20 Things That Line Up So Perfectly It Will Satisfy Your Heart & Soul

20 Things That Line Up So Perfectly It Will Satisfy Your Heart & Soul

The world can be a crazy, chaotic and messy place at times. Things just seem to turn hazardous very quickly and it can often feel like things just don’t go to plan or fall into place like we’d like them to. 

That’s why when you see something absolutely perfect, it can just make you sit back and think ‘ah, that’s nice’.

Small serendipitous occasions like this are SO satisfying to look at.


1) This is taken in just one picture but looks like a random collage…

It doesn’t even look real- it’s so perfect!

Respect to whoever took that beautiful snap!


2) These wine glasses creating the perfect illusion


We could stare at this all day!


3) This iceberg’s shadow divides the world into four perfect quarters

There’s something strangely haunting about this photo- it looks so lonely out there!

It looks like it could be a CGI still from an apocalypse movie!


4) This dog’s white stripe lines up perfectly with the edge of the sea!

Okay, this is ridiculously satisfying to look at!

But how do these people get their phones out SO quickly to capture the perfect moment?!


5) The face on the spine of this book looks exactly like it’s owner…

She has a doppelganger she didn’t even know about!

Maybe they’re long lost twins separated at birth? I guess we’ll never know…


6) These shoes look like they can adapt to their surroundings like a chameleon…

The spacing, the colors- they’re identical!

It’s 2018- someone needs to invent shoes that adapt to their environment ASAP.


7) When you’re so FASHUN that you even match your pasta bowl to your shirt…

Since when did textiles and kitchenware companies start sharing the same design ideas?

We want in on this action immediately.


8) When this kite was perfectly aligned with the sea…

This photo couldn’t have gone any better!

And we bet they didn’t even plan it! This would’ve taken a thousand attempts if they actually wanted it to happen. Freakin’ typical.


9) The way these two rhino’s line up is crazy!

We cannot for the life of us tell where one rhino ends and the other begins…

Maybe there really is just one two-headed rhino out there somewhere. Get investigating Sir David Attenborough…


10) When you accidentally wear the floor…

Thought turning up to an event in the same outfit as someone else was embarrassing? It has nothing on this!

When they said ‘dress for the occasion’ I don’t think they meant for her to completely match the decor…


11) The way this Christmas present is wrapped…

This is some Monica Geller style wrapping!

It’s so perfect you almost wish it stayed wrapped. We all know it’s almost impossible to not immediately rip open a present though! Who are we kiddin’?


12) Blood dropped off the butcher block and pooled perfectly into this one tile…

This is extremely satisfying.

But also slightly creepy… We’re emotionally confused.


13) This line on the parking lot floor matches up with the decor on this car…

Did they do this on purpose?

Or was it just a beautiful accident?


14) This pineapple shirt lines up perfectly with his pineapple tattoo…

Haters will say getting a pineapple tattoo was a bad idea.

They would’ve said, “you’ll regret it”. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?


15) This coaster fits her face a little too well…

Wow, the colorings, the hair- this could be her male twin!

What a handsome man she would make!


16) This girl crossed her legs in class and the cat faces on her socks matched up perfectly to make a full face

It’s the little things in life that make us happiest.

Also- what a fantastic sock choice


17) This man who matched his t-shirt with his deck chair

Someone’s clearly a big fan of the nautical look!

We like his style!


18) These chicken breasts fit perfectly on to the birds on the plate

This instantly makes us feel two things…



Satisfied And SO hungry!


19) This man’s wallet completely blends into his car seats!

This is actually SO clever…

Now he can leave his wallet on his car seat without the worry of anyone breaking in!


20) This mans shadow on the horse’s legs…

He’s completely unaware of the amazing optical illusion that’s occurring right in front of him!

Pretty cool right?


So, there we have it- we hope you’re leaving feeling satisfied! Don’t forget to leave us a comment and feel free to share this with friends