”

Well, I would be freaking out too! Some strange guy you don’t know just talking to you?!

19. When you get what you want but it’s not enough

Lol, I feel his pain.

20. “Because he met Bill Murray and didn’t like it”

LOL, I love it. When a fully grown man starts mimicking you, you’re bound to freak out. Especially if that man is Bill Murray.

Acidheads, what did you think? Yeah, I thought you’d be used to these kind of tantrums! Funny though, right? Comment on our Facebook post with any tantrums and fits your kids went through, we’d love to hear your stories! And don’t forget to share this with your family and friends who are bound to relate!